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    posted a message on looking to be a Mod/Admin
    What position do you want:Operator/Admin
    How old are you:12, 13 in August
    Will you stay on the server: Yes
    Are you good at building post a picture of your best build [Required]:Yes I Build really good big houses
    Have you ever been banned?:Nope
    Have you ever Experienced this position:Yes
    Are you good with Grammer: Yeah
    Can you make Plugins?:No
    Can you make a Website for the server?:There already is a website
    A Paragraph on why you deserve this position:I have been on this server for 3 months and I am good friends with one of the admins on the server. I would really appreciate if you could grant me the honor of being an admin.

    Thank You

    IGN: megaman221
    Posted in: Server Recruitment
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