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    posted a message on New forest mobs: Deer and Bears

    I like the idea of deer because they could contrast the large farms that most people set up. Deer could respawn more frequently, but couldn't be bred or farmed, and would run away if approached. In the early game, it would be viable to hunt deer before you could set up a proper farm.

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    posted a message on Legendary Sword

    We don't need anything superior to diamond.

    What we do need, however, is something just as good as diamond, but in a different way. If the sword was only as damaging as a stone sword, but could shoot beams when you attack with it it would be just as useful as a diamond sword. In fact, it would be much better than a sword that undermines everything else in the game because it allows you to choose from a wider variety of weapons and tactics.

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    posted a message on Mesa-Themed "Old West" Villages Need To Happen

    I feel like the mesa biome should have pueblo styled villages made of hardened clay.

    Other than that, support.

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    posted a message on Ender Wall

    Quote from Badprenup»

    The idea is interesting, although I would prefer it to be something you can only walk through while under a potion effect or something like that. This would be too overpowered because you could make suffocation traps out of essentially anything.

    Don't pistons let you do that already?

    I actually suggested a block like this in my "wraith wasp" suggestion 2 months ago. I like the idea of a toggle-able block, because it would open up many possibilities for puzzles in adventure maps. I will admit that this could probably be accomplished with command blocks, but an in game block would be simpler, and allow us to build fancy contraptions in survival.


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    posted a message on Cool Suggestions!!!

    You shouldn't create wish-lists. You should make threads for each idea and explain how they work in depth.

    This thread will probably end up being locked pretty soon.

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    posted a message on Shulker NBT Options for Map Makers

    I have some suggestions on NBT data that the shulkers should have:

    Appearance: This one has been suggested before. You should be able to change the appearance of the shulker's shell to disguise it as any block.

    Projectile: Using an NBT tag, the shulker should be able to fire any entity that the player selects at their target; arrows, fireballs, splash potions, lit TNT, chickens, etc. If possible, the shulker should be allowed to fire guardian lasers.

    Teleportation: Currently, the shulker can randomly teleport when it takes damage. it should be possible to disable random teleportation in the shulker's NBT data.

    The shulker projectile should have some NBT traits as well:

    Effect: The effect that the projectile gives players (the default is levitation) should be editable.

    Homing: The homing effect on the projectile could be made to not follow the grid, or not home in at all.

    Speed and Damage: The speed of the projectile and the amount of direct damage it deals.

    Projectile Destruction: 3 options:

    -Hitting the projectile destroys it

    -Hitting the projectile does nothing

    -Hitting the projectile deflects it in the direction you are looking, like a ghast's fireball.

    I believe that these changes would allow a lot of options for map makers with this new mob.

    If you have anything to add to this, please provide feedback in the comments.

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    posted a message on Improving Minecraft's Tool Progression

    Use the nether forge to craft diamonds into usable tools, keeping diamonds as the final tier.

    Partial Support

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    posted a message on Stackable Potions for 1.9

    This could work if and only if splash potions had a ~4 second cooldown between throws.


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    posted a message on Making Zombie Pigmen More Dangerous

    I feel like there should be more hazards to exploring the nether, and seeing that the most common mob in the nether is mostly harmless (unless you are trying to pick a fight), I want to make zombie pigmen more hostile to the player.

    I am NOT suggesting that pigmen all attack the player on sight, I feel like that would be too difficult and annoying. What I am suggesting is that when you approach a pigman (~ 8 blocks), they will turn and groan in your direction, showing that he is annoyed by your presence. If you stay around for several seconds, you will anger the pigman, causing him to become aggressive. The time it takes for a pigman to become aggressive is random, but you have to be around him for about 4-6 seconds on average. Bumping into a pigman will make him agressive instantly.

    To make this fairer for the player, attacking a zombie pigman doesn't immediately aggro every pigman around, instead, every time you damage a pigman, 1-2 nearby will become aggressive, so the horde of angry pigmen gets larger over time.

    After enough pigmen have joined the fight (5-7 on easy, 7-9 on medium, 10-12 on hard), they will stop calling for help. Once you have slain the remaining hostile pigmen, you will get a buff called “terrifying” that lasts for 90 seconds. The buff makes all zombie pigmen in a 16 block radius run from the player without fighting. You cannot damage pigmen for the remainder of the buff.

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    posted a message on Chromatite; a rare ore for coloring your weapons and armor

    Chromatite is a very rare ore whose only purpose is to make you look awesome. The name is derived from chroma, the Greek word for color.

    One chromatite ore spawns in end islands in veins of one and is 3 times rarer than diamond. Chromatite When mined, chromatte ore drops one chromatite shard and 25 xp. The amount of shards dropped cannot be increased with fortune. It resembles nether quarts but has an animated texture that changes colors.

    Chromatite can be crafted with any enchanted item and a dye. This changes the color of the normally purple enchantment effect to be the color of the dye and makes the effect more pronounced. This allows you to color enchanted items.

    Doing the same crafting recipe with glowstone as a fourth ingredient has a different result; The item will have a glowing outline of the selected color when held. This effect is similar to the spectral arrows but cannot be seen through walls.

    Doing either of the above recipes without the dye will make the item change through the colors of the rainbow; red > orange > yellow > green > blue > purple > red.

    This ore would allow for players to customize the appearance of their gear by giving them two separate layers to color. This allows for more variety of awesome looking armor and weapon coloration.

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