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    I'm trying to change mob spawn configuration for provide Mo's Creatures in RTG generation leveltype, but it is not working.

    My steps:

    1)made a separate file mob.cfg

    2)putted it to config/BiomeTweaker/

    3)changed BiomeTweaker.cfg : ""include":["RTG.cfg", "mob.cfg"]"

    And only vanilla mobs is spawning around, and rary rary mo's creatures mob. What is wrong?

    One of my biome configuration example from mob.cfg:

    lavenderFields = forBiomes(69)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("net.minecraft.entity.passive.EntitySheep", "CREATURE", 1, 2, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("net.minecraft.entity.passive.EntityPig", "CREATURE", 1, 2, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("net.minecraft.entity.passive.EntityChicken", "CREATURE", 1, 2, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("net.minecraft.entity.passive.EntityCow", "CREATURE", 1, 2, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityBear", "CREATURE", 6, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityBigCat", "CREATURE", 6, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityBird", "CREATURE", 10, 2, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityBoar", "CREATURE", 8, 2, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityBunny", "CREATURE", 8, 2, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityDeer", "CREATURE", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityDuck", "CREATURE", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityElephant", "CREATURE", 4, 1, 1)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityEnt", "CREATURE", 4, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityFox", "CREATURE", 8, 1, 1)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityGoat", "CREATURE", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityKitty", "CREATURE", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityMole", "CREATURE", 7, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityMouse", "CREATURE", 7, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityOstrich", "CREATURE", 4, 1, 1)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityRaccoon", "CREATURE", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntitySnake", "CREATURE", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityTurkey", "CREATURE", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.passive.MoCEntityHorse", "CREATURE", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("net.minecraft.entity.monster.EntitySpider", "MONSTER", 10, 2, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("net.minecraft.entity.monster.EntityZombie", "MONSTER", 10, 2, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("net.minecraft.entity.monster.EntitySkeleton", "MONSTER", 10, 2, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("net.minecraft.entity.monster.EntityCreeper", "MONSTER", 10, 2, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("net.minecraft.entity.monster.EntitySlime", "MONSTER", 10, 2, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("net.minecraft.entity.monster.EntityEnderman", "MONSTER", 10, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("net.minecraft.entity.monster.EntityWitch", "MONSTER", 5, 1, 1)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.monster.MoCEntityGolem", "MONSTER", 3, 1, 1)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.monster.MoCEntityFlameWraith", "MONSTER", 5, 1, 1)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.monster.MoCEntityHorseMob", "MONSTER", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.monster.MoCEntityMiniGolem", "MONSTER", 6, 1, 1)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.monster.MoCEntityOgre", "MONSTER", 8, 1, 1)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.monster.MoCEntityRat", "MONSTER", 7, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.monster.MoCEntityScorpion", "MONSTER", 6, 1, 1)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.monster.MoCEntitySilverSkeleton", "MONSTER", 6, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.monster.MoCEntityWerewolf", "MONSTER", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.monster.MoCEntityWraith", "MONSTER", 1, 1, 1)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.monster.MoCEntityWWolf", "MONSTER", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("net.minecraft.entity.passive.EntitySquid", "WATER_CREATURE", 10, 2, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("net.minecraft.entity.passive.EntityBat", "CAVE_CREATURE", 10, 2, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.ambient.MoCEntityAnt", "CAVE_CREATURE", 7, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.ambient.MoCEntityBee", "CAVE_CREATURE", 6, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.ambient.MoCEntityButterfly", "CAVE_CREATURE", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.ambient.MoCEntityCricket", "CAVE_CREATURE", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.ambient.MoCEntityDragonfly", "CAVE_CREATURE", 6, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.ambient.MoCEntityFirefly", "CAVE_CREATURE", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.ambient.MoCEntityFly", "CAVE_CREATURE", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.ambient.MoCEntityMaggot", "CAVE_CREATURE", 8, 1, 2)
    lavenderFields.addSpawn("drzhark.mocreatures.entity.ambient.MoCEntitySnail", "CAVE_CREATURE", 7, 1, 2)

    "EntitySheep" weight is 1, but they are around this biome.

    My server mods folder:

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    posted a message on IC2 Experimental
    If I want to get uranium cells, I need to craft Thermal centrifuge, but I can't cuz Mining laser is restricted on server, well?
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    Quote from LivingFood

    Hey all, I'm having some trouble with the Uranium. I only get the blocks when I mine it, and nothing else. I can get crushed Uranium with the macerator but I don't know how to make anything else from it. What am I missing? Thanks

    Also, someone mentioned the "official forums" for IC2 experimental. Is there a link?

    Where is this found? Is the max input value on the GUI somewhere when you click the Batbox/MFE/MFSU?

    Have the same trouble, how to get Uranium rods now?
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    posted a message on [1.15.2] Ruins (Structure Spawning System)
    Quote from claudiofm

    please link, please!

    I've made support for Biomes'O'Plenty mod, here is the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/m6jb1idn9k5qpuy/resources.zip

    Just unzip this folder to you mods folder and enjoy! Good luck! :)
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    posted a message on Smart Moving
    Can anyone help? I installed this mod in my server, all is fine, but nobody can see other player's animations, only their.
    Here is my assembly:
    SERVER mcpc-plus-1.6.2-R0.2-forge845-B61 :
    in MODS folder:
    1. Smart Moving Universal for ModLoader or Minecraft Forge or MCPC+.zip
    2. MCPC+ 1.6.2-R0.2 - Player API MCPC+ 1.2.zip

    CLIENT with Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.6.2 :
    in MODS folder:
    1. Smart Moving Universal for ModLoader or Minecraft Forge or MCPC+.zip
    2. PlayerAPI.jar

    What's wrong? Please help.
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    posted a message on [1.15.2] Ruins (Structure Spawning System)
    I set up "resources" folder for compatiblity with "Biomes O Plenty", but I'm newbie and don't know how to upload it here, so, If anyone want that folder, just told me how to deliver it for you.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2][FORGE] Dyeable Beds | (5K+ d's!)
    Quote from VozValden

    Thanks for the idea, in the next release you will be able to craft beds with colored wool. And I am also making it so in order to re-dye, you must use 3 bonemeal to dye it back to white, then you can use a dye to dye color it again.

    But your mod not working with IC2(or with gregtech?), block id's conflict =_=
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    posted a message on RandomBeds - Add More Colors of Beds. Yay. (Now 4.0.3)
    Quote from RandomDever

    Well did NEI work without lag before my mod was installed?

    Yes, I have a pretty good computer too(I7 Intel(1155), 16 GB RAM, 4GB nvidia 680 GTX), and lots of mods:
    IC2, RC, BC, BOP, Zan's minimap, portal gun, Mo's Creatures, dynamic lights, etc, also I have SHADER "SEUS v10.0 Ultra DOF".
    All was fine, without lags or low fps, all was quickly until I installed this mod, then lags and freezes and finally crash "run out of memory" when I opened that tab and has saw your beds, though in task manager Java was using only ~1.8 GB(of my 16).

    I still want to see your mod's light version(with only 12 colors), make addition assembly, please.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2][FORGE] Dyeable Beds | (5K+ d's!)
    Hey, nice mod, but I think you have to make possibility to craft different colored beds, using different colored wool :P
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    posted a message on RandomBeds - Add More Colors of Beds. Yay. (Now 4.0.3)
    When I installed this mod, I'm staring the game and it's terrible lags, when I hit "E", NEI menu was empty, so, I'm deleted NEI, and restarted the game. Lags dissapeared, but when I open craftbook, bads wasn't here. Then I changed gamemode to creative, hit the "Beds" Tab, and game frizzed and crashed, and that bug repeated every time I tried to open that Tab, so, I had to delete that mod. Any suggestions? Forge version 845, mc 1.6.2., sorry my bad English.

    Updated: game not crashing, just very freezes, then I have lags and crash with message:
    "Minecraft has run out of memory...blablabla..." Don't you think you have too much color variations for this mod? Could you please make lite version, which'll contain only 12 color variations, please?
    Deleting \RandomBeds\net\minecraft\randombeds\core\RandomDeverCore.class not gave effect.
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    posted a message on [1.15.2] Ruins (Structure Spawning System)
    Why most of chests, which I found is empty? 2 chests is full of gregtech helping books? Is there is a config for chest contents?
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    posted a message on [1.15.2] Ruins (Structure Spawning System)
    Quote from MarkOfTheBeast

    This, and yes the names of the folders should either be exactly the same or very similar to the name you see when you hit F3.

    Thank you, good sir.
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    posted a message on [1.15.2] Ruins (Structure Spawning System)
    Quote from MarkOfTheBeast

    It's actually quite easy. Just go into the mods/resources/ruins folder and you'll see a folder for each biome the game registers. Open the vanilla biome folders and copy the templates for any structures you want to spawn in the BOP biomes either into a specific folder for one of the BOP biomes or into the generic folder to make it spawn in all of them.

    Just keep in mind that unless you want to see the same structures appear constantly you need to have a large number of templates in your folders. That was made very clear to me when I was testing my above ground ore deposit templates.

    Yes, I've got it, but how can I know correct BOP biomes name? Is it the same like name in "ingame F3-key info"? Sorry, for my bad English, I'm Russian :steve_joyous:
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    posted a message on [1.15.2] Ruins (Structure Spawning System)
    Is it real to make support for Biomes' o Plenty biomes? If it so, please say, what should I do.
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    posted a message on mo creatures on 1.6.2?
    Oh ­, all 3 files, required for this mods must be in mods folder! GuiAPI must be in mods, not in coremods! :Sheep:
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