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    posted a message on [OLD THREAD] 🔥 The Sanctuary SMP 🔥 1.15.2 Vanilla // Whitelist // Pure Survival // 18+ // Discord // Group Events
    In Game Name: mhzahedi
    Age: 19
    Country: canada
    Are you familiar with Discord? What is your Discord ID?: yes, solounited #7516
    How did you hear about The Sanctuary SMP community?: a good friend of mine told me about it

    What is your favorite/preferred base/building style? everything in a hole very close togather (i play alot of expert mode modded)
    What aspect of vanilla gameplay draws you towards SMP? massive builds, cool farms and overall people to chill with while i spend 10 hours making a build
    Do you have any experience with Minecraft communities? not really
    Outside of Minecraft, what kinds of activities/hobbies do you enjoy? playing soccer, drinking (its a hobby), making money
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