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    posted a message on Scenter 4.0.1 - Scent Out Hidden Ores
    So I would be right in saying the scenter only works in a 3x3 chunk radius? If so is there any way to increase that? some mods add world gen that is fairly rare like silverwood trees in thaumcraft, I realise a larger radius would probably exponentially more intensive on the computer but I think that might be a good feature in the config files.
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    posted a message on NEI Addons [v1.12.13] - Updated to forestry 4.0
    Umm... So either I didnt read clearly or I am still confused. But what exactly do we need to do to allow us to use the AE pattern encoder on servers?
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    posted a message on Strongestcraft (Xray resource packs, updated Apr. 27th 2015! Works with FTB, TFC & more mods!)
    Hey I would just like to say that this is a awesome texturepack. But one thing is, what happened to the low resolution version? I crash everytime i switch from SC to vanilla, I have 909 mb of memory allocated, and I'm playing on a custom pack modpack, it has about 98 mods (Yes quite a lot of them), but I never had this problem using the old 16x pack in 1.4.7, now that the pack is 1.5.2 I cant use old texturepacks.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1/1.5.2] PowerCrystals' mods - The updates never stop
    So I was testing out the new laser drill in SSP (Which is really cool), and I hooked it up to some power, and then it started drilling. One thing I noticed about the output was some nether items; glowstone, nether quartz. This is part of the mod right? and not some weird thing... It doesnt say anything about it in the description.
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    posted a message on [1.5.x / 1.6.x] Applied Energistics [ rv 13 c ] - Exploiting Quantum Mechanics
    I was just thinking of a small thing. Could you add a UU matter recipe for certus quartz? It can get tiring to mine it, even with something like a BC quarry.

    For the recipe i was thinking something like

    U = UU matter
    X = Nothing

    UXU --> 10 or so certus quartz
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] [SMP] OmniTools 3.0.2 - One Wrench to Rule them all and in the Modpacks bind them
    This is so useful, I will never need to make a electric wrench again! Thank you for making this! :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock:

    Edit: Uhh what is the Forge Lexicon used for? can someone please explain it, I havent seen anywhere with the function posted
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    posted a message on Scenter 4.0.1 - Scent Out Hidden Ores
    Okay So I fixed it. I generated a new Config file and added the IDs of the mod ores in again and it worked, i think i messed up the formatting a bit on the original config file

    Crash... Ok so i had Scenter working, and i could find ores, but I added the ores from Tekkit Lite, and when i got to the end of the list where it was suppose to to go the first ore, i pressed O again and it crashes. It works find without the Mod ores added in though. Im not sure why but it can scent the mod ores out its just when i get to the last ore and press O again...

    Crash Log:

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // Don't do that.
    Time: 17/01/13 6:38 PM
    Description: Unexpected error
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 5
    at thermalexpansion.core.block.ItemBlockOre.d(ItemBlockOre.java:27)
    at thermalexpansion.core.block.ItemBlockOre.l(ItemBlockOre.java:21)
    at ur.r(SourceFile:334)
    at scenter.ScenterTickHandler.onTickInGame(ScenterTickHandler.java:80)
    at scenter.ScenterTickHandler.tickEnd(ScenterTickHandler.java:30)
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.SingleIntervalHandler.tickEnd(SingleIntervalHandler.java:22)
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.tickEnd(FMLCommonHandler.java:138)
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.onRenderTickEnd(FMLCommonHandler.java:372)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.J(Minecraft.java:884)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:771)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

    A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows:
    -- Head --
    at thermalexpansion.core.block.ItemBlockOre.d(ItemBlockOre.java:27)
    at thermalexpansion.core.block.ItemBlockOre.l(ItemBlockOre.java:21)
    at ur.r(SourceFile:334)
    at scenter.ScenterTickHandler.onTickInGame(ScenterTickHandler.java:80)
    at scenter.ScenterTickHandler.tickEnd(ScenterTickHandler.java:30)
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.SingleIntervalHandler.tickEnd(SingleIntervalHandler.java:22)
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.tickEnd(FMLCommonHandler.java:138)
    -- Affected level --
    Level name: MpServer
    All players: 2 total; [ays['killer380'/28198, l='MpServer', x=-50.70, y=64.62, z=791.97], bah['Kenxey'/1632, l='MpServer', x=-17.91, y=20.00, z=861.56]]
    Chunk stats: MultiplayerChunkCache: 441
    Level seed: 0
    Level generator: ID 00 - default, ver 1. Features enabled: false
    Level generator options:
    Level spawn location: World: (0,0,0), Chunk: (at 0,0,0 in 0,0; contains blocks 0,0,0 to 15,255,15), Region: (0,0; contains chunks 0,0 to 31,31, blocks 0,0,0 to 511,255,511)
    Level time: 3048380 game time, 3213244 day time
    Level dimension: 0
    Level storage version: 0x00000 - Unknown?
    Level weather: Rain time: 0 (now: false), thunder time: 0 (now: false)
    Level game mode: Game mode: survival (ID 0). Hardcore: false. Cheats: false
    Forced entities: 148 total; [px['item.tile.stonebrick'/105710, l='MpServer', x=-15.88, y=12.13, z=820.88], qd['Enderman'/69350, l='MpServer', x=-15.69, y=23.00, z=846.13], qr['Zombie'/116713, l='MpServer', x=-72.50, y=39.00, z=720.50], qn['Skeleton'/111668, l='MpServer', x=1.50, y=66.00, z=847.50], qd['Enderman'/69351, l='MpServer', x=-14.84, y=23.00, z=845.25], bah['Kenxey'/1632, l='MpServer', x=-17.91, y=20.00, z=861.56], qn['Skeleton'/111651, l='MpServer', x=-9.50, y=45.00, z=735.50], qn['Skeleton'/116188, l='MpServer', x=-119.50, y=19.00, z=868.50], bah['eaglesight'/4894, l='MpServer', x=135.31, y=59.02, z=347.47], qr['Zombie'/106838, l='MpServer', x=-32.41, y=19.00, z=864.03], qn['Skeleton'/105357, l='MpServer', x=-27.34, y=19.00, z=848.81], ow['Bat'/115907, l='MpServer', x=-96.58, y=31.33, z=785.90], qc['Creeper'/113843, l='MpServer', x=-55.50, y=17.00, z=851.50], qc['Creeper'/115375, l='MpServer', x=-122.50, y=14.00, z=727.50], qc['Creeper'/115373, l='MpServer', x=-125.50, y=14.00, z=732.50], qc['Creeper'/116782, l='MpServer', x=-72.88, y=74.00, z=722.47], ph['Squid'/116201, l='MpServer', x=-106.50, y=59.34, z=788.56], qc['Creeper'/116781, l='MpServer', x=-74.50, y=74.00, z=719.50], ph['Squid'/116202, l='MpServer', x=-112.34, y=57.31, z=788.34], ph['Squid'/116203, l='MpServer', x=-110.94, y=59.34, z=791.03], ph['Squid'/116204, l='MpServer', x=-107.06, y=60.03, z=791.25], pe['Sheep'/60228, l='MpServer', x=-112.91, y=66.00, z=837.09], pe['Sheep'/43503, l='MpServer', x=17.91, y=67.00, z=722.13], qc['Creeper'/115355, l='MpServer', x=-20.41, y=70.00, z=737.00], pe['Sheep'/60225, l='MpServer', x=-127.94, y=64.00, z=748.94], pe['Sheep'/60226, l='MpServer', x=-118.44, y=64.00, z=754.53], pe['Sheep'/60227, l='MpServer', x=-128.03, y=67.00, z=832.13], qn['Skeleton'/115330, l='MpServer', x=-126.50, y=46.00, z=872.50], qr['Zombie'/115333, l='MpServer', x=-74.50, y=72.00, z=867.50], qn['Skeleton'/112848, l='MpServer', x=-107.50, y=39.00, z=839.50], ow['Bat'/117034, l='MpServer', x=-89.57, y=47.00, z=858.25], ow['Bat'/116420, l='MpServer', x=-95.25, y=42.90, z=739.94], ays['killer380'/28198, l='MpServer', x=-0.13, y=72.62, z=621.81], qc['Creeper'/114357, l='MpServer', x=-107.50, y=32.00, z=846.50], ow['Bat'/117031, l='MpServer', x=-88.44, y=47.00, z=855.75], bah['mc_warrior_22'/1449, l='MpServer', x=20.31, y=25.00, z=374.66], bah['AustinPearson14'/1575, l='MpServer', x=11.25, y=25.00, z=372.97], ow['Bat'/116417, l='MpServer', x=-94.98, y=42.10, z=727.56], qr['Zombie'/115341, l='MpServer', x=-118.50, y=63.00, z=772.50], bah['halolord251'/976, l='MpServer', x=8.78, y=25.41, z=370.84], qc['Creeper'/110225, l='MpServer', x=-64.50, y=32.00, z=853.50], pe['Sheep'/43512, l='MpServer', x=13.06, y=67.00, z=721.88], ow['Bat'/116419, l='MpServer', x=-95.25, y=42.00, z=732.88], ow['Bat'/117080, l='MpServer', x=-78.84, y=53.10, z=845.69], ow['Bat'/105640, l='MpServer', x=-29.75, y=22.10, z=843.75], qr['Zombie'/103479, l='MpServer', x=-31.06, y=19.00, z=849.63], qc['Creeper'/108676, l='MpServer', x=-87.50, y=37.00, z=714.50], mg['Painting'/247, l='MpServer', x=121.00, y=67.00, z=248.06], qr['Zombie'/114904, l='MpServer', x=-5.50, y=68.00, z=778.50], qc['Creeper'/116642, l='MpServer', x=-96.50, y=31.00, z=842.50], bah['mc_warrior_22'/1449, l='MpServer', x=3.82, y=27.25, z=369.31], qn['Skeleton'/108959, l='MpServer', x=-56.84, y=15.00, z=810.69], pe['Sheep'/60223, l='MpServer', x=-119.53, y=70.00, z=739.22], ays['killer380'/28198, l='MpServer', x=-50.70, y=64.62, z=791.97], pe['Sheep'/43952, l='MpServer', x=-48.97, y=71.00, z=729.03], mg['Painting'/249, l='MpServer', x=115.06, y=68.50, z=250.50], ow['Bat'/112470, l='MpServer', x=-100.25, y=38.10, z=829.75], mg['Painting'/248, l='MpServer', x=115.06, y=68.50, z=252.50], qn['Skeleton'/111381, l='MpServer', x=-61.34, y=17.00, z=806.53], qn['Skeleton'/115708, l='MpServer', x=-35.50, y=73.00, z=720.50], qn['Skeleton'/111382, l='MpServer', x=-61.44, y=17.00, z=805.50], qn['Skeleton'/115707, l='MpServer', x=-39.50, y=73.00, z=723.50], pe['Sheep'/46441, l='MpServer', x=28.06, y=64.00, z=784.22], pe['Sheep'/46440, l='MpServer', x=28.47, y=64.00, z=785.97], qc['Creeper'/115409, l='MpServer', x=-53.50, y=18.00, z=842.50], qc['Creeper'/115408, l='MpServer', x=-55.50, y=18.00, z=838.50], qc['Creeper'/115410, l='MpServer', x=-53.50, y=18.00, z=840.50], qr['Zombie'/116369, l='MpServer', x=-97.38, y=42.00, z=739.99], ow['Bat'/117110, l='MpServer', x=-128.60, y=21.24, z=723.72], ow['Bat'/114131, l='MpServer', x=-48.06, y=30.10, z=852.50], bah['jdude75'/36760, l='MpServer', x=118.75, y=64.00, z=256.53], qn['Skeleton'/111682, l='MpServer', x=11.50, y=64.00, z=869.50], qc['Creeper'/107891, l='MpServer', x=-110.50, y=25.00, z=721.50], qr['Zombie'/116627, l='MpServer', x=-82.50, y=68.00, z=749.50], bah['eaglesight'/4894, l='MpServer', x=135.31, y=59.02, z=347.47], bah['Kenxey'/1632, l='MpServer', x=-17.91, y=20.00, z=861.56], qc['Creeper'/116867, l='MpServer', x=-93.50, y=42.00, z=722.50], bah['Sbertlin'/41799, l='MpServer', x=118.31, y=64.00, z=254.41], qr['Zombie'/116043, l='MpServer', x=-8.50, y=52.00, z=786.50], qr['Zombie'/116042, l='MpServer', x=-7.50, y=52.00, z=787.50], qc['Creeper'/113014, l='MpServer', x=10.50, y=64.00, z=870.50], qr['Zombie'/116041, l='MpServer', x=-8.50, y=52.00, z=788.50], qr['Zombie'/104757, l='MpServer', x=-34.50, y=73.00, z=845.69], qn['Skeleton'/116046, l='MpServer', x=4.50, y=32.00, z=725.50], qn['Skeleton'/116045, l='MpServer', x=-8.50, y=52.00, z=787.50], bah['XxLEATHELFOXxX'/41622, l='MpServer', x=117.31, y=67.00, z=250.09], qn['Skeleton'/110373, l='MpServer', x=-19.69, y=66.00, z=822.91], bah['adzei'/41226, l='MpServer', x=112.69, y=71.13, z=259.00], qn['Skeleton'/110372, l='MpServer', x=-17.84, y=62.00, z=799.47], qp['Spider'/116323, l='MpServer', x=-38.50, y=72.00, z=714.50], qr['Zombie'/98978, l='MpServer', x=-27.25, y=71.00, z=791.47], pe['Sheep'/46738, l='MpServer', x=-45.53, y=71.00, z=830.38], pe['Sheep'/44806, l='MpServer', x=29.38, y=64.00, z=783.97], qn['Skeleton'/117168, l='MpServer', x=-115.50, y=37.00, z=811.50], qc['Creeper'/111351, l='MpServer', x=-69.50, y=67.00, z=837.50], pe['Sheep'/53258, l='MpServer', x=-19.34, y=70.00, z=872.56], pe['Sheep'/44803, l='MpServer', x=28.34, y=64.00, z=782.50], qn['Skeleton'/114495, l='MpServer', x=-41.87, y=21.00, z=836.53], bah['AustinPearson14'/1575, l='MpServer', x=1.03, y=54.15, z=371.44], bah['halolord251'/976, l='MpServer', x=-0.66, y=57.00, z=371.69], bah['jdude75'/36760, l='MpServer', x=152.00, y=68.00, z=221.06], qn['Skeleton'/114223, l='MpServer', x=-81.50, y=41.00, z=713.50], qc['Creeper'/115004, l='MpServer', x=-11.50, y=69.00, z=841.50], qn['Skeleton'/107202, l='MpServer', x=-107.56, y=66.00, z=756.06], qr['Zombie'/115002, l='MpServer', x=-8.50, y=69.00, z=833.50], mg['Painting'/248, l='MpServer', x=115.06, y=68.50, z=252.50], ays['killer380'/28198, l='MpServer', x=-6.85, y=70.62, z=621.26], qn['Skeleton'/117167, l='MpServer', x=-114.50, y=37.00, z=812.50], mg['Painting'/247, l='MpServer', x=121.00, y=67.00, z=248.06], mg['Painting'/249, l='MpServer', x=115.06, y=68.50, z=250.50], pe['Sheep'/60873, l='MpServer', x=-128.66, y=69.00, z=839.47], bah['spiritcrusher77'/5334, l='MpServer', x=-93.72, y=64.00, z=724.25], qr['Zombie'/115324, l='MpServer', x=-89.23, y=68.00, z=804.13], ph['Squid'/116932, l='MpServer', x=-88.75, y=60.31, z=846.29], ph['Squid'/116933, l='MpServer', x=-83.00, y=59.15, z=846.46], qn['Skeleton'/114247, l='MpServer', x=-9.50, y=68.00, z=785.50], ph['Squid'/116934, l='MpServer', x=-88.50, y=59.25, z=846.41], ph['Squid'/116935, l='MpServer', x=-84.47, y=60.00, z=851.20], ph['Squid'/113773, l='MpServer', x=-109.31, y=57.33, z=795.31], ph['Squid'/113774, l='MpServer', x=-109.53, y=59.33, z=796.44], qc['Creeper'/114771, l='MpServer', x=-82.50, y=43.00, z=834.50], ph['Squid'/113775, l='MpServer', x=-101.50, y=61.39, z=804.50], pe['Sheep'/44124, l='MpServer', x=-24.75, y=71.00, z=743.19], pe['Sheep'/44123, l='MpServer', x=-37.84, y=70.00, z=736.22], pe['Sheep'/44122, l='MpServer', x=-50.72, y=71.00, z=735.50], qr['Zombie'/112331, l='MpServer', x=-55.09, y=71.00, z=807.88], qn['Skeleton'/104805, l='MpServer', x=-32.62, y=42.61, z=790.45], qr['Zombie'/114508, l='MpServer', x=-68.50, y=17.00, z=712.50], pe['Sheep'/58700, l='MpServer', x=-62.50, y=71.00, z=845.50], pe['Sheep'/58701, l='MpServer', x=-50.22, y=70.00, z=839.56], pe['Sheep'/58702, l='MpServer', x=-61.31, y=71.00, z=847.81], pe['Sheep'/46545, l='MpServer', x=-68.94, y=66.00, z=825.56], pe['Sheep'/46544, l='MpServer', x=-48.38, y=70.00, z=828.47], pe['Sheep'/5506, l='MpServer', x=-92.34, y=71.00, z=756.66], pe['Sheep'/5507, l='MpServer', x=-96.88, y=66.00, z=750.06], pe['Sheep'/5504, l='MpServer', x=-96.56, y=74.00, z=753.66], pe['Sheep'/27272, l='MpServer', x=-50.69, y=70.00, z=827.97], pe['Sheep'/5505, l='MpServer', x=-90.81, y=71.00, z=755.84], pe['Sheep'/59212, l='MpServer', x=-64.09, y=71.00, z=845.81], pk['Wolf'/59213, l='MpServer', x=-72.78, y=72.00, z=871.00], pk['Wolf'/59214, l='MpServer', x=-72.72, y=72.00, z=869.50], qc['Creeper'/116237, l='MpServer', x=-112.38, y=43.00, z=836.00], oz['Cow'/59208, l='MpServer', x=-73.94, y=63.00, z=822.88], oz['Cow'/59209, l='MpServer', x=-68.78, y=66.00, z=823.78], qr['Zombie'/116239, l='MpServer', x=-113.50, y=46.00, z=836.50], oz['Cow'/59210, l='MpServer', x=-72.47, y=67.00, z=815.31], qc['Creeper'/116238, l='MpServer', x=-116.22, y=45.00, z=835.34], oz['Cow'/59211, l='MpServer', x=-69.78, y=65.00, z=831.63]]
    Retry entities: 0 total; []
    at ayp.a(WorldClient.java:440)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.b(Minecraft.java:2401)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:794)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    -- System Details --
    Minecraft Version: 1.4.7
    Operating System: Windows 7 (x86) version 6.1
    Java Version: 1.7.0_05, Oracle Corporation
    Java VM Version: Java HotSpot™ Client VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation
    Memory: 250238552 bytes (238 MB) / 647450624 bytes (617 MB) up to 1037959168 bytes (989 MB)
    JVM Flags: 1 total; -Xmx1024m
    AABB Pool Size: 3934 (220304 bytes; 0 MB) allocated, 1684 (94304 bytes; 0 MB) used
    Suspicious classes: FML and Forge are installed
    IntCache: cache: 0, tcache: 0, allocated: 3, tallocated: 63
    FML: MCP v7.26 FML v4.7.4.520 Minecraft Forge 63 mods loaded, 63 mods active
    mcp [Minecraft Coder Pack] (minecraft.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    FML [Forge Mod Loader] (coremods) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    Forge [Minecraft Forge] (coremods) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    mod_CodeChickenCore [CodeChicken Core] (coremods) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    mod_NotEnoughItems [Not Enough Items] (coremods) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    TreeCapitator [TreeCapitator] ([1.4.6]TreeCapitator.Forge.1.4.6.r03.Uni.CoreMod.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    mod_ReiMinimap [mod_ReiMinimap] ([1.4.6]ReiMinimap_v3.2_06.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    BuildCraft|Core [BuildCraft] (buildcraft-A-3.4.0.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    BuildCraft|Factory [BC Factory] (buildcraft-A-3.4.0.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    BuildCraft|Transport [BC Transport] (buildcraft-A-3.4.0.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    BuildCraft|Silicon [BC Silicon] (buildcraft-A-3.4.0.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    APUnofficial [Additional Pipes] (AdditionalPipes-2.1.3u40-1.4.6.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    ImmibisCore [Immibis Core] (immibis-core-52.2.1.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    IC2 [IndustrialCraft 2] (industrialcraft-2_1.112.170-lf.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    AdvancedRepulsionSystems [Advanced Repulsion Systems] (adv-repulsion-systems-52.0.4.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    AdvancedMachines [IC2 Advanced Machines Addon] (AdvancedMachines_1.4.6.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    AdvancedPowerManagement [Advanced Power Management] (AdvancedPowerManagement-1.1.55-IC2_1.112.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    BuildCraft|Builders [BC Builders] (buildcraft-A-3.4.0.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    BuildCraft|Energy [BC Energy] (buildcraft-A-3.4.0.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    CompactSolars [Compact Solar Arrays] (compactsolars-universal-1.4.6- Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    ComputerCraft [ComputerCraft] (ComputerCraft1.481.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    CCTurtle [ComputerCraft Turtles] (ComputerCraft1.481.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    DimensionalAnchors [Dimensional Anchors] (dimensional-anchor-52.1.1.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    EE3 [Equivalent Exchange 3] (ee3-universal-pre1f.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    EnderStorage [EnderStorage] (EnderStorage Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    factorization [Factorization] (Factorization-0.7.10.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    IC2NuclearControl [Nuclear Control] (IC2NuclearControl-1.4.5.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    mod_InvTweaks [Inventory Tweaks] (InventoryTweaks_v1.49_(1.4.6).zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    IronChest [Iron Chest] (ironchest-universal-1.4.6- Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    LogisticsPipes|Main [Logistics Pipes] (LogisticsPipes-MC1.4.7- Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    PowerCrystalsCore [PowerCrystals Core] (PowerCrystalsCore_1.0.0.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    MFReloaded [MineFactory Reloaded] (MineFactoryReloaded_2.0.4.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    MFReloaded|CompatExtraBiomes [MFR Compat: ExtraBiomes] (MineFactoryReloaded_2.0.4.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    MFReloaded|CompatForestry [MFR Compat: Forestry] (MineFactoryReloaded_2.0.4.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    MFReloaded|CompatIC2 [MFR Compat: IC2] (MineFactoryReloaded_2.0.4.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    MFReloaded|CompatPamsHarvestCraft [MFR Compat: HarvestCraft] (MineFactoryReloaded_2.0.4.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    RedPowerCore [RedPower] (RedPowerCore-2.0pr6.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    RedPowerBase [RP Base] (RedPowerCore-2.0pr6.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    RedPowerWorld [RP World] (RedPowerMechanical-2.0pr6.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    MFReloaded|CompatRP2 [MFR Compat: RP2] (MineFactoryReloaded_2.0.4.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    Mystcraft [Mystcraft] (mystcraft-uni-1.4.6- Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    NEIPlugins [NEI Plugins] (NEIPlugins- Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    NetherOres [Nether Ores] (NetherOres_2.0.2.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    OmniTools [OmniTools] (OmniTools-2.2.5.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    RedPowerMachine [RP Machine] (RedPowerMechanical-2.0pr6.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    RedPowerCompat [RP Compat] (RedPowerCompat-2.0pr6.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    RedPowerWiring [RP Wiring] (RedPowerDigital-2.0pr6.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    RedPowerLogic [RP Logic] (RedPowerDigital-2.0pr6.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    RedPowerLighting [RP Lighting] (RedPowerDigital-2.0pr6.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    RedPowerControl [RP Control] (RedPowerMechanical-2.0pr6.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    Scenter [Scenter] (scenter-1.0.2.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    StevesCarts [Steve's Carts] (StevesCarts2.0.0.a42.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    ThermalExpansion [Thermal Expansion] (ThermalExpansion-2.1.6.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    ThermalExpansion|Factory [Factory] (ThermalExpansion-2.1.6.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    ThermalExpansion|Energy [Energy] (ThermalExpansion-2.1.6.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    ThermalExpansion|Transport [Transport] (ThermalExpansion-2.1.6.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    ThermalExpansion|NEI [NEI] (ThermalExpansion-NEI-2.1.6.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    snyke7_Transformers [Transformers] (Transformers v1.7b.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    Tubestuff [Tubestuff] (tubestuff-52.0.8.jar) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    weaponmod [Balkon's WeaponMod] (Weaponmod.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    WR-CBE|Core [WR-CBE Core] (WR-CBE Core Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    WR-CBE|Addons [WR-CBE Addons] (WR-CBE Addons Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    WR-CBE|RedPower [WR-CBE RedPower] (WR-CBE RedPower Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Initialized->Post-initialized->Available
    LWJGL: 2.4.2
    OpenGL: Intel® HD Graphics 4000 GL version 3.3.0 - Build, Intel
    Is Modded: Definitely; Client brand changed to 'forge,fml'
    Type: Client (map_client.txt)
    Texture Pack: SCP 12.zip
    Profiler Position: N/A (disabled)
    Vec3 Pool Size: 1817 (101752 bytes; 0 MB) allocated, 882 (49392 bytes; 0 MB) used

    Config File:
    # Configuration file
    # Generated on 12/01/13 3:40 PM
    # blocks
    blocks {S:standard-ores=14,15,16,21,56,73,89,129,247,2001,2001/1,2001/2,2001/3,2001/4,2001/5}
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    posted a message on Scenter 4.0.1 - Scent Out Hidden Ores
    Quote from ilovelotsofpie

    We should be able to find obsidian with this mod just a suggestion.

    You can add it in the config file if you want, but i would just use a xray texture pack and it can find lava lakes easily

    Really cool mod I was looking everywhere for a xray that worked with forge, and i couldnt find one, and this was a great replacement, maybe you could add a gui instead of toggling through each ore, so you can select one. This would help especially if you have like 30 different ores from a mod that you added, it would be a pain to scroll through them all.
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    I'm hoping that Eloraam adds autocrafting as a part of redpower, and some use for the Fluid systems other than to fill a pool... I hope that there are even more machines in Redpower too, maybe some machine to choose which part of a block you want as a microblock e.g. say i want the part of a log that you can see the core of it as a cover so that i can place it sideways and make a sideways log if i wanted to...
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    posted a message on Equivalent Exchange 3 - 0.1.142
    This seems interesting the idea of EMC Wires, but im not sure where that will go... will it end up being like IC2? with the transformers and stuff and exploding blocks? or just like Thaumcraft or Redpower where it all doesnt matter?

    I only had one thing to say about the removals... I think the condenser fit really well together with the other mods, otherwise theres no way to make things like Ice cooled reactors for industrialcraft, or something complex like a factory. One thing to people who disliked the removal of collectors, I think collectors are quite overpowered because you can easily get to end game with them, just leaving a Mk3 "Power Flower" for a hour will give you plenty of stuff to make things already end game or just plain overpowered. I think somethings like destruction catalysts were removed because of the griefing from them... I suppose this is your mod, whatever you choose to do just do it, this is just my opinion.
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    posted a message on [Request] Redpower Microblocks and IC2 Circuits Compatibility
    The ability for redpower to cover their wires, and make them flush with any block is amazing, I just want a simple mod to allow that to happen to Industrialcraft 2 wires, so far you can only use construction foam, so only if you use that you can hide wires in your house, but construction foam is hard to work with and sometimes looks weird. Thats all tell me what you guys think, and yes I play tekkit...
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    posted a message on Moved] [1.3.2] Mod Ideas Please
    A really cool Idea would be to do something combining RP2 and IC2 which you make sort of a real life house and you need water heaters and showers (Cleaniness Bar maybe), and those would use the RP2 fluid pipes, and since you can cover them you dont need to see it, and plus you could do heating, full block glass windows would preserve heat better than panes, and have heaters using electricity from IC2, and coal heaters, Fuel cans, blutricity? (any other fuels you guys can think of?), plus fires can provide heat (Thermometer to test heat) (Heat bar so if your cold you get damaged and might get hypothermia). This is a really undeveloped idea, basically in a nutshell it would be normal human needs inside a house, like heat (you cant live during the winter in some shack made of dirt), and showers are important. Water filters would be cool so drinking just raw water from a source is bad for you (introduction of thirst bar). It would be a pretty big mod though... not sure if it can be done easily
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    posted a message on Sphax PureBDcraft (14/09/2019) - All resolutions / 100% complete
    This texture pack is so epic, i love the pentagons, sometimes i call it the pentagon texture pack
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] SDK's Mods [v1] *Aug 18th ModLoaderMP Updated*
    Please update your mods as soon as you can their awesome!
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] SDK's Mods [v1] *Aug 18th ModLoaderMP Updated*
    Recipes are too expensive, like a scope should be made out of glass instead of diamonds. Same with the laser also.
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