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    posted a message on Minecraft Server Changes, EULA - A Brief Look
    Will server owners be affected? Like will server owners be forbidden from having a world for just the owners and operators, or is it just for ranks. Also, can you set up a Patreon for the server or sell out of game items, like server branded tshirts and backpacks, for hard currency?
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Code Lyoko Mod 0.4.3 - Minecraft Forum
    Are you going to base it on Code Lyoko or Code Lyoko Evolution. Because I would like to know if there will be the Cortex and Ninjas. Also the Megapod.BTW i forgot to say THIS IS AWESOME!!!! I'm a huge fan of Code Lyoko and CLE and This is the best/ONLY Code Lyoko mod out there. You should make a X.A.N.A William armor and a X.A.N.A William mob.
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