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    posted a message on Frozen Dungeons: An addition to ice spikes biome! (First major thread update!)

    I have a few ideas:

    The ice dungeon should be a giant mountain/spire with loot near the top. There should be a path inside/around the spire leading to the loot room. This would have some easy parkour, but the dungeon would be dangerous because of the ice spirits.

    The ice spirits should spawn all around the dungeon, instead of spawning around a spawner. The mechanics would be similar to the spawning of guardians in the ocean monument. This means that the spirits are not easily contained and they would be greater in number (which is important since they have low hp)

    Lastly, I have a revision of the ice spirits:

    -6 health (3 hearts)

    -5 damage (2.5 hearts, slow-moving projectile attack, it also inflicts slowness for 5 seconds)

    -Can fly like a bat


    -Drifts around carelessly until it spots the player

    -After seeing the player, it tries to keep a constant distance of around 10 blocks

    -Flies around very quickly, stopping at random intervals to charge up and shoot at the player

    -When it's health reaches 0 instead of dying immediately, it gains 1/2 a heart and becomes "enraged"

    -Enraged Ice spirit will charge at the player and explode with the strength of a ghast fireball, inflicting slowness II for 10 seconds

    -When an enraged ice spirit dies, every nearby ice spirit has a 1 in 10 chance of having their health set to 1/2 a heart and becoming enraged

    -(This means that killing an ice spirit can set off a chain reaction if there are enough nearby ice spirits)


    I imagine the ice spirit similar to a blaze; it is made up of a head and six "rods" rotating around it. However, unlike the blaze, the rods rotate vertically and in unison, making the ice spirit resemble an oversized snowflake. When the ice spirit enrages the "rods" fold behind it pointing backwards, making the ice spirit streamlined like a rocket.


    0-2 ice blocks

    0-2 snowballs

    0-1 packed ice

    (the diamond rare drop you suggested seems a bit OP so I would leave it out.)

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    The problem with emerald gear is that emeralds are either very difficult or pathetically easy to obtain, depending on how often you interact with villagers. As a result, there is no reliable way to balance anything made from emeralds. Emeralds are better off being used as a currency than as a crafting ingredient.

    Obsidian tools, on the other hand might be possible, although they suffer from similar balancing issues. Although it requires a diamond pickaxe to mine, obsidian is too common to be as valuable as diamond or even iron. As Fortanono said, obsidian tools might be plausible as an alternative to gold, mining slow like wooden tools but having the durability of diamond. In the end, however obsidian tools aren't necessary.

    I would like to see Mojang add new weapons and armor, but this isn't the best way do it. Sorry, but No Support

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    I think the crusher is broken for me. I have crushed about 6 stacks of cobble and haven't gotten any ores, just gravel.

    [Edit] A few days ago, Minecraft got an update that made it so command blocks can no longer be placed by dispensers, If your crusher used that for random ore drops, It won't work now.

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    posted a message on Custom Mob Behavior for Custom Maps


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    posted a message on Reach Enchantment for Melee Weapons

    I would rather have a new spear weapon that does less damage but hits further than a sword (like in Balkon's Weapon Mod), but, the concept here is good.

    partial support.

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    Thanks for the advice everyone. I guess it wasn't thought out too well.

    Oh well, it was worth a shot.

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    Yes, I know that the "snapshot" the other day was an April Fool's, but after thinking about it, I thought of how you could implement it in a balanced, fun and hilarious manner.

    The golden creeper would be have the appearance of a gold creeper with diamond eyes, sort of like an cliche golden idol. The golden creeper would offer the greatest rewards of the jungle temple, if you manage to catch it...

    One golden creeper will spawn in every jungle temple and it would never respawn. It has 60 hp (30 hearts), or 3 times more health than an average creeper. The golden creeper would appear on the upper floor of the temple and remain motionless until the player approached it within 5 blocks. Once this happens the creeper would spring to life and rush out of the temple.

    The golden creeper would be very fast, about as fast as (or faster than) a sprinting player. The creeper can only be harmed with melee attacks, and would take no knockback and not be slowed by vines, cobwebs, ladders, or water. If the golden creeper gets 100 blocks from the player, he will despawn, and you would lose out on its drops. You could then chase after the creeper, running through the jungle and dodging vines and sheer cliffs. If you manage to land a hit on the golden creeper, you would be inflicted with slowness III for 2 seconds, giving the creeper some time to distance himself from you.

    Once the Golden Creeper loses half of his health, he would begin throwing "creeper bombs" randomly into the air. These creeper bombs would fly in an arc and explode when the player is nearby, or after 5 seconds. These creeper bombs would not destroy blocks but would damage and slow down the player, making it even harder to catch the golden creeper.

    Once killed, the golden creeper drops 8-12 gold ingots, 1-2 diamonds, and 20-30 experience, a simple, yet lucrative reward.

    I feel that this concept fits well in Minecraft and provides a fun challenge for the player. However, this is my first time making a suggestion and I am sure it is far from perfect. I would appreciate any feedback the community has to offer.

    tl;dr - The golden creeper would spawn in the jungle temple and run from the player. You can chase after it for a reward.

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    Your IGN: mcs_85045

    Where did you hear about the server: The Minecraft Forums Spotlight

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes, and yes

    What's our policy on raging: Don't rage, this is a video game (but retaliate against raiders)
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