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    You have some good points, Goobt.

    Also, it appears that Mojang updated melee combat again while I slept. Some of my suggestions are probably irrelevant now. Oh well.

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    I have read several complaints about how the new attack strength mechanic ruined melee combat. Having seen footage of the new mechanics and having played pvp in 1.8, I understand why some people want to revert the change. I, however, see the update as a step in the right direction. I wanted to share some ideas on how to further improve melee combat.


    I propose that shields block all incoming attack damage while held up. As a tradeoff, however, Raising and lowering your shield to attack will not be instant, and would leave you vulnerable while attacking and moving.

    Attack Strength

    The attack strength meter should remain at 0 until the player attacks. Holding down the mouse would ‘charge’ the attack meter. The amount of time the player has held down the mouse should determine the type of attack the player performs.

    Light Attack

    The light attack is akin to spam clicking. No amount of charge time is required to perform this attack. This attack is very weak, dealing only a quarter of a weapon’s normal damage and knockback. Releasing the mouse button would prevent the player from sprinting or charging an attack for ¼ of a second. Visually, a light attack would look like a quick jab.

    Standard Attack

    You must hold down the left mouse button for ½ of a second, while charging this attack, you can walk at normal speed, but cannot sprint. Standard attacks would be able to reach a meter further than light attacks. This attack is otherwise a standard melee attack, dealing normal damage and knockback.

    Heavy Attack

    When you hold the attack button for 1 second you will emit a smoke effect similar to attacking a villager, and your walk speed will be halved. After another ½ of a second you will immediately perform a heavy attack. The heavy attack does twice the normal damage and knockback, and can hit things from a meter further than medium attacks. If your target is blocking with a shield, you will stun them for 1.5 seconds, leaving them vulnerable to a follow up attack. It is important to back up when you see the smoke to avoid taking a heavy blow.


    If you have a sword/axe/dagger in your main hand, and nothing in your offhand you can parry by right clicking. Parrying would put you in a blocking stance for ½ of a second. If you are attacked in this time period, you would take no damage, and your attacker would be stunned for 1 second. If no one attacks you, you will be stunned for ½ of a second.

    New Weapons

    Axe (the vanilla axe)

    The axe would take 50% longer to charge up an attack, and would do slightly less damage, but would be able to attack multiple enemies in a 90 degree cone around the mob attacked, and deal 50% more knockback. The axe’s Heavy attack would be a spin attack that damages all enemies in a circle around the attacker.


    The dagger would deal slightly less damage than an axe, and only half the knockback of a sword, but could charge a medium attack in ¼ of a second, and deals 50% more damage from behind. The heavy attack would take 2 seconds to charge up, but instead of performing a heavy attack immediately, you could keep the heavy attack charged indefinitely. The dagger would not have any increase in range from heavier attacks, however. The dagger’s parry I unique in that it lasts only 1/3rd of a second, but if you successfully block an attack, it will spin your opponent 180 degrees, giving you an opportunity to strike their back.

    A dagger would be crafted like a sword, but with only one ingot/material


    The spear would take 50% longer to charge than a sword, deal the damage of an axe, and have halved knockback, but would have a longer reach. Instead of parrying, right clicking would throw your spear, which would do heavy damage and stun your opponent if it hits their shield. If it doesn’t hit a shield, the spear will pass through multiple enemies, dealing less and less damage each time.

    A spear is crafted like a shovel, but diagonally.

    Well, these are my thoughts on how to improve melee combat. I know this kind of looks like a wish-list, but I couldn’t explain the weapons without describing parrying and power attacks. If you have any comments or criticism, please comment. Thank you for reading my suggestion to improve Minecraft’s melee combat.

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    There should be a weapon that can damage all enemies in in a 90 degree angle in front of the user.

    I vote for the axe, since it can already get combat enchantments, and somewhat makes sense.

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    That's a mouthful...

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    Currently, blazes are practically harmless if you drink a fire resistance potion. To prevent this, blaze fireballs should deal 2.5 to 3.5 hearts of damage, depending on the difficulty. The fireball could set you on fire for a shorter period of time to balance this effect.

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    I love everything! Support

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    So if I grow a bunch of jungle trees in a small area the biome changes to jungle, or if I cover the ground in sand the biome becomes a desert?

    I'd support but it might be too much effort to implement.

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    Change the recipe:

    1 dye + 8 redstone = 8 colored redstone

    aside from that, support

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    posted a message on The wraith wasp, a hostile insect mob for the end dimension.

    I made it easier to navigate and moved the TL;DR to the top. It should be easier to understand now.

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    *[Player] was squashed by a falling anvil*

    "You missed the roadrunner."


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    This is a really good idea.


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    Full support!

    The stronghold could also use more unique mobs. The silverfish are quite frankly just pathetic. I remember talk about an iron golem like creature that remains motionless until the player is nearby, then randomly springs to life and attacks. A mob like that would create a tense environment trying to navigate the stronghold.

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    What if when it can't reach you, it retracts into the ground and tunnels to you, like the wurms in Guild Wars?

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    Thanks for the feedback. I gave some specifics about the damage, it's been nerfed slightly.

    You could also use the acid in the Enderdragons breath and fireball attacks to improve the fight. Just an idea.

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    I would like to apologize in advance for the length of this article. I have tried to make it as easy as possible to read, and I’ll start with a TL;DR.


    -Deadly flying insect in the end

    -Spawns in hive biome

    -Projectile acid attack that lingers on the ground

    -Can turn incorporeal to pass through walls or dodge attacks

    -It’s drops can be used to create special blocks and items that imitate the wasp’s powers.

    The Wraith wasp is my attempt to address two issues; the lack of dangerous mobs in the end, and the lack of reasons to use the largely unpopular Bane of Arthropods enchantment.


    The wraith wasps would be aggressive, purple wasp-like insects roughly the size of a cow. They have 14 hearts of health and are capable of flight. They are vulnerable to the Bane of Arthropods enchantment.


    The wraith wasp lives in a new hive biome. Every large island in the end has a 5% chance of being a hive island. The hive island would be a cavernous island made of a pinkish hive stone and be riddled with countless intersecting pockets of air, making it hollow like a sponge. In this biome, the wraith wasps would replace enderman spawns, and would appear as frequently as endermen appear in other areas.


    The wraith wasps will try to keep their distance and used a unique ranged attack against the player. The wraith wasp's attack is special in that it doesn't directly do damage; instead, it creates a 3x3 puddle of acidic goo centered where it lands, dealing heavy damage (1 heart twice per second, ignores armor, but not the protection enchant).

    The acid would be a transparent purple block similar to a snow layer or a carpet. It would not be obtainable as an item, and would decay about 5 seconds after it is created.

    Specter Form

    The wraith wasp can turn into a transparent "specter" form. In this form it is incorporeal and cannot attack or be harmed. It can also travel through solid blocks unhindered in this form. The wraith wasp will enter this form to pathfind to the player or to guard against incoming attacks.

    The wraith wasp is not unstoppable, however. it's acid attack flies in an arc at the speed of a blaze's fire charge and cannot pass through walls. The wraith wasp has a slow movement speed and can easily be outrun, and it has to manifest to attack. Furthermore, if you have a sword with Bane of Arthropods, you can damage the wraith wasp while it is in its spectral form, although you only do 1/2 damage.


    When killed the wraith wasp drops 10 experience and 0-2 wraith wasp wings.

    The wraith wasp wing is a crafting ingredient that can be combined with end stone and an eye of ender to create a phantom block.

    The phantom block is a unique block that can be disguised as any block and can be walked through like air, except from above, where it acts like a solid block. If you sneak on top of a phantom block, you fall through it.

    -You can use it to make secret entrances to your house (several popular mods have added similar blocks to this)

    The wraith wasp wing can also be crafted with an ender pearl and redstone to create the puzzle block.

    The puzzle block can be dyed, and, when powered with redstone, can become transparent and spectral, allowing entities to pass through it. Powered puzzle blocks will power nearby puzzle blocks, allowing you to create large toggle-able platforms and doors out of puzzle blocks.

    -This can be used to make traps and puzzles in adventure maps.

    The wraith wasp wing could also be brewed into a potion of acid. This potion could be thrown or shot as an arrow to imitate the wraith wasp’s attack. Drinking it would spill acid around the drinker.


    I'm sorry it was so long but I hope you enjoy the idea. If you have any idea how to improve on this feel free to leave a reply.

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