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    posted a message on Does anyone use rainmeter?
    Hello. today i am going to talk about a wonderful software named rainmeter where from the desktop you can monitor your CPU, Drive, Upload and Download, Recent news, Outside temperture. take notes. Play music. etc.
    Otherwise, it makes your desktop look like this

    (I use the mass effect skin. downloadable at Deviantart.com http://browse.devian...effect#/d4h0vgi, Desktop is a private picture i created in space engine (Pandora and polythemus)
    This allows you to make your desktop cleaner and faster to navigate.
    So does anyone use this software?
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    posted a message on What is the longest ravine you have ever seen?
    So. i was adventuring in minecraft. when i found a HECKA LONG RAVINE. i measured it and it is 184 meters (blocks) end to end. What is the longest ravine you have ever seen in minecraft?
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    posted a message on [1.4.7-1.5][Forge?][SMP] The ancients of mine craft
    Hello everyone. Here is a massive mod that i am requesting that will add Light colors, light flickers, magic items, Etc. So. here you go!

    Gravel roads
    Scattered throughout the world of minecraft there will be Gravel roads. Gravel roads are mostly for decorative purposes. though by gravel roads there is most likely a structure. so there a good reason to mine around them. Gravel roads are 10-40 blocks long and are 3 wide. they do have random grass here and there.
    Dungeon rebuild
    Dungeons in my opinion are bland and boring. they are a small what? 11x11 space? im not sure. Dungeons will be rebuilt to be 6 blocks high and have multiple rooms. Dungeons (overhaul) on average have around 8-40 rooms (6-30 with spawners). 75% of the rooms are equipped with chests. These chests hold various items, vanilla or magic. the other 25% of the rooms are evil traps. though these traps can be avoided somehow. Dungeons will randomly (Not in trapped rooms) have hallways and winding staircases in the walls.
    Nether Corruption
    This can appear in deep caves that are 10-. these appear to be Peices of the nether that is slowly infecting the world. Nether corruption only replaces the wall blocks. not blocks 2-3 into the stone. so these can be simply stopped by giving the cave a ring of Compressed bio-compound. Nether corruption will act exactly the same as the nether. it will turn water into lava. and it will spawn ghasts and zombie pig men. Nether corruption is rare. though its chance is quadrupled within 5 blocks of a portal.
    Mage tower
    Mage towers are massive singular towers with a nether brick roof. mage towers float around the clouds and are massive. They hold chests full of ancient scrolls of the [1-20][st/th] league and hold the first boss. Mage towers are Around half as rare as strongholds. I will get into details about how this is later.
    Downed mage tower
    Downed mage towers are exactly like mage towers. except they are scattered on the surface and have Moss,cracked, and regular stone bricks instead of marble.
    A castle is by far the rarest naturally generated structure in minecraft. it is twice as rare as say... a mushroom biome. and it holds scrolls of extremely advanced magic and powers. castles appear to be massive broken down cathedrals. it is one massive room that is about 31(Width)x101(Length)x120(height). With Marble trim.in the center is a Consecration Altar. the rarest item in the game which gives Weapons only a specific set of enchantments. The castle is made of Magical Marble and nether brick.
    i will add more later

    I will not get into all of the items i intend to be in this tonight.
    Magical Energy extractor

    This is the very first item in the game for people. this will create Energy that you can use for magic. It is crafted with 8 wood (edges) and 1 redstone in the center. It will suck the energy from the air and suck your EXP and create Magical energy.

    Because its extremely late at night for me(2:20 AM). right now im just gonna leave you with the structures. I will add everything else in the morning. Night!
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    posted a message on What are Plugins when hosting a server?
    Plugins are the Multiplayer form of "mini" mods. most off them run off of the host bukkit. If they charge for them there is nothing you can do.
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    posted a message on Kicking Kids Out of Multi-player = Bullying
    Know what your kids feeling. my friends are mean. Though it may be if his friends are "Horsing around". I believe messing around and playing is very common in a 6th grader. especially through the safety of the internet.
    Quote from MartyLoup

    "oh no someone isn't treating my son like the special snowflake he is! he'll be scarred for life! call the cyber police, because this is some serious cyber-bullying!"

    i hate my generation

    why can't science hurry up and invent time machines so i can go live in 1977 and be happy

    "Call the cyber police, because this is some serious cyber-bullying!" Made my day.
    Physicists are creating a Holodeck where you can walk around and interact with 3d Virtually projected things (So anti-social) no need for time machines or human interaction!
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    posted a message on SCP-36337 - A Minecraft SCP About The End
    Is this a mod? if so its in the wrong forum
    Good doing though. BTW. You forgot about SCP-36337-B, In every SCP there are two monsters. one is the building itself. another is the monster inside the building that you have to avoid.
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    posted a message on Wanting to start a server.
    Additions (mods) are free. Also for a host i recremmend Creeper-host. additions do come with the server also.
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    posted a message on What do you do when your bored in minecraft?
    Quote from TVflea

    That's... unique.

    I know right? I have not seen anyone say dance in this. If you saw me in real life, you would know why i said that
    (I walk down the street in leg warmers, spandex, an afro wig, Purple boots, a tight suit, yadayadayada) They dont call my city "Funkytown" for no reason!
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    posted a message on What do you do when your bored in minecraft?
    I dance.
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    posted a message on Need code for mod!
    I recremmend you learn Java. Otherwise people will be pretty much making the mod for you.
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    posted a message on Your stupidest bans?
    Banned for teleporting out of lava due to lag. they thought i was hacking.
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    posted a message on Yellowstone Biome (Names please?)
    Yellowstone i believe is part badlands. so, yeah. Also "Giant mutant" volcano isn't the word for it. it is a Dormant stage Super-volcano Capable of destroying 60% of the united states (West coast to around the middle of the US) and plunging the world into a Perpetual winter for 10,000 years.
    The "Geysers" could be a mechanic like the volcanic tubes from Twilight forest.
    Here are some cool mechanics that might make the biome way more interesting
    Dirt water: In the "Yellowstone" (AKA badlands) biome water will be a light brown.
    Evaporation particles: You can find these all over lakes in the badlands biome. They appear to be light gray particles coming off of random spots in the water. they appear in huge groups and the particles fade VERY slowly (Real computer destroying stuff)
    Clouds forming from evaporation: when alot of evaporation happens, clouds begin to form. and there is a higher chance that it will start raining.
    Fog: With evaporation and clouds. comes fog. Fog is pretty much the fog that happens when you lower your render system. it makes your game run faster.
    Ground Morphing: Ground Morphing is an unbreakable slab block that is registered the same as air pretty much. It makes the ground bend and shake.
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    posted a message on [TOOL] MCNostalgia 2.1.2 (With GUI) Now works with 1.4.6!
    None of the links work. Im just gonna go illegally get a 1.7.3 jar.
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    posted a message on Magic Aether Mod Installer
    It's stuck on Done loading for me.

    EDIT: i was using 1.0.0 instead of 1.2.5 -.-
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    posted a message on Is there an installer for the aether mod?
    Thanks! the aether is too much of a pain to install manually.
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