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    posted a message on Crafthammer [Serious RP, SERVER RELEASE, Whistelist open]
    Minecraft username: mattschol

    Age: 22

    Time zone: Eastern

    What experience do you have in roleplaying?: Several minecraft servers and garry's mod

    Have you read and accepted the rules?: Yes

    Did you read the lore?: Yes

    Name at least 5 races on this server: Humans, High Elves, Dark Elves, Wood Elves, Orcs, and Dwarfs.

    What do you imagine this server will be like?: I hope it will have excellent roleplay and be very well organized and monitored.

    Where did you find this server?: Minecraft forums

    Why should you be let in?: I am a good and mature roleplayer and I will be a model player on the server.

    Screenshot of your skin:
    By mattschol at 2012-01-10


    Name: Shamus the Orphan

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Race: Imperial

    Appearance: Dirty, scruffy, and gaunt, Shamus looks like he has had a hard life because he is homeless.

    Personality: Shamus is very untrusting due to his hard life on the streets of Temine. Even if he manages to raise his status in life he will have trouble connecting emotionally with people. He has a very sarcastic sense of humor which he would often use to annoy the city guards that would arrest him. He is very easy going and only really concerned with his own survival.

    Ambitions/dreams: Shamus has always dreamed of one day escaping the dirty and confined alleys of Temine and starting a farm outside the city where he can live comfortably and peacefully. He has little interest in the political figures of the realm since they have neither harmed nor helped him. As a street urchin Shamus has developed exceptional self-reliance and resourcefulness.

    Biography/Story(More than 2 sentences long): After his parents were murdered by deserters on their way to visit relatives, Shamus became a street urchin.. He has always been hassled by guards in the city of Temine and has been frequently put into orphanages only to escape back to the streets at the earliest opportunity. He has made few friends on the streets and alleys of Temine but has survived by petty theft, pickpocketing, and working odd jobs for the tradesmen. Shamus' life has been hard but it is the only life he knows.

    Other information: Shamus avoids city guards but only fears the merciless guard captains. His favorite targets for pickpocketing are drunken noblemen stumbling home in the middle of the night.
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    posted a message on KINGDOM OF AEONIS *SERIOUS RP ONLY* [RP-BUKKIT-80SLOTS-24/7] (New thread)
    IGN: mattschol
    Sources: Just found the server on the forum
    Why do you want to join: I'm interested in engaging in some serious RP.

    IC (In Character)
    Name: Shamus the Orphan
    IC Age: 16
    Race: Human
    Background: Shamus was orphaned in a bandit attack and has lived on the city streets ever since. He is mistrusting of people especially guards and bandits. He hopes to one day leave the dreary and confined streets and establish a farm in the country side. He has little concern for politics or the major factions but is resolved to do what is best for himself.
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    posted a message on █☆█☆ █- ENCORE [Towny][24/7][PvP][iConomy][NPCs][McMmo][NoWhitelist][NEWMAP]█☆█☆ NO LAG! CONNECT NOW!█
    I vote against a server restart. We should restart after 1.8 so that we can get all the adventure stuff. That stuff won't be added to existing map blocks(similar to how biomes were).
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    posted a message on * The Lonely Vale * !!! GRAND OPENING !!! A Player-Oriented Heavy Fantasy RP Server. Create Your Story Today!
    OOC: Out of Character
    IGN: mattschol
    Sources: None, found it on the website
    Why do you want to join: 2-3 sentences about why you want to join: I am looking for a good, stable, well maintained and moderated rp server. This server looks promising, I hope I can contribute to your community.
    Name: I'd like to go by mattschol
    IC Age: Mid twenties
    Race: Human
    Profession: Architect
    Background: I am the son of a poor farmer, I grew up envying the wealthy people in my village. I am greedy and ruthless in my pursuit of wealth. I appear honest and trustworthy but I am actually disloyal and deceitful. I am generally a selfish coward, but should someone cross me, I will go to great lengths to achieve revenge.

    I look forward to playing.
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    posted a message on ★-Endless Rage-★
    Wow, this server looks amazing.
    IGN: mattschol
    How long have you been playing?: About 8 months
    How often do you play?: I log on several times a day
    Do you like do organized building like in towns?: Yes, I would be interested in building a town with several friends of mine if we decide to join the server.
    Ever been banned?: No
    Do you have any past work screenshots?: http://profile.imageshack.us/user/mattschol/
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    posted a message on The Factions of Minecraft [24/7][Curses and Gifts][More!]
    -Age: 22
    -Time zone: EST
    -How often can you log in? Several times a day
    -Do you understand that this server is funded by the community as well as the owners? Yes
    -Do you have a microphone? Yes
    -If not, are you able to get one?
    -There are 3 factions currently (Order of the Blue Moon, The Abyssal Lords, and one that is nameless). Do you wish to join one of them, or stay a rogue (No faction)? If my friends and I join this server we will create our own faction.
    -What is your in-game name? mattschol

    I voted against the class system but an economic class system might be cool, have things like woodcutter, miner, cook. Everyone would still be able to do everything but it just would be faster for people of that class.
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    posted a message on RoleCraft - Medieval RPG Survival Server [WHITELIST]
    Display name: mattschol
    Reason you wanna join: Need a new RPG server to build and roleplay in
    How long you've played Minecraft: 8 months
    If you've been banned from any servers, why?: I've never been banned, I'm a very civil, kind, and reasonable player.
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    posted a message on Civ Craft (24/7)[20 Slots][Bukkit][PLUGINS!][Vent]
    Mod application: mattschol
    I am one of the founding members of pompeii. As a nation we've always played by the rules in international conflict. Pompeii is a well built nation with numerous structures of the highest quality. I am especially proud of my volcano mural V.2. I also built the bulletin board in spawn.
    I have been a CS admin in the past and had little trouble enforcing the rules effectively and fairly. I find that the best admins don't argue with players/each other, they just make the right decision and enforce it. I am level headed, kind, and patient but also firm.

    I hope you'll consider me for OP.
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    posted a message on Civ Craft (24/7)[20 Slots][Bukkit][PLUGINS!][Vent]
    Simply can't donate, sorry. The patch notes mentioned that it would be possible to switch over maps from the previous version. Is it possible to get the map from this server and load it with another provider? I have no experience with webdesign but I'd be willing to give it a shot. Blogspot or a website like that might be our best bet, I'll look into it.
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    posted a message on Civilization Craft (24/7)[WHITELIST][Vent][Bukkit]
    Name: Matt
    IGN: mattschol

    I'm one of downey's friends. We'd like a good, organized server for some fun minecraft. We've built some pretty cool stuff on other servers and we want a server where we can invest time and effort into a project w/o it getting griefed.

    I'll repost this on your forums
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    posted a message on Frontier of Leffwinn ~Awesome faction RP~
    IGN: mattschol
    Faction you want to join:Te' wge (the natives)
    What would you do in your faction: I would like to fight against the unjust and aggressive invasion of our sacred land. Death to the explorers! I'd also like to craft some skins for the natives so that they are recognizable.
    Age: 21
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    posted a message on Latitude and longitude?
    This question has probably been asked before but I couldn't find it. Is there latitude and/or longitude in minecraft? I like navigating by the sun so longitude would be interesting. I know the minecraft world is not round so I'm kinda doubting it.
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