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    A suggestion for a new "cursed with awesome", as they might be called: The Lich

    Ritual: perform at night under a new moon

    altar power: 10000

    7x7, 11x11 and 15x15 nether chalk

    items needed: Necromantic stone, bone, rotten flesh, hint of rebirth, graveyard dust, brew of hollow tears, refined evil, brew of raising, phylactery*

    effects: you are now a level 1 lich. potions of harming heal you, while potions of healing damage you, and the effects of brew of flowing spirit and brew of hollow tears are switched. Sunlight causes you to catch on fire. All monsters will ignore you unless attacked. Villagers will run from you if you move more than 5 blocks towards them expect by sneaking (waived if you have a good reputation with that village). You no longer need to eat, and are immune to the wither, poison and disease.

    You gain levels by raising, controlling, or fighting undead, particularly if you raise them and control them to fight other undead! As you level up, you gain the following:

    level 2: potions of healing do less damage, and your heath, such as it is, increases.

    level 3: you gain a bit of resistance to the sun; sunrise and sunset do not harm you, although morning, noon etc. still do

    level 4: Your command over the undead grows! The necromantic stone now controls undead you did not summon yourself, although it will only affect a few at a time (4 max)

    level 5: potions of healing no longer harm you, and the wither effect heals you.

    level 6: your heath and strength increase, and you gain the "grotesque" ability, allowing you to turn on or off the effects of a brew of the grotesque at will. Your attacks also gain the wither effect

    7. The sun no longer causes you to catch fire, although you find your strength lessened somewhat in it, reducing your damage by a small amount. Also you can summon a few undead every now and then without a brew. the ability takes 5 min to recharge. Also if you kill a villager it will respawn that night as a zombie under your control

    8. The undead heed your every command! you no longer need a necromantic stone to control the undead, and up to 8 you did not summon will now obey you. Your heath and strength increase, and you can "cast" a brazier effect of your choice every 10 minutes. The effect lasts for one minute and has a 10 block radius, centered on you.

    9. You gain total immunity to the sun, and you can leech life from your surroundings to heal yourself and increase your strength. When you use this ability, plants die, dirt turns to sand, and living beings take some damage and gain nausea while you regain heath and get a damage and speed boost. This ability takes 5 min to recharge.

    *the phylactery is crafted with 4 gold ingots (i), 2 refined evil (e), 2 graveyard dust (g), and 1 soul sand (s) crafted thusly:




    Hide/guard it well, for if it is destroyed, until you craft another, you count as a level 1 lich, regardless of how many levels you've gained.

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    Quote from yorkeMC»

    Thaumcraft 5 is coming. I have tested the beta of it... I most likely will NOT be updating this mod to 1.8 seeing as modding in 1.8 sort of sucks. This is the same with a lot of other mods. I think modding will stay in the golden age of 1.7.10 until modding is 100% possible again.

    Aw man, this mod is perhaps my one "must-have" add-on for Thaumcraft! I hope things work out, and if not, well maybe 1.9 will be better.
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    *is mentally fatigued, has to go into work at 6 AM tomorrow, and just wants to take a nap*


    *Checks thaumcraft for updates, not sure why bothering due to lack of news for two months.*


    *Finds update for one of favorite mods*

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    posted a message on [1.2.5] ThaumCraft 2.1.6d (OUTDATED)
    Even after all this time, I still want to delve Eldritch Monoliths again.
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    Quote from Defoe

    Hi, I started playing Tekkit today and I was wandering around in Creative mode when I saw a dimensional door. I adventured trough many doors until I found a weird pond with sugar canes around it. I jumped in the water and fell trough a hole and into the void and of course, I died. When I respawned I had all my stuff and I was really high up in the sky and below me there was a huge, dark world made out of bedrock! It is super creepy. If I look up, there is sun shining actually.

    Here's a picture: click

    I'm puzzled. I tried to google it but I didn't find anything.Do you guys know is this a part of Dimensional Doors or just a really really really weird bug?

    It's a feature, a dimension called limbo
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    Quote from Malkierian

    Acid IS the only one that spawns as a liquid, in the overworld. The rest have ores. However, netherflow and neptunium spawn as liquids in the nether. There may be another, I'm not sure.

    Any plans for ores/liquids in The End?
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    posted a message on Angler fish and other deep sea creatures Mod
    i can't program to save my life, but i know a heck of a lot about the deap sea! i'd be happy to give idea's, feedback, etc. here's a few beasts i've got in my head, a few underwater locations, some equipment, and some more "out there" stuff

    gulper eel
    giant squid

    brine pool
    underwater base
    submarine wreck
    hydrothermal vents/chimney smokers
    sunken city

    oxygen tank
    dive suit (modern and 1880's model)
    atmospheric diving suit (the thing that looks like a suit of armor made of plastic)
    harpoon gun

    sea monsters/giant sea creatures
    being eaten by the above and having to hack your way out before dying
    great old ones (I.E., Cthulu. they WERE imprissoned beneath the sea in H.P. Lovecraft's stories, so.... why not?)
    underwater people
    prehistoric creatures (megalodon, plesisour, the like)
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