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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion.
    Quote from Cerroz»

    There's already a cheat for that, you have to type COLORMECRAZY. Though I didn't mention it because it really corrupts your save file if you use it too many times.

    Wait, I found a few more. They were on corrupted save files for my old pokemon game. I hid them from other people by putting them in the lavender town computer and naming the pokemon the codes, since nobody checks the lavender town computer for obvious reasons.

    PUKAYELLA - Disables "puke yella", hence the name.

    DINGBATSUCANTREAD - Bans all first time posters who don't read all the pinned posts. (except the megathreads, they don't have to read those)

    18+NOWAY - Removes all non-family friendly posts.

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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion.
    Quote from Cerroz»

    You guys, I found the cheat codes to the suggestions forum. Hold down Ctrl+Alt+B for roughly 20 seconds, then a text box will appear. Type the cheat in the text and press enter.

    CASTLEOFDETAIL - Remove all vague threads.

    ONEORNONE - Remove all wishlists.

    CLASSCLOWN - Reveal all joke threads.

    KNOWTHEDIFFERENCE - Removes posts that label criticism as "trolling".

    SPACEBOOT1 - Disables joke threads.
    GYPSYBLACKMAGIC - Same as above.
    ONEMILLIONTHVISITOR - Disables all spambots.
    CRYPTKEEPER - Disables bumping of ancient threads.

    TOUGHLOVE - Forces first posters to read the suggestion guide.
    SCALESOFJUSTICE - Reduces too much attention on horrible threads, and adds it to the good ones.
    DOUBLEVISION - Removes alternate accounts.

    The following cheats only work if you have the "Guidebook" DLC:

    SAFETOLOOK - Removes the Comic Sans font.
    NOEXCUSES - Disables posters from using anything in this guide's excuses section.

    POWERPOINT - Disables posters from using anything in this guide's presentation section.
    NOSUPPORT - Disable people from putting "# supporters!" when the idea is bad and there's very little supporters.

    Safe to look should also disable this incredibly annoying color.

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    I did read the whole thread. Please don't accuse me of not reading a whole thread.

    Clearly you didn't. After Gamelord pointed out the issue of the bad solution, I added a new solution that AThingWithAThing offered. It's a Q/A question. If you read the whole thread, you would know this.

    Allow me to quote:

    Q: Wouldn't corner rails break rollercoaster maps?

    A: No, because the blocks would change from the current "turned rails" to the new corner rails because of a world transition feature.

    That is from the main thread, after I added AThingWithAThing's comment about a month ago.

    A solution would be to convert the rail corner states into actual corner rails through the world conversion feature if this is ever implemented. The World Conversion feature is already in the game, so I don't see why my solution won't work.

    Both of these quotes have been in the thread for, as I said, about a month.

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    posted a message on Explain what is your avatar, and why you have it
    Quote from FlaminBurrito2»

    My avatar is Sasuke-sama who is the only real super sand legend with the strength and willpower to defeat Bowser's evil test and save the world from the wrath of the second coming of GOLB.

    You also have a really rare pepe in your profile!

    Anyway, my profile is a gif of lava because it's relevant. It was original a flash drive with 4 megabytes, because my name is megabyte12345.

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    posted a message on Favourite Disney song(s)?

    I dunno, but I have an acronym for disney.







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    Quote from NEETHime»

    Hi there! I'm new-ish, or more I made an account here, never posted, and forgot that it existed for a while...

    Welcome to the forums neeth! :D

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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion.


    "Crossrails and Changes to Currently Existing Rails!" is the name of the suggestion.

    The OP told me that to fix issues, I could use MCEdit. That was the only workaround provided.

    No, it wasn't. I said that was incorrect after somebody pointed it out to me and somebody else offered a new solution which is now a Q/A question in the main thread. Please read the entire thread before you start posting about it.

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    Times New Roman.

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    Quote from Happykeystv»

    I don't think I've posted here yet. Was just rumaging through forums.

    Welp, I'm HappyKeysTV, HkTV for short and known as Happs on artwork and on Planetminecraft. I create skins, have some terrible maps and I am currently working on a secret thing that will probably fail.

    I'm not the most active person postings wise but I do like to scroll and read through the forums on occasion. I plan to post more as many others do and I hope to enjoy the community. You guys seem okay...

    Quote from GiselleGewelle»

    Hi, I'm GiselleGewelle (Former Armyducky) and I've been playing minecraft for a few years since my friend introduced me to it. I hope I post more here because the community seems great. Currently it's summer but I am a student and I like to try and make skins. Also I love anime and hope some day I will be able to play the guitar better than I currently can!

    I'm back on this forum after not being here for like a year. it still looks the same, I'm sure much has changed tho.

    Quote from Alsanu»

    Well, I actually never did one of these, so let's do this!

    I'm pretty sure the people over at forum games have already seen my posts.

    Hello, I'm "Alsanu" (aka "The cat from Belgium" (aka "that creep with a cat avatar")).

    I've been playing Minecraft (classic) since somewhere in (late) 2010. I made a Minecraft account a bit later (just before newyear) so I could play on classic servers. Finally, I bought the game just at the start of march 2011.

    2 years ago, I made an account here, mainly out of boredom and I wanted a place to play forum games.

    My favorite music genre is metal. I like melodic death metal the most, but I'm into multiple sub-genres.

    Welcome to the minecraft forums!

    Quote from Blootz»

    The chat thread was what lured me to posting in the first place. Unfortunately for the people who felt a somewhat 'connection' to other members in the chat thread and were able to comfortably socialize with them, it's been removed for, well I am actually yet to hear the actual reason why.

    I remember all the laughs that were once had on the forums, and Schmoople's custom title that everyone envied so very much (God knows why Mr "Custom Title Fisher"), then I guess the forums goal was to become even more family friendly than it was (even though restricting members from expressing themselves via profanity would have been enough...)

    But hey, there comes a time where people must learn to move on, and I'd say it's about time you started to get used to the fact the forums aren't what they were, the worst part was it didn't make them better, but who am I to really complain considering I'm still around.

    I also guarantee half the people who weren't here when the chat thread was, will think I'm an over-attached fool, and to them I say I'm really not, if you were around when the thread of wonders were, you would understand how much fun it was. In fact, I can name so many people who I met from the chat thread and still keep in contact with to this day (and I met them 2-3 ish years ago). RIP OTters.

    And Schmoople, goodbye my friend for the second time.

    Quote from DaBomb»

    yay 6000

    Anyway I'm leaving. Find me on TCF if you're craving some hot bomb action


    Bye, hope you enjoyed your time on the minecraft forums. It's sad to see you go :(

    Quote from NoobKidRMT»

    There seems to be a giant event on this topic, but I don't exactly know what it is, so I'm introducing myself.

    I'm NoobKid (fka MushyTheCraft, I don't feel comfortable giving you my real name) and I'm 14. I come from France. My favorite things in life are gaming and music. Those are by far the things I'm the most familiar with, even if I try to open my eyes (literally).

    I play a lot of retro games and I especially like the Mario franchise. I recently found interest in fun iOS games like Bio Inc and Empire Four Kingdoms (yes I like killing people in games as long as it's not with guns). If you know how to play on foreign servers in Empire please tell me how to do it. I only own Nintendo consoles at the moment but I hope that will change. I'm tired of people who are constantly bashing the Wii U. The worst thing is that I don't have a recent PC, and in my family, we're all using Mac's. Some of the people I know are also bashing Apple, and that makes me angry (by the way, if you know any good Master System, SNES, Genesis, GBA, GameCube, PS1, N64 or Dreamcast emulator that works on Mac and that is compatible with Wii/Wii U game controllers, please let me know).

    In Minecraft, I love working on projects with my friends. We love founding teams together. I'm currently part of a modding team (you can find a WIP mod by us in my signature, there's not many things to do with it at the moment, but the next update will probably be massive) and I may be admitted in a building team soon.

    As a music lover, I'm really into the alternative rock/metal scene. I listen to many pop punk, post-hardcore, metalcore, electronicore, metal in general, sometimes emo, and even crunkcore. I also like electronic music, as long as it's not too mainstream and poppy. I play in a band, but we've been stinking for 4 years so let's not talk about it.

    I'm new on this forum, and I hardly find friendly people. I hope this will change at some point.

    Welcome to the minecraft forums! :D

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    Quote from GlassPlaysMC»

    Lately I have been thinking that NPC villages just seem so boring. Yes, they contain buildings that you can spend your first night in, but most of them don't even have a good interior! Here are some of my ideas on some improvements for the NPC village.

    *Pictures in the attachments!

    1. Better paths. The current type of path in a village is just plain gravel. If you enjoy building like me, then you will just cringe when you see this plain gravel path. I thought a good way to improve the path would be to mix in some andesite, cobblestone, and mossy cobblestone with the gravel.

    2. Better wells. The well design for the village is just boring, in my opinion. It's just some cobblestone with fences and water in the middle. I think a good way to improve the well would be to add some cobblestone stairs at the bottom, and some slabs on the top corners. Nothing too fancy, just some small improvements.

    3. Actual animal pens behind the butcher building. Everyone knows the butcher shop in a village, right? Well, I guess the butcher never has any food, because the "animal pens" behind his shop have no animals in them. I think a simple way to fix this would just adding a cauldron with water back there, plus come cows, pigs, sheep, or chickens. The animal pen has a 50% chance of being pigs, 30% chance of having sheep, and a 10% chance of cows or chickens.

    4. Interiors for the large village homes!! Personally I just think it's crazy to not have an interior on any building, but especially the biggest, richest house in the village?! That's just insane! I think it would be a good idea to just add a simple interior to the large building. (skeleton skull on the bookshelf would be quite rare) The interior would be either one of the designs below.

    I like these ideas. They are small changes to give the village a bit more character and detail, to make it more like a village.

    Support; greats ideas that add small changes.

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    posted a message on Weight Potion 1.9+
    Quote from Endergirl00»

    I feel like this potion should be more expanded. The only upside it provides is using it against Shulkers. It should have a more expanded use. Making it expensive whilst how it is makes it underpowered. Also this suggestion is lacking in formation. Please state the brewing recipe, duration of the potion, and if there are possible increased levels of it.


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    posted a message on Crossrails and Changes to Currently Existing Rails! (NEW POLL!)


    The update system needs to go back to normal. I know I said I would do an update every week this summer, but I've been really busy lately. So, it's back to 1 update per month.

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    People like you are why it took me (and a lot of people) so long to come out. You may think you're funny but jokes like this just cause a lot of anxiety for kids who're trying to figure themselves out.

    It just came to me in a dream honestly. I think I had it rather easy. I couldn't figure out why I was acting so strangely and had noticed the pattern a few months back, and had the term on the tip of my tongue until a dream made me remember it.

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    posted a message on Crossrails and Changes to Currently Existing Rails! (NEW POLL!)

    Well, I suppose I'll be keeping the current update system since there wasn't a lot of feedback on the poll.

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    posted a message on Gender Poll

    I don't believe I have revealed my gender yet, have I? Well, I'm genderfluid, so it varies. My genetic sex however is male.

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