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    posted a message on Boss - Infernal Construct

    This is the most creative thing I've seen on this forum in months. Support!

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    posted a message on New forest mobs: Deer and Bears

    I like the idea of deer because they could contrast the large farms that most people set up. Deer could respawn more frequently, but couldn't be bred or farmed, and would run away if approached. In the early game, it would be viable to hunt deer before you could set up a proper farm.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2.0; The Agriculture Update

    please...PLEASE use paragraphs to separate your ideas.

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    posted a message on Burnt Logs

    The "Burnt Log" is a new block that would be created when a log is burnt down by fire. It is not flammable. Breaking the burnt log would drop a piece of charcoal (or more with the fortune enchant).

    The idea here is to encourage the player to produce resources (charcoal in this case) by interacting with the world, instead of with a device such as a furnace. It would also give flint-and-steel another use, since fire currently has only a handful of uses.

    Be sure to give feedback!

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    posted a message on Move Wither Skeletons out of Fortresses! *Over 480 Supporters!*

    Personally, I think that wither skeletons should remain in the fortresses, but have a much higher spawn rate in them.

    Blazes, on the other hand, should spawn uncommonly throughout the nether.

    Partial Support

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    posted a message on Any Good Move Craft Servers Out There?

    Starquest is a popular sci-fi themed server that heavily utilizes movecraft, and focuses on the conflicts between planetary settlers and space pirates. You can build spaceships that utilize movecraft, which are required to travel between planets.

    MadRealms-the skylands pirates is another popular movecraft server, with a steampunk/pirate theme.

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    posted a message on Larger Underground

    I agree with this too. Maybe we could have more unique generation in caves as well. Support

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    posted a message on Has Minecraft gotten better or worse over the years?

    Warning: long rant of (constructive?) criticism.

    Minecraft is my favorite game of all time, and it gets better with every update. That being said, I have noticed several glaring flaws in the game.

    1. Tool Progression; You can get iron gear in just minutes and diamond gear in under an hour. Wood and stone tools are just needed to reach the next tiers, but are thrown away immediately afterwards and never used again. After you get diamonds, you are set for life, since no mob short of a wither can inflict serious harm to you. You can essentially reach the end-game materials in a few hours.

    2. Mob Balancing; The surface at night has too many monsters. You shouldn't have to build a shelter every time you get caught outside past sunset. Sure, you should get killed if you try to pick a fight with just a stone sword, but you shouldn't have to worry about travelling at night with full iron. The caves, on the other hand have enough mobs, but they aren't strong enough. Mobs should become more dangerous the deeper down you travel. The nether should be even more dangerous, but it really isn't. Ghasts and magma cubes are too rare and zombie pigmen don't fight you until you attack them. The nether needs to be more dangerous. The same goes with the outer end islands, which have no hostile mobs other than endermen, who are mostly content with ignoring you.

    3. Generated Structures are Lackluster; Maybe I just play too many CTM maps, but I feel like Minecraft's structures are poorly designed;

    -Dungeons; just one room with a spawner that is easily disabled

    -Temples; the traps are easily avoidable

    -Mineshafts; they're okay, but they need more mobs

    -Nether Fortresses; The mobs are too rare and the spawners are easy to farm without risk

    -Ocean Monuments; These are actually really good, but there should be more unique treasures in them

    -Stronghold; Silverfish are pathetic, and this place is otherwise slightly less dangerous than a cave

    -End City; basically a free elytra. The shulkers are the only hostile mob here, and they're less dangerous than the endermen. They just don't deal enough damage to inflict serious harm to you through iron/diamond armor. Sure, you can take fall damage, but this is easily avoidable with a; feather falling, b; an ender pearl, or c; a water bucket. In short, the shulkers alone aren't enough of a hazard; the end city needs another mob.

    4. The Nether and the End are empty; They're both cool dimensions, but there isn't much to do in them. There aren't many resources to collect or structures to find (one per dimension) and most loot from the structures is obtainable in the overworld, too.

    These are the things that stand out the most when I think about Minecraft's flaws. Minecraft is still a great game, but I just don't think it's been perfected yet.

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    posted a message on Wounds Gamerule

    I like this!


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    posted a message on Legendary Sword

    We don't need anything superior to diamond.

    What we do need, however, is something just as good as diamond, but in a different way. If the sword was only as damaging as a stone sword, but could shoot beams when you attack with it it would be just as useful as a diamond sword. In fact, it would be much better than a sword that undermines everything else in the game because it allows you to choose from a wider variety of weapons and tactics.

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    posted a message on [MC/Forge][1.6.4] Gulliver the Resizing Mod (v0.14.3 *Oct 21*): changing your perspective of Minecraft [OVER 900,000 downloads]

    Here's a combat suggestion;

    You get a melee damage bonus for hitting larger mobs/players in the nape (back of the neck/head). Attack on Titan, anyone?

    It would allow for smaller players to fend off giants with careful planning. And making the player think tactically would add a layer of depth to combat between small/large players.

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    posted a message on Bioluminescent Cave Plants: [50 supporters!]

    I'll support, too.

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    posted a message on The Obsidian Golem: Alchemy all the way! [Includes Concept Art and NBT Tags]

    When you open the golem inventory you should see the following tabs:





    Under each tab you could specify the entities it will interact with:


    -Players (other than the golem's owner- make a pvp bodyguard)




    -Neutral Mobs

    -Hostile Mobs (the golem would be smart enough to throw healing potions at undead when set to harm undead and vice-versa)

    Also you should be able to "lock" the golem with NBT data to prevent players from tampering with it. This would make it a great support enemy in CTM maps or PVP.

    Edit; the obsidian golem should be able to use regular splash potions, not just lingering.

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    posted a message on The Obsidian Golem: Alchemy all the way! [Includes Concept Art and NBT Tags]

    It's been a while since I've seen a suggestion this good.


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    posted a message on Enchantments That Are More Biome/Dungeon-Based

    What if the enchanting table let you choose what enchantments you put on an item, but first you needed to "learn" the enchantments by finding their books as loot and using it on the enchanting table, consuming the book. Doing this would let you enchant any item with a level 1 effect, but using multiple books of the same enchantment would allow you to enchant items with a higher level of the enchant. That would make enchanted books more valuable as treasure.

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