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    Hi! This is my first time writing in this forum. I hope you find my mod idea interesting!

    For the last month, I've been writing about what I would like to see in minecraft. At first, I just imagined a mechanic to make lightnings be attracted to metal blocks (thinking about making possible to build a lightning rod, to feel safe under a wooden roofed house), but I started polishing my ideas and something more interesting came out. I thought those ideas had enough potential to build a mod, which I decided to name the "Wild wind" mod.

    I tried to make this hypothetical mod so that it resembles an official update and adds more progression to the vanilla gameplay that encourages you to explore the existing biomes.

    This mod is divided in a first part about different tiers wings (the less "vanilla-like" part), a second part about lightnings and storms and a third and last part with some unrelated changes.

    I've written its content quite detailed in English and Spanish in the following Drive file: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1Ox2X-aocuI7hqk2eIMur-VfCsdqBUdMZ

    If somebody is interested in this mod or in any of its contents in particular, please, let me know here. I can make changes or explain it in more detail if it's necessary.

    Thank you all for your attention!

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