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    I just had a thought, and what if we had falcons in Minecraft? Like, they'd dwell in mountain biomes with their nests at the very top. They'd be tameable, but only if you steal a chick/egg form the nest. However, you'd have to either kill or run far enough away from their parents to get away safely. They'd have a diving mechanic similar to those of phantoms, only faster. When they dive and they'd deal like 2 hearts of damage. I feel like a neutral bird mob would be a great addition. Maybe you'd also be able to craft a glove to hold them. It'd be cool if they;d be able to kill mobs like rabbits and chickens and they'd bring the meat to you. Maybe they could be like wolves, as they'd be triggered to kill rabbits and chickens. Maybe there could be a falconer villager that could sell you chicks for a ridiculous price. You'd be able to tame them with pieces of raw chicken or raw rabbit. I really like the idea of a nuetral mountain bird mob.

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