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    posted a message on Looking for semi-flat grassland seed
    I have spent the whole day running around different worlds (seeds) looking for a semi-flat grassy *not picky" on which type - just not sand, jungle or snow.

    I found 2 villages on one but neither one had a blacksmith shop!

    I want to build a home - fairly close to a village - but on semi-flat area.

    Does anyone know of a seed that sounds like what I am looking for? I HAVE tried some of the seeds listed above or in the forums.

    Co-ords would be awesome.

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    posted a message on How to get Bone(s) in Peaceful?
    I am on a PC

    I am female LOL

    - thanks for the feedback.

    String is also something that is hard to get - SHOULD be able to make from wool - duh.....

    To me all items that are required for crafting should be available - someway - in peaceful. So one can decorate and build - THEN hunt.
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