About Me

Hello :U My name is Mick. I'm 14, and I run a lot. I have owned various servers and created various mods in the past (All successful, but short-lived due to lack of funding and interest.) I'm very intrigued by physics and environmental sciences, and I am very good at math.


Besides Minecraft, the other video games I usually play are OneShot and Undertale. I speedrun them both, but I'm not exactly good at either. :P

One of my biggest hobbies is running. I'm a freshman on my school's cross country team and I am already one of the top 3 fastest runners on the team. my personal record for a 5K is a 20:48, but I am hoping to lower that soon.

Some other nerdy things I like to do are Rubik's cubes and Tetris.

I also draw sometimes.

Location North Carolina

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