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    I stick to the rules by rewriting the rules!

    DiyoTweaks is my personal tweak mod that I've been using to make the game more interesting. Some things it makes harder, others easier, and some are just for fun.

    As this is my personal mod, the version of Minecraft that it's for is related to my Let's Play series. Some of the tweaks are on by default; others are not. The defaults represent what I feel should happen on a regular server or in the game itself.

    1.6.4 - 1.0.2

    What can be tweaked?
    Hunger - There are two ways you can go about this: Tweaking and Disable
    * Tweaked hunger can set how much food is depleted for heart healing, maximum hunger bar size, regeneration level, and whether you always regenerate health or not.
    * Disabled hunger is alpha-style hunger. It has a setting for the maximum amount a single food can heal you.

    * An alternate crosshair is added for ranged weapons. It looks like a target and can be changed with resource packs. A list exists to add ranged items to it.

    Classic Mechanics - Want to bring back that alpha or beta feel and still have your mods work? Now you (somewhat) can!
    * Revert vanilla armor to protect based on the amount it's damaged. This only affects vanilla armor, not mods.
    * Zombies drop feathers instead of flesh
    * Fire will eat forests
    * TNT explodes when punched

    Mob Behavior
    * Zombies have a few tweaks, including baby spawns, reinforcements, and whether they can set players on fire. This doesn't work at all with Zombie Awareness installed.
    * Endermen won't pick up blocks
    * Creepers will choose to go after an attacker if they're closer than the current target
    * Mob can be jockeys. Slime towers ho!

    * Nametags have a recipe
    * Animals drop bones when slaughtered on peaceful
    * Experience orbs drop from more things. Say... zombies burning in the sun?
    * Alternatively, experience can be disabled.
    * Animals drop minimum amounts of leather, feathers, etc
    * In soviet russia, rotten flesh eats you!
    * More items are stackable
    * Poison damage interval
    * Sugar cane height is configurable. Set it to 20 for towers of sugar!


    * Extra durability can be added to items based on vanilla pickaxes. Say goodbye to armor breaking in under a minute!

    * Fancy grass is forced on
    * The HUD is altered for disabled hunger or experience

    If you need pictures, here's a couple:

    Q: Can I put this in a modpack?
    A: Yes. Put it in all the modpacks!

    Q: What's the license on this?
    A: Public Domain

    Q: How did you make this mod?
    A: Source code is available on github.

    Q: Why 1.6.4?
    A: I wasn't planning on releasing this mod at first. It's my personal mod, and that comes with whatever version of Minecraft I'm playing on currently.

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    SoulsSin: One of the design principles in TConstruct was being able to use any and every material for everything no matter how good it is. The name doesn't have "tinker" in it for nothing. Personally, I find stone funny to use as a material for anything that would want to bend. Imagine using a stone bow in real life and the game version probably works better.

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    Sirwol: Would you consider opening up the source code of the mod? This is one of my favorite mods to date, and I'd love to help fix bugs or other problems that are found.

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    There were a lot of different assumptions in the way mods were written back in 1.2.5. I'd be surprised if anything other than basic mods with items and blocks worked at all. Then again, if you put enough time into getting specific mods working you could perform some magic...
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    Quote from Aeraesoria»

    I'm going to assume Boni is doing what he wants to do, mDiyo no longer has an interest in his own mod or in minecraft in general. If I could be so bold as to say so. mDiyo doesn't give a F about what's done with his mod anymore.

    It's hard to give up a project you've worked for years on. It's harder still when the platform you built the project on becomes tainted. Projecting your own ideas on why I stopped modding doesn't make them true; it makes you look like a fool.

    I left the mod to boni because he was the one keeping things updated and fixing bugs. He's experimenting with the mod a bit and trying new things out. Some of these things have to be learned the hard way. TConstruct didn't get to the point it's at overnight, and I haven't passed on all of my hard-earned knowledge yet.

    Quote from gsgrego»

    If the change made sense I would be fine with it. But as he claimed it was never intended to work that way in the patch notes it seems odd as that is a total lie, so I wold love to hear his reasoning since I know what he claimed is bs. The main thing though is it doesn't add any difficulty it simply makes actually using tools that are supposed to be more useful a constant annoyance. Purposely making something a nuisance doesn't feel like a awesome design choice. My point about mdiyo was simply that when he implemented the sneak change for tools it was because so many people were frustrated with the way tier 2 tools worked and that they were supposed to be complete upgrades to tier 1 tools. So in many ways changing it feels like downgrading and back tracking on a perfectly sensible and logic improvement. The other thing is we have this fancy config thing that he could use to give people the option.

    Tier 2 tools were never intended to replace tier 1 tools. Every tool was supposed to be used alongside others or in different circumstances. Why even bother making a pickaxe when you could just make hammers?

    Modifying harvest behavior depending on sneaking gets very fiddily, very fast. It's one thing to have a button to switch modes on a tool so that it goes area-of-effect to precision harvesting. It's another thing entirely when you're trying to mine a bunch of stone on the edge of a ledge but only get a single piece.

    Nobody pays attention to the config files, especially server admins if they can avoid it, and adding a config setting means supporting two sets of code: one that runs, one that doesn't. Adding a config setting doesn't solve any of the underlying design problems and it most certainly doesn't make the mod better when that config should always be set off.

    Finally, mods are not set in stone. They are as much a process of learning and experimentation for the creator as they are for the user.
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    This thread has moved to a new owner.

    Suggestions should be directed to the suggestion thread.

    Tinkers' Construct is a mod about putting tools together in a wide variety of ways, then modifying them until they turn into something else. The tools never disappear and can be named and changed to your heart's desire. Once you make them, they're yours forever. Any world generation included in the mod is more efficient, but not required to progress.

    Like the mod and have a few coins to spare? Becoming a patron keeps adf.ly off of the download links and goes towards hosting or development of the mod. It also has some nifty rewards for supporting me!

    Beta versions, possibly buggy!
    Minimum Forge Version:
    TConstruct (Content!) - 1.6.0d40
    Mantle (Required Coremod) - 0.3.1

    Library still in flux - check Github

    By popular demand, 1.7.2 links have been added.
    TConstruct - Download
    Mantle - Download

    1.6.X Downloads
    Alpha version, new content building in progress. Expect bugs!
    TConstruct - Experimental Build 30

    Stable version, recommended for servers.
    TConstruct -
    Mechworks - Moved
    For modders - TConstruct Library - 6.2.0

    Older versions - Unsupported
    Final version, recommended for servers. Now unsupported.
    1.4.3 final - Download
    For Modders - TConstruct API 3.2.0

    - 1.7
    Iguanas Tinker Tweaks
    Extra TiC - Metallurgy support
    TiC Tooltips
    - 1.6
    Iguana Tweaks for Tinkers' Construct
    Tinkers' Steelworks

    Special Compatibility in other mods
    Ex Aliquo - Ex Nihilo
    Thaumic Integration - Thaumcraft 4

    Texture Pack Additions
    Sphax BDCraft

    - Fixed electrum. We know it crashes, now it doesn't.
    - Removed coremod. That should stop all the weird crashes
    - Changed how tanks render liquids
    - Fixed harvest type being ignore in dig speed calculation
    - Fix armor modifier crashes
    - Changed how clear glass panes rendered
    - Pattern chests keep inventory on harvest
    - Reworking stencil table
    - Fix Tool Station rendering
    - Material abilities should be localized properly
    - Other bugfixes that have been lost, but not forgotten
    - Fix autosmelt-interaction not respecting the amount of items created by the smelting-recipe
    - Many materials have been buffed, including wood and steel
    - Crafting stations cannot have items pulled from them
    - Fix blue slime buckets crashing on placement
    - Pig Iron now has a sizzling block
    - Fix gravel ore being harvestable without shovel
    - Obsidian ingots are castble again.
    - Blue Slimes no longer drop yellow hearts
    - Flux modifiers now use the battery they were modified with
    - Fix a bug, that when activating a faucet and the draining fails, the next attempt to activate it would do nothing.
    - Fix Mattock using vanilla damageItem. Caused Mattock to vanish on breaking.
    - All morph related bugs should be fixed
    - Gold foods should be meltable
    - Traveller's boots fixes
    - Baubles icon should show up now
    - Updated all missing mod compatibility
    - Fix slime leaves and oreberry bushes always rendered with low quality texture
    - Fix lumber axe destroying indestructible blocks
    - Fixed tools not harvesting mod blocks correctly
    - Removed all cape things
    - Readded NEI support
    - fix for blockbreaking issues with tools
    - Materials and You now have volume numbers
    - Fixed modifiers going over the max in the crafting ststion
    - Fixed blaze modifier stacking
    - Mining Fatigue no longer lingers when cleavers are dropped
    - Glueballs melt into glue, not gold
    - XP is dropped correctly from blocks with tools
    - Fixed high step effect on traveller's boots
    - Ender Pearls can be cast in something round
    - Modifiers should work correctly across different languages

    - Traveller's Gear hotkeys should work
    - Knapsacks are now equipable
    - Broad tools should respect mining levels of adjacent blocks
    - Metal blocks now work as beacons

    - Fixed accumulating fall damage in bounce pads, and step sound
    - Fixed items dropping while clicking chest inventory in crafting station/tinkers table, and display order for large chests
    - Fixed changing fluids in tanks on restarting the game
    - Fixed idle bow sprite
    - Fixed Smeltery GUI click and drag
    - Fixed flammabilty of bricks and fancy bricks
    - Fixed villager crashing from not having data on items
    - Fixed some inconsistencies in how damage/speed of tools is calculated in GUIs
    - Made slab furnaces accept items with the same restrictions as normal furnaces
    - Safer tile entity casting in SearedBlock.getCollisionBoundingBoxFromPool
    - Fixed repairing only working with the first 2 crafting slots in the tinker table
    - Fixed multiple repairs being more effective than a single repair with the same amount of materials
    - Fixed the ammo tooltip damage string and give a name to placed frying pans
    - Fixed Localizations in Smeltery Tooltip and WAILA
    - Fix TConstruct keybindings in lang files
    - Various other fixes

    - There is only one copy of controls now
    - Blue slime eggs have textures
    - Manyullyn/alumite blocks meltin the Smeltery
    - Fixed Various ore blocks looking wrong in the Smeltery
    - Fixed Casting tables look strange while being mined
    - Fixed Auto-Smelt completely not working
    - slime drops look like themselves now
    - Heart canisters no longer drop on death
    - Mattocks have sound when hoeing
    - Accessories (belts, glove) show up on the player now
    - Tool repairs in crafting station should work with all 8 slots
    - Traveller's Gear should have recipes
    - Completed Tool Forge slot logic
    - Fixed duplication bugs with tool Forges
    - Fixed tool forge not being able to name things
    - Fixed not being able to repair tools
    - Fixed aluminum gravel ore crash
    - Updated to Minecraft 1.7.10. 1.7.2 is not supported.
    - Many undiscovered bugs may be present.

    New Content:
    - Armor pulled from experimental version
    - Tool Forges can name every item provided they do not have a name.
    - Mod separated internally into modules. Modules can be disabled, but this process is not yet finished.

    - FluidType is more suitable for outside use

    - Various glass types have been fixed
    - Fixed memory leaks with packets
    - Fixed ingots being able to be made without a cast
    - Fixed pigiron and glue buckets misbehaving
    - Fix faucets crashing the client sometimes
    - Fix certain tools crashing the client when rendering
    - Fixed Smeltery failing over time
    - Hotfix for scythes crashing in the tool station
    - Bows should no longer eat FPS like candy
    - Daggers and Arrows render properly
    - The Smeltery should always be capable of melting villagers now
    - Blocks should render as blocks when melting in the Smeltery
    - Hotfix for quartz modifier malfunction
    - Removed battlegear compatibility due to API breakage
    - Casting Channel behavior with faucets should be quite useable now.
    - Knapsacks are now dimensionally aware (Witchery compatibility)
    - Changed how hearts render to better represent poison and wither status.
    - Fixed duplication exploits
    - Fixed duplication bugs
    - Fixed duplications of crafting in the crafting station and no you can't do it anymore!
    - Fixed reinforced tooltip
    - Standardized speed tooltips
    - Fixed compressed cobblestone melting values
    - Custom NPCs should not drop yellow hearts 100% of the time now
    - Tools should work properly with attributes now (Exo-armor, spiked gloves, etc)
    - Added a drawbridge blacklist
    New Content:
    - Armor Gui accessories redone
    - Yellow hearts will drop from bosses
    - Tasty now drops bacon every so often
    - Added a creative-mode way to get tools
    - Added a third extra modifier for tools
    - Battlesigns have the writable trait
    - Battlesigns now have the "Damage Reflector" ability
    - Scythes with silk touch function as shears
    - A config setting has been added to make vanilla tools have only one use
    - Knapsacks should sync properly on load
    - The tool station gui now shows speed properly
    - Slimegrass will no longer grow under other slimegrass
    - Added a crafting recipe for the exo-suit, config value disabled by default.
    - The Crafting Station is now somewhat sensitive to blocks around it. Tool Stations, Chests, etc
    - Fixed various bugs involved with aluminum and block crafting
    - Added TE3 support for Nether ores and aluminum
    - Various changes to casting channels
    - Obsidian mixing in the Smeltery re-added
    - Bow lag should be slightly improved
    - Fixed a bug that let hammers mine blocks above their mining
    - Added a name tag recipe
    - Fixed blood drop item behavior
    - Added a config for crafting of endstone
    - Added a config to disable tool log spam
    - Fixed a bug with tool log spam
    - Misc fixes
    - Bronze and aluminum brass names reverted
    - Fixed a bug with the descriptive books crashing
    - Fixed a bug where any item could be placed in the armor gui
    - Default value for bronze alloy changed to 4 ingots (Update your configs)
    - Bronze and Aluminum Brass renamed to align with Thermal Expansion
    - Suppression fixes for iguana tweaks
    - Fix FoV shenanigans
    - All hostile mobs drop miniature red hearts
    - Alternate empty canister recipe
    - Blood.
    - Blood can be poured into a casting table and then put on a drying rack
    - Slime channels can be made with raw slimeballs
    - Nether version of the Smeltery that can be made with Natura's nether materials
    - Blood channels
    - Blood.
    - Retrofixed battlegear support
    - Fixed battlegear support
    - Fixed a display bug with RF tool durability
    - Cleavers do more damage
    - Drawbridges, igniters, signals, and cable buses were moved to TMechworks
    - Essence extractors were removed

    New content:
    - Added a gem cast
    - Emeralds are now meltable
    - Horses melt into glue
    - Pigiron tools

    - Aluminum ingots are now registered as "aluminum" and "aluminium" instead of "naturalAluminum"
    - ALL descriptive books updated to reflect changes
    - Tooltips added on blocks that need them
    - New storage block textures
    - Thermal expansion support
    - Extra Utilities support
    - Tools without another ability can throw splash potions
    - Fluids are source versions instead of finite

    - Ender items melt at the proper values

    New things:
    - Experimental Adaptive Smeltery config setting. It's quite buggy, off by default
    - Tool parts are meltable
    - SDX, the mining explosive
    - Wooden rails
    - Stone ladders

    - Wooden patterns can be used as furnace fuel
    - Repair modifier reworked
    - Wooden armor has recipes
    - Slime islands should be transparent now
    - AE support for multiblocks

    - Fix oreDict recipes regarding stone torches
    - Updated battlegear support
    - Added a warning message to crashlogs regarding GregTech or OptiFine
    - (We don't support these mods in any way)

    - Updated to 1.6.4
    - Fixed a crash when a drawbridge is placed in another drawbridge's camo slot.
    - Various drawbridge changes
    - Items can be tossed in the Smeltery from above
    - Metals render properly behind translucent blocks
    - Reduced updates on casting channels
    New Content:
    - Jerky
    - Slime Channels
    - Bounce Pads
    - Battlegear 2 support
    - Initial Mystcraft Support

    - MFR support is now a child mod
    - Many config settings for Slime Islands
    - Removed EBXL API

    - Knapsacks drop items in the proper place
    - Attacking iron golems with computercraft turtles no longer crashes the game
    - Arrow rendering
    - Landmines no longer duplicate things

    Older changelogs can be found here: https://dl.dropboxus...t_Changelog.txt

    For talking about the mod, modding in general, or other things, you can find me on irc.esper.net, #TinkersConstruct

    Let's Plays:
    Yours truly:

    Updated spotlight from Direwolf20
    Outdated spotlight by Direwolf20
    Mod spotlight by robplaysminecraft

    Mod review by TheBeastCubed:

    To get started you need a few tables and a place to put your patterns.

    You build, modify, and repair tools like so.

    1.2 brings a new multi-block structure for turning metals into liquids.

    It can be automated with redstone and hoppers.

    The mod also brings a few mobs to the game, like this fellow here.

    Armor has started, but is very unfinished and would need to be done by the community. Here's your hints:

    And that's all there is to it! There's a lot of depth in the system, and most things are documented in-game. Anything that isn't is left for you to explore.

    Q: My tool places torches/blocks on right-click, is this a bug?
    A: This is intentional. And useful.

    Q: I'm playing with Aether 2 or Galacticraft and I can't see the armor tab, help!
    A: Press "O"

    Q: What other mods does this support?
    A: Anything with copper and bronze ingots can be turned into tools. XyCraft aluminum and TConstruct aluminum are equivalent, and IC2 has an electric modifier. Metallurgy is supported through an addon - check the downloads section.

    There is specific compatibility built in for Minefactory Reloaded, Waila, Forge Multipart, and a few others.

    Q: What mods are incompatible with this?
    A: MultiMine prevents the broad area on Tier 2 tools from working. GregTech may not work at all. OptiFine and any bukkit envrionment (MCPC+, BukkitForge) aren't supported either.

    Q: I have a bug with 1.5.2. Can you fix it?
    A: Report 1.5.2 bugs here.

    Q: I can't update because of other mods/modpacks!
    A: This is a personal choice that we will not cater to. If you're going to use a modpack, you accept all responsibility for updating mods yourself, like you normally would. Likewise, not updating because other mods haven't updated does not mean we have to support you.

    It's unfair to ask us to fix bugs that have already been fixed in later versions of Minecraft.

    Q: I gave myself some tools from /give or NEI and it crashes!
    A: You have given yourself a default tool with no data. The tool really needs the data. Pull one out of the creative menu or put the parts together normally.

    Installation and Troubleshooting
    First, make sure you've downloaded and installed Minecraft Forge. (alternate) TConstruct goes in the mods folder inside .minecraft or your server's mods folder.

    If you're still having problems: run this Error Test and post the results on this thread.

    This mod is covered under the Creative Commons 3.0 license. Modpacks are encouraged, feel free to do anything you like with it. I only ask that you enjoy it!


    Paste this code in your signature:

    Source code can be found on github under a Public Domain license.

    Current TConstruct creation team:
    mDiyo - Project Leader, Maintainer
    alexbegt - Developer, Updating

    fuj1n - Landmines, Former Feveloper
    progwml6 - Former Developer
    Fudgy_Fetus - Cutlasses
    NekoGloop - Thaumium Textures
    Skyboy - New tool renderer
    Zerokyuuni - Battlegear support
    Vexatos - Translations
    BluSunrize - Casting Channels
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    I'm not quitting modding because of the Microsoft thing. That was a kneejerk reaction to waking up this morning... here's some of my reasoning behind it:

    I haven't been modding in two months. I've been playing Minecraft for 3 1/2 years and modding nearly as long. Tinkers' Construct was designed to be both my best and final project for the Minecraft community. I knew that some day I would have to give it up, after everything was polished and complete. It's been that way for awhile; the bits added so others could continue on armor was a bonus.

    Minecraft in general has been disinteresting to me. When you play a game for this long... well. Let's just say that I have played every type of mod, tried all the server types, played all of the minigames, and it's time for a change. People get bored when they spend too much time with something.

    Mojang has been throwing updates at us with major rewrites lately. They've been accellerating to the point where the only time large mods have is dedicated to porting, bugfixes, and then more porting. Forge has been increasingly unstable and fewer mods are being moved forward. Additionally, if you don't support a specific version of Minecraft (say 1.7.2) then the community is going to jump on you for reasons beyond your control. That is not what any modder wants.

    I have seen what Microsoft tends to do when it absorbs another company. Quite frankly, I don't want to deal with the worries and the drama coming out of what they could "potentially" do. At best it's business as usual, and at worst it means the complete shutdown of the entire modding community.

    Right now, Microsoft is not a reason to stop modding. It's a (glaringly giant) reason to keep me from starting again. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    YamadaShinichi: There is no build 284 version. You have an unofficial one that will not be supported.

    hugofirth: Energy acts as a damage bar on top of the regular durability. Everything that the regular bar does will be affected there.

    DTSW: I demand that you pay me for my time before I acquiesce to your demand for support.

    VioletteSacrifice: You need to update Mantle.
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    Arcaminer: hey dude read the first post dude plz dude

    SorcererGuyz: You probably have a 1.7.2 mod on 1.7.10, or vice versa.

    B2008R: Since your post was so descriptive, the crashes have been fixed. Try again?

    mad_swan: 1.4.7 downloads do not exist.

    Pick107: Of course the 1.7.2 downloads are rick rolls. That is so much more funny than pages of "WHAR IS 1.7.2?! WHY YOU NO LIKE US?!?!?! GIV ME BUGGY MINECRAFT VERSIONS!!!!111!!!11one11!"

    SorcererGuyz: You probably have a mismatched version of NEI for your Minecraft version.
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    Looks like one of the other developers (alexbegt) got to the pattern chest before I did. He's having such fun with it.

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