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    posted a message on EXTREMELY NEW MINECRAFT SERVER | Taking full staff team in recruitment! anyone can join! | Admins, Head-admin, Moderators etc.

    Hello, I’m interested in applying for a role on your server.





    Position of Choice: Head Builder

    Why choose me? I have a very creative mind, am organized, listen to others ideas and try to consider them when I am about to start building stuff. I treat others with the same amount of respect they treat me with and I’m fair to everyone. I enjoy working people to create projects both big, and small. I also find joy in helping others work together towards a goal. I love to put the maximum amount of effort into buildings, even if others think it’s too much effort. I believe that every detail counts even if it’s little.

    Past experience: No I have none as a head builder.

    I thank you for looking through my application, and hope that you take me into consideration when choosing your team members.

    Thanks, and have a nice day.

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