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    To Venture
    A CTM Series by masterzminer

    News (February 25, 2020): I finished my developer commentary for Whirling Phenomena and made a compilation type video out of it. You can watch me suffer through the map here:

    Link to the compilation:

    What is a CTM map?
    If you have never heard of a CTM map, it is, in a nutshell, is a map where there are a number of goal items (Most commonly the 16 colors of wool and 3 material blocks, I used this style) throughout the map. Your goal is to bring them back to a monument, and once you have all of them, you have completed the Monument. Thus where the name CTM comes from. The catch is, the goal items are in hard to access places, guarded by monsters, traps and other hazards.

    The CTM genre originates from Vechs. Originally made as difficult survival maps, eventually adopting the goal of completing a monument, I have played many of Vechs’ maps and wanted to try out making maps of my own.

    Lets plays:
    If you download my maps I encourage you do an LP if you are an LPer, and give me any constructive criticism or compliments you feel necessary. Also I may comment on the video, the username is masterzminer.

    As of right now all of these maps are created and balanced around single player. Playing with multiple players will likely throw off the balance, however there is no problem with playing these maps in multiplayer as you would for any other map.

    Minecraft version:
    Each map has a recommended Minecraft version to play on. You do not need to play on that version, however the map may not work as intended if you do not. If you play the map on an old version, the map will almost certainly be broken and unplayable. If you play on a later version, there is a chance the map will break, or new features may throw off the balance.

    To download
    1. Click on the download link
    2. Click download
    3. Wait for it to download
    4. Unzip the folder
    5. *Place the map in your saves folder in .minecraft
    6. Open up minecraft and you should find the map in your worlds list

    * To get to your .minecraft
    1. Press the home button
    2. Search for run
    3. When a box appears type: "%appdata%";
    4. Press enter
    5. You should see a folder called .minecraft, click on it
    6. You should see a folder called saves, click on it
    7. That is where you paste the map

    I will put an intended difficulty for each map. The rating is from 0-5, 0 being no real challenge, 2.5 being average difficulty, and 5 being romhack.

    My Standard Rules:
    1. Find and complete the Goal Monument to win
    2. Find wool in chests/Fleecy mob drops. Don't use string/dyes/sheep.
    3. You can use string/dyes/sheep for non Goal monument uses.
    4. You cannot use villager trades to get wool for the Goal monument.
    5. You may craft the material blocks for the Goal Monument.
    6. Survive in anyway you can think of. You can mine/craft/build whatever you want.
    7. Use at least easy never peaceful.
    8. Do not move, pick up, or craft enderchests. You may interact with preplaced ones.
    9. Do not make nether portals, you may relight portals that you found lit. (This rule is for maps where I use the nether)
    You may make a nether portal at any time. (This rule is for maps where I do not use the nether)
    10. Do not try to bypass bedrock/barrier walls.

    Now for the maps!


    Full Length Maps:

    These are full length 16 wool CTM maps


    Map #1: Fallen Mines

    Map Style: Linear Branching

    Explore the underground outpost made by an ancient civilization. Go deep underground to find never before seen types of stone, crazy monsters, treasures, and so much more. This map is all of the great 1.3-1.6 mapping features, making for an experience nothing like vanilla these days. You will find yourself doing things never even thought of for vanilla.

    Intended Version: Minecraft 1.7.9

    Difficulty: 2.4/5

    Sceen shots:

    Change Log:
    In Beta 1.1:
    1. Fixed sign at start
    2. Remove "Op" loot at start
    3. In fermented grove made the first trap spawn slower
    4. Lit up caverns of flight (it was very dark I couldn't see anything)
    5. Made pigmen in a secret part less op
    6. Made spawners in search more consistent
    7. Added vines in infested grove (aesthetics)
    8. Fixed infested lair not being a mesa biome

    In Official 1.0:
    1. Made a secret less secret
    2. Made start slightly easier to see where to go
    3. Added hint in appealing terror about what to do in the area
    4. Made a better ratio of farmable mobs in blackstone keep
    5. Fixed a bug where a portal would form because of lava touching a sign
    6. The green wool mob should not despawn
    7. Added a hint of death to think or die
    8. Spawners in end on green wool are more visible
    9. No natural spawns in green wool end
    10. Made last area less impossible
    11. fixed trackers not spawning in search
    12. made black wool end harder

    In Offical 1.1:

    1. Fixed a bug where the escape from the red wool didn't work

    Lets Plays:



    ElRichMC (in spanish):


    Elecsat (world record):


    Map #2: Whirling Phenomena

    Map Style: Linear Branching

    Venture through a massive and dangerous world. With its large variety of areas, ranging from deep dark caves to open to sky oceans to lush forests, to a fiery domain there is plenty to explore and discover. This map is designed to be taken on with a slow and methodical playstyle. It should prove to be a long rather challenging map, and should in general lead to a very long play time.

    WARNING: This map is bad, and ridiculous. I'm mostly keeping it here for completeness, so if someone wants to download it, they can. Don't go into this map looking for a good time.

    Intended Version: Minecraft 1.11, though playing in later versions will probably make it more bearable.

    Difficulty: 666/5


    Developer Commentary:

    Screen shots:

    Change Log:

    In Beta 1.1:

    This version focuses on making the start more balanced, as well as adding some addition rail lines to make travel a little easier.

    1. In the spawn area, changed the video settings book to “Graphics/Lag” and added a section explaining that lower

    end computers may struggle to handle some areas

    2. In the spawn area, added a sign hinting that there may be traps

    3. In surface blast, added mossy stone brick silverfish blocks that mark the silverfish spawners

    4. In surface blast, added a chest with magma blocks and flint and steel along with a sign hinting that you should use the given items for lighting

    5. In surface blast, modified the terrain around the cavern leading to the monument making it easier to get to the cavern

    6. In the goal monument, added bridges connecting some of the platforms

    7. In the goal monument, added flattened area around the water, which functions as an easy place to build a farm

    8. In intersection 1, added signs that hint that you rushing through the map is not a good idea, and some areas may require you to resupply and rethink approach

    9. In false silver floors, added a sign saying that if you want you can spend a few hours redirecting lava and water to create a cobblestone generator, but this is not intended

    10. In false silver floors, added a hint that a full damage crit form a wooden axe will instantly kill a silver fish

    11. In false silver floors, removed a few creeper spawners froom the inside

    12. In fort tomber, added a chest of bone meal in the back of the cavern, marked by light, bone meal also added in the main fort

    13. In deep wood caverns, in the seed room, added a chest with lots of wood and increased the amount of food found in the chests

    14. Set all of deep wood caverns to the jungle biome

    15. In deep wood caverns and fort tomber, added additional random loot chests

    16. Increased the chances of stone tools appearing in intersection 1 loot chests

    17. Decreased the amount of redstone objects found in intersection 1 loot chests

    18. Added multiple rail lines throughout the map, to help reduce build time

    In Beta 1.2:

    This version focuses on rebalancing the starting area and first intersection making it less ridiculous, most notably honeypots in all the starting areas, and making an area more bearable on lower end computers

    1. In surface blast, added honey pots to reduce natural spawns by a notable amount

    2. In surface blast, significantly reduced the amount of silver fish blocks

    3. In surface blast, increased the spawn delay of the silver fish spawners and ghasts spawners

    4. In surface blast reduced the amount of silver fish spawners on the starting platform

    5. In surface blast, added in more wood huts

    6. In surface blast, added more loot in the dungeon section

    7. In surface blast, added more loot on the starting platform, notably wood and food

    8. In surface blast, made the skeleton spawners in the dungeon more visible

    9. In monument area, added a few signs

    10. In monument area, added a prebuilt tunnel going through the water trap

    11. In monument area, added furnaces

    12. In false silver floors, added honey pots around the cave section to reduce natural spawns

    13. In false silver floors, added more glowstone to the entrance of the area

    14. In false silver floors, added a few more random loot chests in the fortress section

    15. In false silver floors, added coal around the entrance

    16. In fort tomber, added honey pots ADD MORE

    17. In fort tomber, scattered light around the entrance

    18. In deep wood caverns, added honey pots

    19. In deep wood caverns, added a rail line connecting the bottom of the waterfall to the top

    20. In deep wood caverns, scattered light around the entrance area and tree line

    21. In deep wood caverns, added a few ladders to the start of the tree line

    22. In flood gate fortress, zombies no longer spawn reinforcements, deal more damage, have 50% knock back resistance, spawn in smaller quantities, cap out at lower amounts of mobs, and spawn slower

    23. Added a sign thanking the people that gave initial feedback on the map in the Cavern leading to the monument

    In Beta 1.2.1:

    This version is a hotfix for an issue caused by 1.11

    1. In sabbia tombs, changed all the husk spawners to zombie spawners, as in 1.11 husks can only be spawneed from spawners open to sky


    Map #3: Isolation

    Map Style: Open world

    Enter a large island with a variety of environments, ranging from jungles, to desert, to ice plains, caves, and a unique nether. With natural regeneration disabled, this map will change the way you have to play, but includes several mitigating factors for the lack of natural health regeneration, such as he monument acting as a healing center, or mobs dropping healing potions. This map is not meant to too hard, but still provides a reasonable challenge. This is my first open world map, and focuses on exploration and survival.

    Another note:
    With this map, I took all of the feedback I revived about Whirling Phenomena to heart, and made large efforts to fix those issues for this map. The lack of natural health regeneration causes every enemy to be dangerous, and as a result, especially early on, there are far fewer enemies, and custom enemies are more powerful themselves. This attempts to fix the absurd mob swarming in Whirling Phenomena. The dungeons in this map focus much more on smaller details, and are not needlessly long, which was a huge issue in Whirling Phenomena. Loot chests should also feel more rewarding, as the items found in them are generally more powerful than the ones you can make yourself, and some of the items cannot be obtained any other way.
    I am aware that Whirling Phenomena has a very large number of flaws, and I tried my best to make this map learn from the mistakes of Whirling Phenomena.

    Intended Version: Minecraft 1.11.2

    Difficulty: 2.6/5


    Screen shots:

    Change Log:
    In Beta 1.1:

    This version fixes a few errors in some information books, re-balances the loot chest loot tables, lowers the overall drop rate of regeneration potions, makes some minor tweaks to a few areas, and fixes a few messed up parts of terrain.

    1. Fixed corrupt chunk at: (9846, 10665)

    2. Fixed grammar in starting book “Gameplay Notes” on page 2-3

    3. Fixed grammar in starting book “Detailed Rules” on page 1, 2

    4. Fixed grammar in starting book “Beta Testing” on page 2

    5. Fixed grammar in monument book “Villager Potions” on page 1, 2

    6. Fixed grammar in monument book “Potion Tips” on page 1, 2

    7. Lowered all tp command coordinates to avoid players taking suffocation damage

    8. Fixed button for the nether teleporter

    9. In swamp: Fixed water at: (10655, 122, 10462) and (10863, 103, 10403), changed sandstone to sand at (10841, 102, 10152)

    11. In cliff forest: filled in water at (10455, 123, 10263)

    12. In light blue wool: Made all below ground silverfish spawners spawn faster, and extra fast in the lava tunnel section, added more silverfish spawners, made boss have more health, put more silverfish blocks in boss zone

    13. In pink wool: upgraded random loot to level 2 loot, increased boss attack damage

    14. In gray wool: upgraded random loot to level 2, buffed a hidden chest

    15. In purple wool: upgraded loot to level 3

    16. In blue wool: upgraded random loot to level 4, buffed a bow in a chest

    17. Lowered drop rate of regen potions on cave spiders to be that of every other mob

    18. Lowered drop rate of regen potions on shulkers to be that of every other mob

    19. Lowered drop rate of regen potions on guardians to be that of every other mob

    20. Overall drop rate of regen potions lowered by 1%

    21. In level 3 loot: made all low tier items always enchanted, gold is always level 30

    22. In level 4 loot: removed gold items, chain items are always level 30

    23. In level 5 loot: removed non-iron/diamond/bow equipment

    24. Overall increased levels used for enchanted books in random loot chests

    25. Significantly increased the chance of getting a mending book in level 4 and 5 random loot chests

    26. Increased all guardian crystal drop rates


    Map #4: Ruins of Delusion

    Map Style:
    Linear Branching

    Description: After rewatching videos and reliving the nostalgic days from when I first got into Minecraft and CTM maps, I decided to try and make a map in the old school Vechs style, around version 1.2.5. Nearly every area has hidden shortcuts creating a web of interconnected areas, with every area containing my hidden secrets to find.
    WARNING: This map must be played in version 1.2.5 to work correctly.

    Intended Version: Minecraft 1.2.5

    Difficulty: 2.3/5


    Developer Commentary:

    Screen shots:

    Developer Commentary:
    Episode 1:


    Mini maps:

    These are maps shorter than full length 16 wool maps

    Mini Venture 1: Halloween Valley
    Map Style: Open World

    Explore the valleys and caverns of a mysterious land known as Halloween Valley. Find custom enemies, loot, mechanics, and plenty of other things you keep you company.

    Intended Version: Minecraft 1.7.9

    Difficulty: 3.2/5

    Lets Plays

    HaroldTheHobo and The Donkey Ditch:

    Episode 1:
    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjX-zLzWCGi8DbUeCWJVX6g

    The Donkey Ditch:
    Episode 1:
    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChweIQi6EfEhVWSck1PoZAQ

    Later Night Gamer:

    ElRichMC (in Spanish):


    ColD (world record):


    TheLetsFailLP Speedruns:


    Mini Venture 2: Insidious Domain
    Map Style: Open World

    Enter this hellish realm filled with evil areas and terrifying obsticals. This is easily my hardest map, and is designed to be a rage inducing ROM-hack challenge. The play time is likely not to be much more than an hour maybe two if you play slowly, so if you lose the map, you can retry.

    Intended Version: Minecraft 1.11

    Difficulty: 6.66/5


    Programs/editors used:

    MC Edit: http://www.minecraft...ow-open-source/
    - Sethblings MC Edit Flilters: http://sethbling.com...mcedit-filters/
    - FrodCube's Better setblock structure spawner filter:
    - Filter explanation video (youtube): /watch?v=auY38fltF-k
    - FrodCube's channel : http://www.youtube.c...e?feature=watch
    - redmehcanic's lose block filter: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-tools/2304293-redmechanics-block-based-mcedit-filters

    - Vine filter from a user on twitter:

    Kamyu’s tools: http://www.minecraft...fixer-and-more/

    NBT explorer: http://www.minecraft...indows-and-mac/

    Online Resources:

    Other notes:

    You may make videos of my maps and monetize videos of my maps.

    DO NOT: Claim any of my work as your own or directly give a download out, link this page instead.

    Some one made a twitter account called masterzminer, this is not me I do not have a twitter account

    If you want to contact me outside the Minecraft forums, you can do so via my YouTube account at:


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    I have bunch of real life stuff going on so I can't work on the map as much as I'd like, also there are two maps that are being created, one is on hold.

    Ive been swamped with school work and other real life things. Sad to say, work on my second map is very slow. I work on it when I can but, I can't see it coming out soon. The map that is currently on the forum was put on hold until minecraft was more stable. Basically I needed a feature that is supposed to work in the game but wasn't at the time. Now that its fixed I could work on that map again, but I have started another intersection map that I am still working on for saying what it is specifically. The first intersection in about 75% complete, that's being generous, and I plan on making the map five intersections. Needless to say, I don't have any maps coming out soon, but I still work on the map frequently.

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    posted a message on the Code III: End
    HOLY CRAP! I just finished playing this map, an seriously, this is unarguably the best map I have ever played. The amount of dedication and intelligence you had to have had to create this is insane. All of the puzzles were ingenious, every thing was original, the transitions were flawless, every aspect of this map is a 10/10 in my opinion. Seriously, great freaking job, another amazing map from the mind of you.
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    posted a message on CTM Maps and other Projects by ElRichMC [Mechanical Mayhem just released!]
    Just tried it out, I really like the looks of it and overall the map is very polished. It is an interesting mechanic that you used, so overall I would say a good job!
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    Quote from leadership21

    i spoke portuguese, but I understand english, though I don't write very correct in english.

    get iron is the most dificulty task, because need to dig up to two packs of dirt, using only stone shovels... try to use the creepers to explode stone to get a furnace early. the same with wood, make the creepers become your friends. but be aware! they have a chance to explode instantly if you stand near of then.

    the general idea of progress is:

    • get a crafting table ( after 13 logs you get four plank )
    • dig, dig, dig to get more and more stone ( zombies can contamines you!)
    • make a stone axe to make doors and chests
    • when have suficient stone make a furnace ( the creepers are friends )
    • dig dig dig and get three iron ores, to make your iron pickaxe
    • the best mine is one that you can see the light of sun directly, because you will not need torchs or avoid floods.
    after geting the iron pickaxe, the progress will be near the same concept of minecraft, but with some obstacles in the way.

    Ahh I see. Thank you for the help, will try again.

    EDIT: Just played it again, I like the concept and I think it has really good potential. And I would recommend putting the hints in a spoiler tag on the first post so everyone can know what to do. But overall after knowing what to do, I like it.
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    Wow. Just finished playing this map. One of the best if not the best puzzle maps I have played. the map was very well put together, it looked awesome, and it was such a unique idea and concept. I have seen maps where you just run around a building and bring items to people. But this is so much more! You incorporate so many minecraft mechanics I think most people never use. Overall this map deserves a 10/10 very well done!
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    Quote from stankataa95

    So far I have been enjoying the map! I am at intersection 1 with 0 deaths and I have three questions:
    • In what order I should do the areas?
    • Was there a wool in the starting/stone brick road area?
    • Are you supposed to get an iron sword and some hoppers and gold armour in that chest that is near the starting... hole?
    Also some recommendations:
    • Somehow show in what area what wool is (ex. Wool Carpets or Stained clay)
    And for the maze mines (at the start)- I liked them. There was a lot of loot, but you can easily get lost.
    I also like the hidden loot and the traps. And I love that you place glass panes at the intersection so no mobs can come.

    In hole I am pleased and happy! :D

    P.S. This is feedback.

    The answers to your questions:

    1. In inter section 1 the intended order is infested grove, a miners start, the outer fort
    2. There is a wool in the mines
    3. Yes I think that is a random loot chest

    Thanks for all the feedback! I am happy you are enjoying the map!
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    Advanced enchanting table
    We all have went through it. You finally got to level 30, you walk over to your enchanting table with your fresh new diamond sword, and… knockback II. RAGERAGERAGERAGE! Then if you need an actual enchantment you go back to your grinder (The irony is I am AFKing at one of my grinders as I type this) and you AFK for, probably about 20 minutes to an hour? Isn’t that just fun, waiting for a grinder, or spending hours mining quartz, or just waiting for your level to go up over time, only to get knockback II on your sword or something just as bad? I say no. My suggestion is not to decrease the level amount, but to allow it to be much less of a grind to get good enchanted gear.

    Crafting the advanced enchanting table would require many difficult to get resources that would make it a very end game item. It would be crafted with diamond blocks, obsidian, a book, and two nether stars. It would look like this:
    Using all those resources would make it be very difficult to get. Because of the fact that you would have to fight the Wither twice, you would practically require potions, high level enchants, and a long time spent in a world. However once this item would be obtained getting enchantments would not be completely trivial. This would be because of empowered books.
    Empowered books:
    (Please note: This was added after the initial post of this suggestion.)
    What an empowered book would be is a nonrenewable power source for the advanced enchanting table only. To craft them it would cost one diamond, one gold ingot, six blaze powder and one book arranged like this:
    They would be nonstackable and would have the appearance of an enchanted book, but with a red cover.
    They would each have four durability, and could be combined in a crafting table, but only to add the durability together, NOT to add extra durability. They could also be crafted into books of one durability (4 durability = 4 empowered books with one durability each). To use them you put them in the six designated spots, then when you go to enchant, all of the empowered books you put in will be used up, and if you had enough empowered books for that enchant, then you would get it (assuming you put in enough Xp). If you didn’t put enough in, you would get nothing.

    What this would do is rather than AFKing you would be doing something, that may be tedious work but, it is not simply AFKing and not actually doing anything.

    I have never been a good drawler, so I can’t make a 3D picture of it. But tt would look like half of the table on the bottom would be obsidian, the other half would be diamond in the middle, then bright white on the sides of the diamond. Then a book on the top.

    Here is a basic picture of the GUI.

    The way the table would work is you put your item in. Then depending on the item, all the valid enchants would be shown, defaulting to level 0. Then if you click on the enchantment, it would bring the level up by one in the display (not on the actual item) (also the enchants don’t go higher than the normal cap). Once the maximum level was reached it would cycle back around to 0. Then you would select the amount of levels you are spending into it. The amount of bookshelves around the table would rise the max amount of levels you could spend. The number of bookshelves to spend fifty levels (not thirty) would be twice that of a normal enchant set up (thirty bookshelves). Once everything has been selected, all of the levels you put in to spend would be taken, and if you put in enough levels, you would get the enchant, (assuming you had enough empowered books) and if you did not spend enough levels, you would not get the enchant, and still have the levels taken.
    1. Diamond sword
    Enchants: Sharp 4, fire 2
    Levels needed: 28
    Total empowered book durability: 12

    2. Iron Pickaxe
    Enchants: eff 1
    Levels needed: 2
    Total empowered book durability: 1

    3. Iron Pickaxe
    Enchants: eff 1, unbreak 1
    Levels needed: 5
    Total empowered book durability: 2

    4. Bow
    Enchants: Power 3, punch 1, flame 1
    Levels needed: 26
    Total empowered book durability: 6

    5. Diamond Helemt
    Enchants: Prot 4, resperation 3
    Levels needed: 28
    Total empowered book durability: 13

    6. Book
    Enchants: unbreak 3
    Levels needed: 18
    Total empowered book durability: 2

    This idea would make enchanting much less of a grind, making it more practical to get the enchants you want without having to constantly enchant more and more things until you get what you want. This would also be an intended convenience for end game players.
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