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    posted a message on If You Could Add an Enchantment, What Would You Add?
    An enchantment that you put on armor that will revive you.
    It would break when you get revived though.
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    posted a message on Circle Stone Brick Generator?
    Quote from ghasthugs

    If someone made that garbage on my server they would be banned and reported to their ISP. That is exploiting software over the network and is illegal.

    So, according to your logic, I should report somebody who is simply using a bug while it lasts?
    Well then, go report almost half the people who have made rollercoasters before Booster Tracks were invented. Booster carts were a bug.

    It's just a game, so you should take it down a :iapprove:
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    posted a message on What Mob Would You Like In Minecraft
    I would like to see another boss/mini-boss. Perhaps in the Nether?
    But not a dragon. Maybe a Ghast with a Magma Cube texture that shoots like a Blaze?
    But it should be completely optional to fight, so it'll be Neutral.
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    posted a message on [Surv] Survival Island!
    Survival Island!

    Here is my version of a Survival Island map.


    • Unique 3-Block High Tree
    • The friendly Mr. Pumpkin
    • Dungeons
    • Awesome Cave System
    • A Party Sheep


    1. Don't leave the island unless heading to the second mini-island
    2. Don't hack.
    3. No mods (Minimaps, GUI or Graphic Tweaks, and mods that make the game harder are fine)
    4. No Bonemeal!
    5. No Mushroom Soup!
    6. Don't play on Peaceful
    7. Have Fun!
    [OPTIONAL / BONUS]: Don't eat Steak / Pork

    Challenge List:

    1. Find Coal
    2. Find Iron
    3. Find Gold
    4. Wear a Pumpkin on your head
    5. Discover what Mr. Pumpkin found
    6. Make + Place an Iron Block
    7. Make + Place a Gold Block
    8. Make + Place a Lapis Lazuli Block
    9. Find Diamond
    10. Mine Diamond with TNT
    11. Make a Wheat Farm
    12. Make a Pumpkin Farm
    13. Make a Melon Farm
    14. Make a Reed Farm
    15. Make a Cact-- Wait there's no Cactus! :wink.gif:


    Latest Version: Survival Island V1.0
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    posted a message on [CHALLENGE] Pickaxe
    A fairly simple challenge Well, I guess it's not simple anymore...:


    1. You may NOT use any other tool than a Pickaxe.

    As many of you may know, every tool is NOT required to thrive except for a Pickaxe. Shovels speed things up, Hoes for farming, Axes to speed things up, Swords to defend yourself better, but a Pickaxe, THAT's special.

    2. EVERYTHING has to be mined with a Pickaxe, with the exception of Logs.

    This, of course, is highly inefficient and will make several Minecrafters flinch as their OCD kicks in. Torture will surely slow you down >:^)

    3. You can't mine stone.

    This will add an unusual twist adding onto the hardness of this challenge and will force you to use your Cobblestone wisely, as you will need them to get Iron. Oh, and did I mention, this will cripple you in your Strip Mining? :smile.gif: (Use creepers!)

    4. You may only mine Redstone, Obsidian, Gold, and Lapis with a Diamond Pickaxe

    Now you need Diamonds before you can complete rule #5, which is next!

    5. 'Stop with these horrible rules!' Well, alright, I'll give you a friendly rule: Once you aquire ONE Iron Block, ONE Gold Block, and ONE Lapis Block, you may break EVERY SINGLE RULE except for Rule #6, which is next!

    This lasts until you lose one or more of these blocks. They must be placed down in a room. Think of this as the "End-Game" part of the Challenge. It'll take you a while to aquire all those valuable blocks though, so meanwhile, Enjoy the torture!

    6. No Mods/Inventory Editors!

    This rule is very obvious, this means no Single Player Commands or TooManyItems! If you do break this rule, then this won't be called the Pickaxe Challenge anymore, now would it?

    Side-Note: It is highly recommended you read all the rules, with the Italic Text that comes with it, as it provides you with an In-depth description of the rule, and a few "flaws" that allow you to bypass them.


    Usually, the first achievement is "Make a farm" or something, but you CAN'T! Don't worry, just rubbing it in your face, :wink.gif:

    1. Aquire 30 :cobblestone:

    2. Aquire an Iron Pickaxe :IPA:

    3. Aquire a Gold Pickaxe :GPA:

    4. Aquire a Diamond Pickaxe :DPA:

    5. Aquire 64 Coal (Must have it in your inventory at one time, then you may use it up.) :Coal:

    6. Aquire 64 Iron Ingots (Must have it in your inventory at one time, then you may use it up.) :Iron:

    7. Aquire 9 Gold Ingots (Must have it in your inventory at one time, then you may use it up.) :GoldBar:

    8. Aquire 4 Diamonds (Must have it in your inventory at one time, then you may use it up.) :Diamond:

    9. Make ONE of each: Lapis Block, Iron Block, and Gold Block. Then break rules 1-5! :Violet: :Yellow: :White:

    10. Aquire 5 Stacks of Dirt. (I hope you don't have OCD....) :grass:

    11. Eliminate 5 Skeletons :Skeleton:

    12. Eliminate 5 Zombies :Zombie:

    13. Eliminate 5 Creepers :SSSS:

    14. Eliminate 5 Spiders :Spider:

    15. Eliminate 3 Endermen ::

    16. Find and Defeat a Dungeon :mossystone:

    17. Complete 16 Achievements!
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    posted a message on [BUG] [1.8.1] Going through glass!
    Okay, So, I found a new bug awhile back, but since I got fraps and all, I can now make a video of everything that I have found over the months of Minecrafting :smile.gif:

    So, this is what I found:


    This trap can be avoided VERY EASILY by trying to jump across.
    It also works in any direction, North, South, East, and West.

    This only works if you are using a transparent block!!!
    You can use Sticky Pistons for less suspicion, since you cannot see lava through it.

    The person must be standing on a ladder block for this to work, also.

    This bug can be used for an Easter Egg in a custom map :smile.gif:

    This can be used in a farm, so when a person is climbing up the ladder to the farm and they try to walk onto it, they fall to their doom!
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    posted a message on Flatgrass Survival
    Quote from TehSurvivor

    Well it is :tongue.gif:

    Well it's not.

    Do you see any blocks in the sky? NO. Do you see a giant void beneath you? NO. The only resemblance is a chest.

    A skyblock copy would be a floating piece of land above the void. THAT's a skyblock copy, not this.

    Edit: By the way, this belongs in the "Maps" Section.
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    posted a message on Where are my chickens going :-O
    The chickens are developing their Noclipping Device so they can spy on you, planning to take over the world. I guess it had a flaw....
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    posted a message on Eyes in the Sky!
    Quote from jokrage

    dude this wont go far people will spam with fake usernames and waste everyones time

    Use the haspaid. I forgot the code to it, but you could google it.
    It tells you if the selected username is a real account.
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    posted a message on I kinda wanna forget everything
    Minecraft got boring, because there is nothing new to discover for me.

    1. Use mods
    2. Play an adventure map
    3. Play on multiplayer
    4. When Minecraft gets updated (To 1.9?), don't read the Wiki!
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