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    posted a message on Looking For Builders And Staff! Faction - Non Grief - PvP - Mcmmo

    this was one of my first good builds

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    posted a message on Looking For Builders And Staff! Faction - Non Grief - PvP - Mcmmo

    IGN max36969

    age 15

    skype max 36969

    experience alredy been admin and head admin on somme servers also if you need a dev i am your guy

    i can benefit by helping the server cause i am a very helpfull admin who has been playing minecraft for a long time

    i can also help with plugins testing installing anything realy. I am also a prety good builder not the best but i can help you withyour spawn

    strengthes and weeknesses i am a very good dev and admin weakness i am not sure i realy have s


    How do i stand out from the rest. Not like somme people i am a very good admin but i am also a dev and a builder

    plus i speek french for the people who speek frenche so that is a plus i think.

    i would love to be staff on a factions server because number one factions is very fun and probably my favorite gamemod

    and also because people have alote of problems and i would love to help with that.

    if he is i give him a warning and to /tempmute if after my warning he continuse i ban him.

    someone advertising personaly for me is unacceptable so i tell him to stop and if he dosent i ban him

    a little build i wanted to show you mediaval style :)

    also email me the ip at [email protected]

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    posted a message on I need a tester, general helper, and someone who will be my head admin

    skype max 36969

    name Xavier

    IGN max36969

    age 15 (16 in jully)

    experience i have been adim on many servers i am a very experienced player who has played since minecraft is out

    i i have been recruited manytimes and am a very mature admin.

    motivation: i love helping people on minecraft and helping new built serervers i also like playing minecraft very much

    and like playing with people on servers.

    it depense on what the argument is if it is violent with swaring i will ask what is hapening and mute one of the players

    if the other one keeps swaring i mute him too.

    yes i am abble to i would help them and train them to be a qualified staff.

    i am an exelent builder i have made many creations and personaly think i am quallified.

    ps: i go to french school so sorry for the spelling mistakes

    tell me the ip at my email [email protected]

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    posted a message on New Server Needs New Staff!!!

    age 15

    irl max

    in game name Max36969

    i am applying for admin or mod

    email [email protected]

    experience i have been admin and head admin on a few servers i love helping people i do like if they were me

    i am very trust worthy because i help and punishe people who deserve it.I now what do do with hackers

    and now how to reconise them also i have learned to to now when people are scamming for help

    for instance sombody hacked the and took there enventory.

    why should you pick me: it is simple i am trust worthy kind and help everyone in need..

    Most people say i am also very friendly i would also be very dedicated to the server would be online most of the time

    and could also build if needed to.

    Maturety level/ it depense with who if i am just having fun with you ore the other admins it is probably a 7 (when we are not working and just having fun)

    but with the people i would help it is a 9.5 because no one is perfect.

    time zone canada

    i also will play every day for atleast two hours exept wensday.

    language english

    other info hope you will add me and see you on the server

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    posted a message on Making a new server, need staff A LOT

    i would love to be your co owner my name is max my minecraft yousername is max36969

    i am a very friendly player with alote of experience who love to help other players.

    I live in canada and i can play every day for one houre.

    Plus i have alote of experience with these positions been admin 3 times mod 5 and co owner 2 times.

    Plus i can help with building and am very responsible and trust worthy i hope you will accept me send me your server ip



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    hello my name is max36969 and i am willing to be moderator on your server. I accept to be on team speak when i play and all of your conditions.

    I have alredy been mod so no need for training. I am 14 i now you sed 15 but i am very responsible. I would play every day for an hour exept wendsays.

    i have a mic and will be playing on team speek. I am very friendly with other players and would be a good moderator. And who nows we might become friends.


    i would also want to now what is the ip of your server so i can check it out

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