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    A brand new REALISM SURVIVAL server



    (some of the most notable, by no means all)


    • Bank system (keep your coins safe and earn interest over time!)
    • Public Auction House (bid on items sold by other players)
    • Black Market Auctions (bid on items sold by dodgy characters)
    • Chest Shops (open a shop and manage your stock)


    • Trees fall when chopped (toggle on or off with /st toggle to be safe when building with logs)
    • Temperature simulation (if you get too hot or cold, you will suffer the consequences, wear appropriate attire & remember to build a fire!)
    • Thirst simulation (stay hydrated, drink some water!)
    • Broken Bones & Bleeding (I would highly suggest you not get struck with an arrow to the knee)
    • Animals must be butchered (look at their corpse and press F)


    • Use /quests to see your progress
    • Quests level up over time and give cash rewards and other useful items

    Towns and Land Claims: (use your Golden Shovel to begin, watch the linked video for detailed instructions)

    • Protect your base by claiming land.
    • Trust friends to build in your claim with /trust <playername>
    • Subdivide your land to build a town and become a mayor with /subdivideclaims
    • Evict trouble makers or seize control as is your style with your authoritarian ways with /untrust
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