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    I don't believe in mob variants unless the variant expands on the original mob's concept. Wouldn't all of these Ferrous Wroughtnaut variants you propose be better as completely new mobs i

    Yeah, I get what you mean and i do understand that just adding tweaked textures that serve no purpose is a waste of time to at least some degree. I just thought that it could help keep cave exploration and wroughtnaut a little more fresh since after around 48 hours in the same survival world with all the best gear and a fire dragon steel halberd, when you find a wroughnaut you dont really bother to go in or anything. You might just go in just because. But you really dont have anything to gain because all you have to do is side step and then just hit it onec or twice (cant remember, it was a while ago) and then it drops. When you have played enough and you know its moves inside and out theres not really much challenge. And dont get me wrong its a really tough fight when you go in with diamond armor and some gapples but its a little bit of a one time experience. The reason i didnt think of adding the variations as entirely separate mobs is that it doesnt align with the aim of this mod. The aim is to add at least one unique mob to every biome and the variations just felt like it didnt align with said goal. When i wrote it i was well aware that it didnt align with the aim but i felt like i could just state my opinion. But like i previously said i think that a little variation could help keep the creature feeling fresh, even if its just a texture variations. To be honest though it would really help people to know the larger plan for the mod for people who are trying to help expand it. Because at the moment trying to come up with ideas the align with the mods ideals are like throwing dart while blindfolded or that mights just be my opinion, im not very observent. Also final note, i dont really know how this might come of tone wise. I really dont ever know how my writing sounds to other so jut know that nothing that could have sounded like critisims was. I was just trying to give suggestions and do know that i absolutely adore the ferrous wroughtnaut fight. That is why i wanted to help expand upon it. That is all i had to say. I hope i didnt come of in a bad tone and i wish you good day.

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    I dont have many good ideas and im not sure if this another case of that. I think it would be cool if the Ferrous Wroughnaut had some variants. Like different weaponry like maybe a great hammer, tower shield and spear, great sword or even a halberd. these could change the attack behaviour. The great hammer could be more damage and more aoe but more telegraphed and way slower. The spear and shield could be way more beefy and have faster attacks but less damage, maybe simple attack like a shield bash or maybe a charge and when it stops its wide open from the back and stunned for a few seconds. greate sword could be faster then the hammer but more damage then the spear being closer to the original with large sweeping attacks. Instead of a large over the head swing that gets stuck in the ground it could be more of a plunge that has a small aoe that knocks the player away. And for the halberd i really have no ideas. I just think some variation would help keep the player on thier toes. To be honest tho, it just sounds like a lot of work and is very much a half backed idea. Just thought it would be cool to see some variants of the Ferrous Wroughnaut even if the different weapons dont have any different abilitys, it could be as simple as a differnt weapon in its back or just a broken horn or some texture variantions. Heck some biome varaints would be cool as hell with like an overgrown and rusted version(Maybe a Nether version with some form of fire attacks). The different weapons could pretty easily just be retextured versions of the axe. But no matter if this is a good idea or not i still and will always see this as one of the greatest mods that exists for minecraft and i belive the community needs more devs like you. Thanks for keeping the mod alive for all these years and i hope this idea, even if its not ipmlemented, could help spark some ideas. Good luck, Stay awesome.

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    So i hade a thew ideas for the stalkers and i just want an opinion, and if you dont like it thats fine its not very polished

    So simillar to some real life monkeys they could be attracted to shiny things such as diamonds gold and iron. Pick pocketing the player when your not looking. And if they steal a weapon and still have it when they transform they could use it against the player (i can undertsand why you wouldnt want this because it just sounds more annoying than fun, but it would fit them being monkeys in a way).

    The boss could spawn in a extra large jungle tree filled with gorilla like nest spanning the branches as you move further up (since they are monkeys i fought for them to have gorrila like nests would make kinda make sense) at the top an extra large nest at the top filled with stolen shinys, chests and other goodies. in the middle lies the boss( un transformed)

    If the player approaches the boss or opens a chest or steals anything the boss runs over to a chest and pulls out a amulet with a ruby in. some magic effects later and tada its night time with a full moon. And the boss is wearing it a bassic transformations sequence later with growing four arms and pulls out some cresent blade (as suggested) let the boss battle BEGIN!

    so it kinda would make sense for the boss to have some form of moon mask and it kinda be the opposit of the sun mask with a sharp look and in silver

    But one thing Minecrafts never had is a proper sword combatant. Usually you can just keep attacking (with the exeptions of the wroughtnaut) so some one who could guard parry and possibly even dissarm would be a good change for a fight. something where the player will have to be on thier toes and wait for the right moment to strike.

    a very basic lungeoning attack with an uppercut at the end if hit by the uppercut it launches the player in the air. (this would be the most common attack) and the boss teleports away (usually behind the player)

    an attack where if your at least within 4 blocks from the boss it dashes backwards and does a slashing attack which sends a slow moving silver, cresent shaped wave against the player. if hit has some small knock back but cant be blocked and does mager damage on hit

    the boss roars, forcing the player 3 blocks away and summons 3-5 new minnions (basic stalkers)

    teleports at a random time, also trigger randomly when shot at (like an enderman) dissapearing in a beam of light and reapearing in another /(usually behind the player)

    some basic mele attacks

    the boss starts to spin in a whirlwind attack with all four of the blades

    a simple block with all four blades in the center. It will take a tottal of 5 fully charged hits to break through

    the boss teleports into the air and slams down into the ground

    a general grievous style blade spin if the player strikes it there is a 50% chance of the item they attacked with being knocked out of thier hands. Any projectile that hits these spinnig blades wil be knocked away or outright tore to sunder. if the player walks into it they get knocked back and take some major damage.

    The boss will need to rest after possibly 6-12 different attacks which will leav it wide oppen which is when the player is suppose to get in some damage this rest would last up to 4 seconds

    most of the attacks will happen instantaneously after eachother, not giving the player much time to think And barely any shots at even getting a hit in, until the boss gets tired

    once the boss is dead the amulet breaks but the boss does drop the mask which will let the player teleport around and if thier holding a sword they could do along range slashing attack.(same as the bosses)

    most of these ideas where inspired by hollow knight such as the grimm boss fight.

    these are some of my stupid brainstorm ideas and if you dont like them its understandable and fine (sry for my bad english im swedish)

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