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    posted a message on [Minecraft 1.4.5] [v0.0.1] eNder - You're the Enderman

    eNder is a mod that transforms the player into - what else? - an Enderman.

    I thought of this a few weeks ago but didn't get around to the actual coding until recently, which has been difficult without the ability to test it whenever I want.

    I've been working on .png files mostly, trying to texture everything...right now I have the sword, the pick, the armour, and the golem.

    There's not too much to say. Just look at the features and decide for yourself if you'd like it.


    Features (green = done; orange = mostly done, buggy; red = done, but incorrectly)

    - You're an enderman!

    - Endersword, with Ender Bolt ability.

    - Water hurts you.

    - Particles swirl around you at all times.

    - Ability to infuse Iron Golems with Ender energy, turning them into Ender Golems. Ender Golems are taller and thinner than Iron Golems and bear no behavioral resemblance whatsoever. All Ender Golems, whether created from Iron Golems found in villages or those created by the player, follow the player.

    - Ender Pearl is now a phase key that transfers you between the Overworld and the End. Doesn't work in the Nether, I put that on purpose because Endermen aren't supposed to be in the Nether ._.


    Planned Features (blue = in-progress; red = not working on ATM)

    This is a long one:

    - "Ender Reflexes": facing enemies and teleporting backward when attacked, teleporting immediately upon hitting the water, all that Enderman-style stuff.

    - Holding a block will make you appear the same as other block-carrying Endermen, i.e. the two-handed grip on it.

    - Barehand teleportation! No damage upon doing so, like humans using Ender Pearls.

    - Other Endermen and the Ender Dragon are friendly.

    - Human settlements. Villagers are converted into humans, and larger towns, forts, and rarely castles will appear.

    - Humans attack you! Ermagerd!

    - Since Endermen are taller than humans, they cannot wear the same armour, and must wear specialized Ender Armour. Any armour obtained from defeating human assailants can be broken down using an Ender Forge into its base materials.

    - New block: the Ender Forge, which can break down anything into its base materials provided you fuel it with redstone and coal.

    - New item: the Ender Gem, created by surrounding a diamond with 4 Ender Pearls (all stolen from human settlements. Might take a while for a full set of tools, weapons, and armour, but once you've got them you're set - they're unbreakable, see below).

    - New item, used for Ender Bows: Ender Coil, created by surrounding a string with 4 Ender Pearls.

    - New tools, weapons, and armour, all of which are forged from Ender Gems (and therefore unbreakable). The tools and uncoded weapon are below because I haven't decided on armour abilities yet.

    - Ender Pickaxe: A pick capable of mining anything, slightly faster than a diamond pickaxe. Can bore a 3x3 tunnel with its special ability.

    - Ender Shovel: A shovel capable of digging through dirt as if it were water. Can dig a 3x3x3 hole with its special ability.

    - Ender Axe: A tool that can also be used as a weapon. Striking a surface with its special ability teleports the player back, creating a minor explosion at the teleport site to blast large holes in walls.
    - Ender Hoe: Essentially an unbreakable hoe.

    - Ender Bow: A straight-firing bow crafted from Ender Gems instead of sticks and strung with Ender Coil. Fires an arrow that travels in a straight path, unaffected by gravity. Will create a void burst, which is essentially me doing a copy of Explosion.class and modifying the particles and physics so that no blocks break and the particles are all purple. (The void burst effect is in progress. :P )



    - Naturally, running an LAN server with people who do NOT have this mod installed crashes their game. There is no fix for this, in fact, I shouldn't even be listing it because it's so obvious.

    - Whenever the player swings their arm, the arm doesn't raise fully. I think I might keep this, actually, because fixing it requires editing the float var9 in RenderEnderman.class from 0.4F (to make endermen appear stiffer, they can only move their limbs so far) to something that will make them appear more player-like upon swinging the arm. Keeping it at 0.4F makes you appear more enderman-ish.

    - Held items render where the normal player's arm would end, which is somewhere halfway along the Enderman model's arm. I'm currently trying to find a solution for this on the forums.

    - Holding the Endersword when aiming to fire an Ender Bolt doesn't seem to be working. The coding is the same as aiming a bow, as it's the same concept, so I'll test out bows. The Ender Bolt fires and the item renders in first person, but in third person nothing happens.

    - Ender Bolts don't want to render with an actual texture on them, instead preferring to either use the arrow texture or not appear at all. *

    - The eyes don't like to render. *

    * A case of incompetence on my part. I don't own a functioning video card**, so all my testing has to be done on public PCs, and I carry around an 8GB flash drive with all of the coding and stuff on it xD
    **Christmas is in 3 days, and I'm still young enough to be getting presents. (Eh, I'm 15. Whatever.) Hopefully I shall get a new video card, because I'm tired of ATI...they apparently have their own FireGL tech support line. Must be a damn awful card.

    And that's it, apart from one screenshot:

    Me holding the Endersword, proudly displaying its rendering-at-the-elbow bug...


    Yeah...so...any feedback? xD
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    posted a message on [Idea/sort-of-WIP] Psychokinesis Mod
    (Before I start this post I would like to acknowledge that I was issued an infraction for bumping a post a while ago. AliStarr issued this infraction, and I would like to acknowledge them for doing their job. Won't happen again, Ali :P)


    This mod is mostly an idea at the time of writing, but I have started coding, and if I ever bother to get a new video card I can code it faster, because right now I'm doing coding without testing for long periods of time.


    So, a while ago, I had this idea for a mod that would grant the player psychokinetic powers...but with a twist.

    Instead of instantly learning loads of powerful skills with no penalty to the player, I figured out two rather obvious points that wouldn't make the mod transform the player into a god:

    - Energy: Player's skill use is limited by energy. 100 max energy, skills cost from 5 energy to 50 energy.

    - Skill Tree: Instead of being instantly granted powers, you have to train skills from the skill tree. Most people know what a skill tree is and how it works, so I won't explain too much in-depth here. The basic categories:

    - Offencive - Skills that damage enemies.
    - Defencive - Skills that buff the player's defencive capabilites or debuff enemies.
    - Block Movement - Skills that manipulate the environment.
    - Tactical - Skills that can manipulate redstone or enemies.
    - Enhancive - Skills that buff the player or grant them new powers.
    - Player Movement - Skills that move the player from one place to another.

    - Skill-in-use Energy Cost: Instead of having a one-time energy cost to toggle a skill such as boosted speed, the skill drains energy quickly while in use. This one is derpy, I'm trying to fluff the post.

    Not too much to say. I'd rather reveal more when I actually get the code all working to do at least one thing that's related and not just a load of interconnected enumerations, voids, booleans, and integers that don't actually make anything happen in-game.

    Anyone have feedback on the general idea? :P
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    posted a message on Looking for Mod Making Partner
    :P Sadly, textures and modeling are not my strong points...I can do lots of other stuff though.

    Unfortunately I don't do Forge. I'm old-fashioned, still using ModLoader back here.
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    posted a message on Mod Request; "Always Raining" (Client-Side, ModLoader)
    I had this problem ages ago while making my StormCraft pack (that was like Beta 1.2 >_<)...nobody would code it.

    I suggest that, if you're doing it on a server, that you simply just keep ToggleDownFall on. If you're doing it singleplayer, you can either activate cheats or start an LAN server to use ToggleDownFall.
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    posted a message on Steele - New and Recruiting!
    Quote from admiralwaffles

    Cool name.

    Thanks xD

    Cool avatar.
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    posted a message on Steele - New and Recruiting!
    Quote from 0rangeCreeper

    Are you fairly decent at PvP?: Yes quite good with sword but better with bow though.
    What about base building?: Ok would prefer not to do.
    Redstone engineering?: Suck
    Would like to be a archer/raid person guy.

    Quote from Dash491733

    IGN: Dash491733
    Are you fairly decent at PvP?: Pretty good with the sword, suck with the bow XD
    What about base building?: I'm fine with that
    Redstone engineering?: so-so
    Would like to be a soldier/gaurd

    Quote from xXCanymanXx

    Are you farily devent at PvP? ya i guess
    What about base buliding : ok
    redston enginerring:ya
    would like to be a bulider/redstone

    All accepted. Comber, as second to apply, you're a server-based Leader...let me update the post.
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    posted a message on Steele - New and Recruiting!
    Quote from tmhopper

    IGN: tmhopper
    Are you fairly decent at PvP?: Ok, best with a bow
    What about base building?: Not great ;)
    Redstone engineering?: Not very good

    I would like to be a farmer or something like that...

    Alright, that sounds good. You don't have to be good at redstone (I can teach you if you'd like), and I'm best with a bow too...sorry for the delay, I've been away. ^_^ Since you're first to join, I guess you can be cofounder, it's always good to have a second-in-command.
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    posted a message on Steele - New and Recruiting!
    ~~ UPDATE! ~~

    Steele has an introductory briefing BATCH file functioning now, PM me for it if you're in Steele.


    Who are we?

    Steele is a new, hopefully multi-server faction that emphasizes strength, concealment, and redstone engineering ability. At least, that's the goal: considering I don't have a valid video card (not since March), I won't be on until I can get a new one, which should hopefully be mid-October. Therefore, the faction does not have an official server, and membership is only on the forums.

    What kinds of servers do we operate on?

    Faction-mod servers that allow PvP anywhere. That's why we emphasize strength xD

    Rules for suggesting a new server:

    - Must be active
    - No mods except Factions (optional: MCMMO)
    - Must not be torn apart by TNT

    And how to join?

    Fill out the application at the bottom. Server-based requests will not be accepted. Sorry, guys, but it's a precaution.

    It's only me (lordofroosters) at the moment. Hopefully more people will be interested in joining. I will update when I can actually get back on Minecraft...and if anyone can recommend a server that meets the above 3 criteria, that would be great!


    1. Be active!
    2. Conduct raids as you see fit, but don't get killed repeatedly.
    3. Don't screw with the redstone unless you're an engineer.

    Not exactly a rule, but good advice...
    4. Anyone with negative faction power is required to refrain from PvP in order to let their faction power 'recharge".

    Never made a clan before, sorry guys. Xd

    Are you fairly decent at PvP?:
    What about base building?:
    Redstone engineering?:



    - lordofroosters [Founder]
    - tmhopper [Cofounder]
    - comber88 [Leader]
    - Dash491733 [Recruit] [Soldier]
    - meget101 [Recruit] [Engineer]

    That's really about it. I'll make this post nicer and add a logo when:

    1) I get a new graphics card. Any day now.
    2) A server is found.
    3) Members join.

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    posted a message on Having Issues with Fireball on Right Click
    Quote from CowedOffACliff

    Both are in attackEntity(Entity par1Entity, float par2)

    ...So I'd just look into the attackEntity void and pretty much copy the directional code? Ah, thanks. Unfortunately, I am incapable of working with keybindings (I know there's a Modloader function with it, and since my mod ATM is currently using Modloader, I could use it but I can't figure it out. I'm so incompetent. >_<)
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    posted a message on ElementalControl v0.1.2 - Now with Pics!
    Okay, so I've improved the recipe for the Elemental Gemstone...now requires two Redstone Gems, two Glowstone Gems, and four Snow Gems.

    These are all crafted by filling a 3x3 crafting grid with their respective materials (i.e. Redstone Gems require nine redstone, Snow Gems require nine Snowballs).
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    Quote from axel132


    xD xD XD Yes.
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    posted a message on Having Issues with Fireball on Right Click
    I tried doing that already. **** ton of math, and I still can't figure it out. >_<
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    posted a message on ElementalControl v0.1.2 - Now with Pics!
    Quote from KillerOfPie

    1st of all my location is better =)
    and 2nd of all looks like a great mod...if you need a tester pm me.....
    and every1 who sees this should go to this server(look at my banner) if its online(the banner tells you).

    1st of all, yes it is. xD
    2nd of all, thanks! I may need a tester, I'm getting a weird NullPointerException now (ever since I started working on a worldGen file), but I'll PM you on resolution.
    Also, I've got a regular server: bloodheroes.net:25565. Best. Server. Ever. T_T
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    posted a message on ElementalControl v0.1.2 - Now with Pics!
    Bump again. Update with pictures! :o
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    posted a message on Having Issues with Fireball on Right Click
    Thanks for the help. I've got it working now, but it only fires in one direction. (Partially fix'd by reassigning the skill to an item.) Any fixes for this? It's really bugging me.

    Also, how would I bind a key to a command? As in: pressing Z would use an EnumMovingObjectType-style thing to determine if the player is looking at a block or not, and then ignite the block if true (or, if it was an entity, burn it).
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