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    posted a message on Is singleplayer getting "unpopular?"

    I still play singleplayer survival, and even keep a journal on it in the "Survival Mode" forum section.

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    posted a message on [Challenge] Restricted Power Challenge

    So, currently in survival, you have a rough start. But once you get the ball rolling, it becomes incredibly easy. So, I have a challenge for the most daring of people. The "Restricted Power" Challenge. I call it the restricted power because it limits the amount of power you can have.


    -No using enchanted items.

    -No using diamond armor.

    -No using diamond tools.*

    -Food is restricted to uncooked. (if cookable)

    -No farming non-agricultural materials.

    -Redstone machinery must be limited to incredibly basic contraptions.

    -No potions.

    -No golden apples. (or enchanted golden apples)

    -No teleporting in any way.

    -No TNT.

    -No glass.

    -No beds.

    -No beacons.

    -Transportation limited to walking/sprinting or minecarts.

    -Must be on normal mode or higher.

    -No setting up in a mushroom biome.

    -No fires.

    -No golden carrots.

    -No purposely abusing glitches. (i.e. glitches are allowed, but only if they are unintentional)

    -Multi-player is allowed, but only with these rules and the multi-player rules listed below.

    Multi-player rules:

    -You must abide all rules above.

    -Players can help each other by giving items, but players CANNOT build for other players.

    -Must be on a small public server, private server, or LAN world.

    -Players can work together in a group of 3 or less.

    *Except Diamond Pickaxe, but that is strictly for mining obsidian.


    -Defeat Ender Dragon

    -Defeat Wither

    -Defeat Elder Guardian

    If you complete the goal list while abiding the rules, you are a minecraft master! Be sure to reply of when you start the challenge and when you finish it!

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    posted a message on Climbing/Rappelling Equipment
    Quote from GusGus9»

    I agree with a lot of this stuff (the recipe, stuff like that) but I picture it more like there's a block that sorta looks like a fence post (re-textured of course, but the same shape and size). Then You right click on it with the rope, and you can jump off the side of something and not fall. Then you can push certain keys to go up and go down, yeah yeah. But I think there should definitely be some good rope physics, like swinging, so it isn't just placing re-textured ladders on the side of a cliff. The ropes behave pretty much like a rope would in real life.Swing mechanics and all. Then, once you come back up to the top, the rope follows you up, and you right click again to unhook the rope. I also pictured the rope to sort of be like a fishing line, behaviorally, and physically. Sort of like the thing you attach the rope to is you, the rope is a fishing line, and you are a mob on the end. But with better control.

    Come on, really? You're going to be "that guy" who randomly necro'd a 5 year old thread for no reason?

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    posted a message on is MC too easy?
    Quote from AbberantTitan»

    so me and my friend are losing interest with Vanilla Survival Minecraft because we are very little challenged, we only play hard mode and we can still take out the dragon after hours of gameplay, I was wondering how many people feel the same, are you still challenged by MC or are the mobs & bosses just a few clicks away from a disappointing battle, getting tired of the same routine of build mine enchant brew and its over? How do you guys keep the game fresh without mods?

    Turn down the sounds and particles, so you will be less aware of what is around you. Also set chunk distance to 2, again to be less aware.

    Hardcore mode makes it so you only have 1 life, so there's that.

    You can always make small challenges for yourself like "no diamond tools" to make it harder.

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    posted a message on Which boss is harder? The wither boss, or the enderdragon?
    Quote from OgnjenCar123»

    Idk. Obviusly wither, because he is throws his explosive heads. Plus, he is flying.

    Well, they both fly, so yeah.

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    posted a message on Which boss is harder? The wither boss, or the enderdragon?

    The wither is supposed to be more powerful, so I'll go with that.

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    posted a message on Tree Farm Ideas

    I won't repeat what the others have said, but I will say this.

    If you wish to limit the tree's height, place a glass block 6 blocks or higher above it.

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    posted a message on Transporting villagers?
    Quote from Alakite»

    So, after building a village next to my base and then building a track from there to the wild village (7 stacks of rails. I was so wrong about it only being a hundred blocks. Turns out I paid attention to the change in X and ignored Z. Derp) I discovered that all the villagers are gone. I guess curing zombies is my only remaining option.

    You may not want to spend 2 entire weakness potions and 2 golden apples on 2 villagers for breeding.

    You may prefer just finding another village.

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    posted a message on Transporting villagers?

    If you want to go a long distance (900 blocks+), then use the nether method. You will be 8x as efficient.

    If you're going a short distance (899 blocks-), then go directly through the overworld. You're better off doing that if it's a short distance.

    Of course I am referring to using rails, just to clarify.

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    posted a message on Is there some way to stop magma cube spawning??
    Quote from NewbGuy»

    I built a gold farm, but the magmas cube are killing the iron golems.I think it I put slab in some blocks they will not spawn anymore, but I will lost the farm efficiency. So does someone has a better idea?

    Take advantage of it, make it a multi-use farm. Iron comes in such abundance that you should have an easy time making more iron golems.

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    posted a message on Top 10 Mobs

    10. Zombie

    1. Creeper

    You figure out what's in between, I don't normally list things like that.

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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion.
    Quote from Endergirl00»

    But then there are those suggesting Poison Arrows or Quivers when people already saw the picture showing a Quiver slot and possibly a Poison Arrow, and they continue to suggest these sorts of thing.

    But then there are Those.

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    posted a message on Facepalm moments you had

    My biggest facepalm moment that I always look down upon was in one of my first survival worlds. I was mining. Everything was all handy and dandy until a mob killed me. I went down and couldn't figure out for the life of me why mobs were spawning. Then, I place a torch, say "ohhhhhh" irl, and facepalm so hard I left a red mark on my face.

    Second biggest is when I tried to shift click all my oak wood, and made a stack of buttons.

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    posted a message on Ice Aspect Idea!
    Quote from Happykeystv»

    Well here's a video to help you understand what happens between the two, skip to 2:10 to see the explosion, it's pretty epic.

    As I quote this post, I am watching mythbusters on TV.

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    posted a message on Wither Meal! Increase Nether Wart Growth!
    Quote from PD101»

    Umm that was already there, Im making the new idea now XD

    Oh, OK. Derp on my part. :P

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