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    Quote from Nerevar

    How on Earth is bacon 'salted fat'? Clearly your parents fed you the wrong type or bacon, so it's no wonder you're a vegan. Did your family setup a conspiracy from your birth to spread their vegan agenda?

    No. Do you even know what you are talking about? I do.

    Our eyes were all opened at once when we watched an online movie called earthlings. After that we did extensive research into the subject. Bacon is salted fat because it is both to fatty and to salty to be healthy.
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    posted a message on 1.3 Gravel is ugly and upsets my eyes.
    The is a pattern I have noticed since I joined here a long time ago. Every single flippin' update gets bombarded with hate threads! If Mojang actually listened to whe whiny haters, then we just might still be in indev!
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    Quote from Sorgklaan

    I never ****ing got the point of all the meat " flavored " vegan food,. or the " meat shaped " vegan food. if you're vegan and you still eat that, you may as well just eat meat, it doesn't make sense to me.

    If all this vegan stuff tastes "the same" as the regular food, is there a reason that you're a vegan?

    The problem with your points of view are that you are both viewing it just from a taste standpoint. The stuff that I eat is both really good, and is way, way, way better for you. I have absolutely no cholesterol intake! I get all of it that I need from my liver!

    Quote from Yourself

    Plants are living things too. You'll have a hard time cutting previously living organisms out of your diet. Welcome to the top of the food chain. Somewhat amusingly, dairy products are one of the few things that don't directly result in the death of some organism.

    You do realize plants have no brain and are just metabolizing machines right?
    A pig on the other hand, an animal smart enough to play video games (surpassing the intelligence of a german sheopard and even a three year-old child), are mercilessly hacked to death in the millions.

    Yes I know it doesn't directly kill cows to milk them, but with the modernized way people do it now, the animals that are immediately slaughtered have it better. With the cows, they live a traumatized life of giving birth to artificial babies, being artificially inseminated, and watching their calf taken away, only to be eventually killed for meat when they aren't fertile anymore.

    tl;dr: drinking milk = eating beef.
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    Quote from Random_Guy_32

    I don't understand why so many people have performance issues. I'm playing on a little notebook (It's quite new but nothing to be called something especially for gaming) on render distance small while simultaniously Mozilla Firefox is running a YouTube video on 360p and I get about 20 FPS. Even if I host a server on my notebook and play on it I get 30 FPS (but without YouTube). Either I'm just very lucky or your computers are crap but for me everything is working as it is supposed to. Maybe Minecraft isn't fully compatible to your computer or something like that.

    I don't get it either! I am playing it a bunch on a low-end laptop and the framerate is higher than it's ever been!

    I actually like the SMP merge. I like the idea of being able to put all of the multiplayer bugs on the singleplayer side, and just be able to squish them on one program. Also, when the mods start to update for 1.3.1, it will encourage mod developers to make their mods multiplayer-compatible! My friend and I always hated it when we would find a mod that we both liked that didn't work in multiplayer.
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    Quote from Bonjouro

    Players before update : OMGOMG IT'S GOING TO BE SOO COOL 1.2.5 SUCKS !

    Players after update : Wow.. this is crap ! Remove x thing.

    But anyways, nice.

    I agree with that annoyance, why is there always whiny complainers that just seem to whine just for the sake of it! Being young isn't an excuse though. As not only are there adult whiners, but I am only twelve, and I don't ever whine about it.

    Quote from Nekopan

    When I looked at my calendar this morning... I nearly lost it, I was so excited. When I got the update... well... lets just say that MCNostalgia was the next thing I downloaded. For me, 1.3.1 means- All redstone contraptions=broken. Computer=Very, very loud. The new features are cool, but the whole forced multi-player thing makes me want to hop on a plane directly to the Mojang office and disable there power until they agree to make it optional.

    It is optional. You have to turn on the LAN server in the options menu in a world before it turns on.

    Broken? Then fix them! It just gives you the chance to reinvent them!

    Haters gonna hate...
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    Quote from alex82545

    i hate the update. i had buildcraft, industrialcraft and EE install. so when i logged in it was all gone

    You should of just not updated then. That is the risk of mods, they almost never work on newer versions of minecraft. Don't say you hate an update, you updated it to your risk.
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    posted a message on If you could add 1 thing to minecraft, what would it be?
    I would re-add the sponge's water-absorbing properties (as well as a way to obtain them in survival). That would make underwater housing WAY easier. :steve_joyous:
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    posted a message on Why do people hate Emeralds?
    I hate how people are always whining over something in Minecraft. :angry: I mean, what is really wrong with emeralds? I haven't complained over a single thing in this game and I do not have any plans to do so.
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    posted a message on Testificates, You Are Minecraft & More
    Quote from kitelman

    I think that gems will be cash in game.

    And finally, Jeb includes trading in game!
    I waited for this moment a long time!
    Minecraft is changing from sandbox to RPG.

    for the last time, An rpg is a game where you take the role of a character and make actions to benefit/hinder yourself, minecraft was pretty much always an "rpg"!
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    I got this idea from the "super moon" that happened on May 5th, a beautiful engorged moon that gave off much more light than usual.

    I thought to myself, what if this happened in Minecraft?

    Anyways, I think, that once in a while, the moon should rise much larger than usual. Not only will this look pretty, but it should repel all hostile mobs for the night, and passive mobs should thrive. A very peaceful night it is.

    Along the lines of super moons, there should also be "mini moons" that are equally rare. During these, the moon should be a lot smaller and darker than usual, making hostile mobs come out a lot more often. During these, there should also be some sort of special mob that could spawn, likely dropping something valuable, something worth going out in the dangerous night to retrieve.

    This would make nighttime a lot more dynamic than just "sun goes down, fall asleep, sun goes up" thing.

    Also, there should be solar eclipses! Even rarer than super moons, these guys should happen during the day, during which the light should become pitch black, allowing mobs to spawn. Dangerous, yes, overpowered, no.

    All three of these things could only happen however, when at least an ingame week has gone by, to make sure you are prepared for these kinds of things to happen. That way you wouldn't get a solar eclipse on your first day and be screwed.

    How to predict these events? You could use a lunar alignment clock!
    Likely crafted by surrounding a watch with diamonds and redstone enderpearls in the corners, not only would it tell you the time, it would give you an indicator of if a special day/night will happen soon, giving you an advanced warning.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Edit: Along the lines of eclipses, there should also be lunar eclipses. Created when the Earth's shadow blocks out the moon, it causes the moon to become rather brownish red, causing... Really, I am not sure what the lunar eclipse should do, does anybody have any ideas?

    It seems a good, supported idea for the lunar eclipse would be for nether mobs to spawn for the night, then go away in the morning. I really like that idea, would make nights like those very dangerous.

    I am really looking for a concept sprite for the lunar alignment clock at the moment, maybe one for each way it should look like for each lunar warning. I really want an idea of what it should look like!

    Alright, I have made a banner for this suggestion, I will maybe replace the moon with an image of the clock if/when I get one:

    Here is the code:

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