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    Hi everyone!

    I am looking for some players to become friends with and actively play an online survival server with on Java (I do have one in mind that I am in the early stages of setting up camp in) Would also be a lot of fun to play on other servers such as Hypixel and so on.

    I find that I go through stages of enjoying minecraft when I am going solo, but I would now really like to make a few friends who are interested in playing minecraft with me.

    I'm 22 and have been playing minecraft since 1.7 and it has been one of the only games that I have constantly kept coming back to, I work full time in education and live in the UK. Happy to play with people all around the world doesn't just have to be the UK. Can only 18+ people respond to this.

    My Discord is April_Moon#9703 if your interested please reply to the post or add me on discord.

    Thank you!

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    your discord link doesn't seem to be working.

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