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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Feed The Beast:- Insanity SSP Released.
    Quote from SOTMead

    The effort of releasing for 1.2.3 and then mere days later turning around and redoing the whole thing for 1.2.4 isn't worth it. Go read a book or something. It won't be much longer.

    *Gets book*
    Yea. For realzz. I got a book.
    *opens to page one*
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    posted a message on MINECON IN AUSTRALIA
    What is wrong with you...?
    1. There was only 1 minecon (Why don't minecon be in Australia because its always in america.. )
    2. Your grammer is horrible.
    3. Not going to happen, they know having it in america would be more profitable so it's obviously going to be there (if there is another one) (Or it might be in europe)
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    posted a message on Wanna join my new Lets play
    Your asking for somone "Mature" Yet you sound like your 9.
    >.> Fail.
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    posted a message on 1.0.0 Mod Idea
    No, just no. Go back to playing cod.
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    posted a message on modd idea-skyrim
    Please, Learn to spell.
    Seriously where the **** do you hear a "q" in the word "Idea"
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    posted a message on roughcraft -a photo realistic texture pack
    Seems cool.... 'ceot for tnt and glass. can't see through the glass and the tnt is kinda stupid.
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    posted a message on If you had the chance to add another animal mob, what would it be?
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    posted a message on [adv] Deep Space Turtle Chase! Updated for 1.1
    OMG I love you guys. But i also hate you.

    So i was playing along doing ok and i got to the part past the giant robot and i went into this building, there was a door with a passcode lock in said building. so after looking around i found the code.

    Sadly due to lag while pushing the buttons somthing must of gone wrong.

    (i double checked the code)

    SO when i hit "enter" the hallway closed killing me. I cant figure out how to get it to retract so i can try re-entering the code, i really want to finish this map, because its amazing!

    so is there a way to get past, besides destroying the entire ****ing hallway/restarting? Or am i screwed?
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    posted a message on MW2 10th Prestige
    Seriously? You need to be 10th preistige that bad? bro, i know the game kinda sucks but from what i remember all 10th prestige does is give you like a stupid ****in badge or somthing like that. Either play the game and get it yourself. Or play the game and stop wasting yourself for a stupid title.
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    posted a message on still alive's call to arm's against cod fanboys
    Dont we already have enough of this flame war here? Its ****in' stupid. You either like the game or you dont. If you do great go play it, if you dont great move on find somthing else to do. End Of story.
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