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    Name: What do you mean by name? IGN or real name? I'm not telling my real name but my minecraft username is TKRambo.
    Timezone: Central time zone
    Position applying for:Mod, but I have a question, is it possible to get admin if I work hard enough while in the server?
    A bit about yourself: Some things about my self are as a staff member is I like to joke around a lot with the staff sometimes and I can be serious depending on how I feel each day, but mostly I'll just joke around every now and then.
    Past experience: So far I was Admin in 2 servers and builder In one, but building didn't last long because I realized I sucked at building xD.
    Time you can dedicate: 5 to 8 hours.

    What I do as a mod: This is a little extra to improve my chances of being a mod. I watch chat to make sure no one is cussing/hacking/exploiting while in the game and I'll ban/mute/kick them once I see it.

    So I hope you accept me and I'm assuming you will message me the ip if I got accepted or not. have a nice day :D

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