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    posted a message on [Adv] The LOST (TV Show) Island Map - (70,000+ DLs)
    I'd like to make an updated version of this world. I love the show, especially the swan hatch, and the places on the island less known. I'm hosting a version on my bukkit server, which will be a long term project. my server is public, but currently white-listed. send me a pm if it's still white-listed if/when you try to join. I'm updating the redstone in the hatches, maybe some kind of clock. using the newest blocks as of 1.8 once that is released. if possible, I'll try to improve on the accuracy of the island. it'll be a deep jungle. pm me if you'd like to help. maybe I can get permission to post it once some of it is finished. check it out on dynmap http://mc.poixson.com/dynmap/?worldname=lost&mapname=flat&zoom=1&x=-1820&y=64&z=252.0000000000001
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    posted a message on the Redgame 3 (redstone computer), now FINNISHED! download now!
    where can I find a copy of the zip? I can host it on my web server if someone can get me a copy and if it's ok with the author.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Bukkit/Modloader Structure Repo Plugin
    I see this is an old post, but I feel it's still relevant, and I like the idea. if I have time one day, I may make something like this. I'll keep it in mind, and toss around other ideas. I've wanted to try my hand at making a plugin for generating structures and/or a world generator. I've wanted to make a world generator that imported random structures, in more natural ways. our ideas could be combined. a world generator that hooks into a structure downloader.

    if anyone's interested in joining me in a project like either of these, I'd be more willing to start working on it if I wasn't the only one. I have other code to write at the moment.
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    posted a message on creating png images for every item
    I'm looking for a mod to generate png images for every item, and generate an xml file with all the item details. I'm a bukkit plugin dev, so I'll make an attempt at my first client mod if an existing mod doesn't exist. I have met someone on a forum once who was doing something similar to this, but we sadly lost contact, they never finished, and never shared the source code. so any help with this at all would be great. any existing open source code, existing mods, or even just a tip as to what calls I need to make to generate the icons.
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    posted a message on Most complete item list available
    here is the item.defines.php file and all the icons for the default minecraft items:

    and for all the mods in tekkit, here are all the icons and data files:

    we're starting work on multi-language support for the default items. my code does support multi-language in the tekkit mod packs too, but I wont be adding it to those. just way to many items to translate and add 10+ more lines to each file for each item.

    I have to thank TheNytangel for all their help with the tekkit item packs. he's taken lead on those and has added so many items. He's currently working on finishing up the last one, RedPower, with more than 2000 items.

    if you want a zip of all the tekkit item packs, just look for the web auction plus download. there will be a zip included in there. it's automatically updated by a script every time I release a new update of web auction plus.
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    posted a message on Most complete item list available
    I believe this is the most complete item list available online. http://code.google.c...tem.defines.php Thought I'd post it in case it's useful to someone. It includes the item name, id and damage values, stack size, and a png image file. It's already updated for 1.3. There are also lists for Tekkit3 mods on there, and all the icons.

    if you notice any mistakes, please let me know so I can fix them. the red power mod is still being finished up. It's a huge list, more than 1000 cut blocks. I thank TheNytangel for doing most of the work on these lists. He's finishing up the cut block images, but leaving the list itself to me. oh joy!
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    posted a message on McBans - Discussion
    Quote from AlexJAssasin

    McBans is just a retarded attempt to blacklist players from the community. People will often local ban people based on other global and local bans, even if they haven't done anything.

    There is nothing in the Minecraft ToS that states griefing is disallowed, and McBans should hence be deleted.

    here is my problem with that. I've had the same minecraft server running for 2+ years, that I would go on and play in private. I just recently made it public a few months ago to let others come on and have some fun. forgive me if this is out of line, but griefers can go to hell. I use mcbans because a better service doesn't exist. I put a lot of time and work into running my own server. I don't want losers coming on and destroying my hard work and giving me a head ache. if someone has caused trouble on another server, then fine, I don't want them on my own server, end of story.
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    posted a message on making a plugin, need some animated images
    I'm making a bukkit plugin, web auction plus. I think it would look awesome with animated gif's for enchanted items. would someone be able to make these for me? I'm not sure how this could be done, or I'd do it myself.
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    posted a message on Looking for a host/partner for a custom/survival map
    Quote from seacat19

    i really want to play a map right now and i cant host a server so i was wondering if someone would like to play and host. i do have hammachi but no hammachi is fine. no skype needed beacuse i dont have skype :P . i dont mind what map.

    I dunno how much I'd have to do, but I could probably help you get started on my server. pm me if you want
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    posted a message on PoiXson - 24/7 - Survival/Creative/PvP Worlds - Great Staff!
    website: http://mc.poixson.com/
    dynmap: http://mc.poixson.com/dynmap/
    ventrilo: poixson.com port 3784
    minecraft server: mc.poixson.com

    We have multiple worlds, Survival, Creative, PvP, and a few special projects. We have a lot of great plugins and worlds to accommodate any project. We have a great staff, very nice people. Please don't cause trouble for them. Griefers beware, we use mcbans. Do not cause grief on our peaceful server.

    A few of the projects we have going, billybob0513 is in charge of subway development, you can found a new town or city, or join an existing one, we have a few arenas, and a few huge projects in creative worlds. We have a new PvP world, and are looking for new people to form and join factions!
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] Redstone Torch Burnout Fix SSP SMP [Craftbukkit! 1.5.1 R0.2]
    someone needs to find a solution for bukkit!
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    posted a message on building my first computer
    Quote from DanielJohansen

    This server so shitty, i asks why i cant kill my self?
    And then i get banned?
    The signs says, wrong answer type kill yourself?
    Then i try, and cant

    sorry to hear you were banned. you seem like a decent player from your other minecraftforum posts. I looked it up, you were banned because you have previous bans on your mcbans record. I've unbanned you, if you'd like to check out the server. just a warning, if you grief, it'll probably be a global ban. just doing my job as an admin. you must understand if you have a server of your own.
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    posted a message on help with double corner for tracks
    Quote from pby5cat

    check out the picture, how do i get the center to track to curve left?

    try a toggle switch
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    posted a message on wanna help build a computer?
    I have more information on it here http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1032447-building-my-first-computer/page__p__12852470#entry12852470 didn't see this redstone topic here before. maybe I should have just posted it here to begin with.

    I have a 24x24 pixel display finished, with addressable memory cells and a line/box drawing circuit. it's ready to connect into the addressable bus, or is it really called the ROM? I'm using one called the red game as a reference. they have a lot of great circuit designs in that one. I couldn't find any other good redstone computers to reference. know of any others that have a download link?

    I'm looking for a few good helping hands with this project. it's coming along great, but I'd love to share the fun.
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    posted a message on building my first computer
    is no one interested in helping? my 5th day working on the project, and my 5th post and no one else has posted. a few people have come on to see it, but no one to help me. I mean, I can probably handle it on my own. I have most of it planned out in my head already and I think I know how it should work.

    I finished the display yesterday, my 4th day working on it, and it works great! it can set a single pixel on or off, draw straight lines and filled in boxes both on or off, and can set the entire screen on or off. it takes 2 sets of 5 bit binary inputs, x1/y1 and x2/y2, 2 inputs to either set the selected pixels to on or off, and one to trigger the action.

    next I started on the program manager. I have 16 program lines done so far. I wanted to load programs from memory cells, but that would be an insanely huge project. this thing's already big enough. so I'm going with the style programmer used in the red game computer. a lot of my designs are based off it because it's so ingenious. mine will have multiple programs that can be loaded by the user or by the computer itself. the computer itself is 10 bit, so I can load both x and y locations in a single line of the program, or the first 5 bits for a goto command and the other 5 for the program loader or other uses. the red game computer uses the program line itself to set the location for the next line, but I think I can improve that. instead, I'll have the clock add one bit to the location, then have an actual goto command.

    if anyone thinks they're good enough with redstone to give me a hand, I'd love to have the assistance!
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