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    posted a message on (W.I.P) Fantasies and Mythical Mobs Mod
    Alright! Thanks, mate. Are we using Forge or ModLoader? I'm not all that great with Forge because I stubbornly stuck to ML, but I can install it and everything and hopefully have some working entities done soon.
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    posted a message on (W.I.P) Fantasies and Mythical Mobs Mod
    Two things:
    1) I'd like to code this too ._.
    2) If you accept me, will you send me the mob models? My Skype's lordoftheroosters if you need to contact me...again, provided you accept me.

    Oh, and I put a link in my sig :P
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    posted a message on Fantasies and Mythical Mobs Mod
    I've already started working on one of these that comes with new enchantments too, but I'm considering splitting them into two separate mods. Oh well. I'm in, and you've given me a huge list of mobs as well :D

    Modeling isn't my speciality, but I've never tried Techne, so there you have it. I'm more of an entity-behaviour-code and rendering guy. Like I said, I'm in - maybe we should start a topic on the WIP section and get some more members - an artist, a sound director, an overall director, and some coders. (I call head coder xD)

    jbd: I did make a tameable phoenix once, does that count? xD

    Footnote: I'm updating my version of Minecraft and MCP right now. I'll decompile tomorrow and get coding as fast as possible. (Sorry if I sound cocky or rushed or weird - bad habit of mine, plus it's late and I just drank quite a bit of caffeiene.)
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    posted a message on swords mod
    Some notes:

    The original idea of strengthening tools without performing repairs is kind of interesting, but the whole "adding an iron coating to a wooden sword but keeping wooden durability" is...disappointing. If you have two iron ingots...just make an iron sword. Lasts longer. As for redstone, it's been long-reiterated, but feel free to give it a shot. I'll be here if anyone needs coding help, because I'm bored.
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    posted a message on Winx Club Mod Request (Full Information/Part 1,Transformations And Outfits)
    Not to burst your bubble, but I dunno if this mod would be very well received amongst the community (except by nine-year-old-girls, and I don't know any of those who play Minecraft - lots of late-teenage guys though, including my cousin and not quite myself). Make it if you want, but if it doesn't receive a load of downloads, don't be surprised.

    Also, whatever this frightening show is (I jumped to the "Reply" box almost immediately) you seem to know waay too much about it. ._.
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    posted a message on [v0.2.6 or something] Enchanted - New enchantments, mythical mobs, Arcane Items!
    This mod needs a better title, submit one if you have one.

    Basically, the mod adds new Enchantments (can't remember how many, there's a list below), new mobs (mythical stuff like phoenixes and hydras) and arcane items, which are specialized armour/toolsets that require a diamond version of the item (i.e. a diamond sword) and a rare, expensive-to-craft item (i.e. a phoenix core) to forge on an anvil (i.e. a Phoenix Blade).


    14 new enchantments!
    2 new mobs!
    Half of the Frost armour/toolset!


    • Explode (I-II): Causes arrows to explode on contact with mobs (I and II) or the ground (II only). Explode II has a larger explosion.
    • Thunder (I): Causes arrows to summon lightning on landing.
    • Ghost (I): Allows arrows to pierce walls and mobs. Rendering is still kinda buggy.
    • Ignite (I) Like Flame, but ignites fires on landing.
    • Triple Shot (I): Causes a fully charged bow shot to unleash not one but three arrows in a narrow spread for the cost of only one arrow. The center arrow always stays true to the player's aim (implemented because of Teleport).
    • Enderbane (I) (idea of Near528): Enables arrows to strike Endermen and does extra damage to them.
    • Nosferatu (I-III): Drains 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 of the damage inflicted on an arrow's target on impact (amount increases with level).
    • Teleport (I): Causes the player to teleport to the arrow, provided it hits the ground (mob impact will not cause teleportation). With Triple Shot, only the center arrow is used.
    • Venom Edge (I-II): Applies a Poison effect to the target. Strength depends on enchantment level.
    • Cripple (I-III): Slows and weakens the target for the enchantment level times two seconds.
    • Freeze (I): Freezes the target for several seconds.
    • Wither (I-II): Withers the target. Strength depends on enchantment level.
    • Drain (I-III): Drains 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 of the damage inflicted on a target. Amount increases with level.
    • Agility (I-III): Applies a brief (3, 7, or 10 seconds depending on level) Speed and Jump Boost effect to the player on right-clicking, but the player can no longer block.

    Scorch: Armour enchantment that ignites attackers.

    New mobs:

    Frost Slime - A large, icy slime that spawns only in Tundra biomes and drops Ice Crystals.

    Phoenix - A neutral mob that will become hostile if attacked. Can be tamed and will sometimes drop a Phoenix Feather.

    It's a new mod, and the mobs aren't very advanced or anything (originally, it was just an enchantments mod). I don't have time to write the items now, but feedback on what's been added (it's all complete except for the Phoenix model) is appreciated.

    I'll have screenshots soon. The only video is outdated. ._.
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    posted a message on Any Good Animation Tutorials? (As in model animation)
    I'm making a mod that adds more golems (link in my sig), and I really want to animate them when they perform attacks (i.e. a ground-slamming style attack or an arm-swinging attack - a lot of the models are not biped-based). Does anyone know a good place to learn about creating animations or have some knowledge of this? I can't seem to find any...

    Thanks in advance. ._.
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    posted a message on [CANCELLED - SEE POST] [WIP] [v0.2.4] GolemsPlus - Put those Pumpkins to Use!
    If I get around to it I will. Thanks for the feedback, it really helps me refine this thing.

    So, update:

    - Started coding the Nether Golem's AI / attack animations.
    - Fixing some other AI issues.

    I need to learn how to do good model animations. I'll check it out on the Mod Discussion board.
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    posted a message on [CANCELLED - SEE POST] [WIP] [v0.2.4] GolemsPlus - Put those Pumpkins to Use!
    Quote from branchofpower

    i have been waiting for a mod like this for ages! thank you so very much! will bookmark and check on often.
    ideas from the top of my head:
    -obsidian golem: slow, weak, but indestructible
    -golem that picks up and throws blocks
    -nature golem: grows nearby crops, creates grass and flowers, very low hp, does not follow player
    -redstone golem: has to be powered, needs to be re-powered every once in a while. maybe activates redstone contraptions?

    Thank you :D

    I'm liking all of them but the redstone golem - if you can give me a use for it, though, I'll add it to the coding list.

    Quote from KeKoSlayer29

    I like it. Not something that I would use, but it's pretty cool. Nice work :)

    Dankeschön, sir.

    Quote from BluntedEdgeBlade

    Download link?

    I'm currently still working in 1.4.5, but I will update as soon as I can. I'll probably get it tonight, actually, if I can.
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    posted a message on ModLoader Compatible Archer Mod
    1) Double post, there is an edit button.
    2) Archer Armour sounds OP.
    3) Disorganized post. Out of nowhere at the end - CROSSBOW! No.
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    posted a message on My suggestion for gloves!
    Really? I like the idea of gloves. I tried to code them when I was a new modder, but never came back to it because my nub skills couldn't pierce the code. And who said gloves provided armour? Personally, I don't think boots should provide any armour. When have you ever seen someone lose a fight because they weren't wearing iron shoes?
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    posted a message on Orc Mob Suggestion
    The coordinated combat AI sounds interesting.

    Quote from Ouatcheur

    You know that orcs are basically pigmen, right?

    No support.

    Pigmen haven't been coded yet, so why wouldn't you support this? Perhaps you can go start your own topic about getting Notch or Jeb to actually get around to coding a useful NPC instead of caveman-squids who deal in extraordinarily rare gems and get destroyed by zombies. Do they not have the ability to craft weapons or something?
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    posted a message on [CANCELLED - SEE POST] [WIP] [v0.2.4] GolemsPlus - Put those Pumpkins to Use!
    THIS MOD HAS BEEN CANCELLED. I'm working on something that's a little more useful. And interesting.

    Tired of having loads of pumpkins from your farm and nothing to do with them?
    Tired of having loads of resources that sit in your chests?


    GolemsPlus is a new mod that adds more golems.

    Yeah, Minecraft already has golems. But they're boring: the Iron Golem, while providing a nice bodyguard, doesn't stay where you put it unless you surround it with water. The Snow Golem just throws snowballs at Endermen and gets itself killed.

    That's why I'm implementing more of these interesting creations.

    The Golems

    Stone Golem

    A behemoth, towering over the player Its empty face holds death for anything it deems worthy of attacking.

    Attacks via a ground-impact shockwave, throwing all mobs nearby away from itself.

    An added perk:

    Onward, my steed!

    (Yes, they are controllable.)

    Wood Golem

    Human-sized and very swift. Do not have very much HP (less than a spider), but they regenerate quickly. Die instantly if on fire.

    I'm runnin' in circles around ya!

    (If you get that reference you get a lovely diamond.)

    Undead Golem

    A poor, underrated, undead mercenary that will serve you eternally. Or until he dies. Whichever comes first.

    Currently in-development, but planned features include providing them with weapons (implemented - won't render for some weird reason), armour, and commanding them.

    Creeper Golem

    A currently untextured (I mean custom-textured), creeper-shaped mob that behaves just like a real creeper, only it's much faster and capable of pathfinding effectively. Also doesn't die upon exploding.

    The only thing is, it has almost no HP, so the smallest fall will kill it.

    This spider really got what was coming to it.

    Diamond Golem

    (Model pending - I'll make a better, more crystalline one once I get Techne working.)

    A sparkly fast beast that can tackle multiple foes simultaneously, as shown by the above picture. Expensive to make but well worth it if you need a bodyguard.

    Has three different attack modes:
    1) Extra-damage attack.
    2) Heavy knockback attack.
    3) Conservative attack which buffs the golem but does less damage.

    Demonstrating its extra-damage attack (left zombie) and the knockback attack (airborne zombie to the right). It's also apparently just killed something between the two zombies to the right.

    Future Plans!

    - New Golems!
    - Nether Golem: A rather short and wide golem that ignites everything it touches and spreads raging infernos.
    - Wind Golem: A golem capable of soaring through the air to attack enemies. Heavy knockback.
    - Ender Golem: A golem that teleports to its enemies and confuses them.
    - Enderborn (idea of Near528): Uses the Dragon Egg; a winged being that casts a shadow of death upon mobs.
    - Emerald Golem: A golem capable of buffing itself with various potion effects.
    - Gold Golem: More or less an idol; has no special skills. Just like its material.
    - Demolitionist Golem: Throws primed TNT at its enemies. Back up your worlds.
    - Nature Golem: (idea of branchofpower) A leafy monster that will accelerate the growth of nearby crops. While weak, it poisons enemies.
    - Obsidian Golem: (idea of branchofpower) Very weak but completely indestructible.

    - Achievements! These would mainly be for constructing the different golems, and wouldn't be connected.
    - Heavily improved golem combat AI and more types of golem-specific attacks/attack animations.

    - Stone Golems will have an improved shockwave attack (more particles, better code!)
    - Stone Golems will eventually be able to hurl chunks of blocks at enemies. (Not just one - whole clumps of blocks!)
    - Diamond Golems' multi-targeting efficiency will be improved.
    - Diamond Golems will also have a minor shockwave attack.
    - Wood Golem swill leap over enemies.
    - Zombie Golems will fight more effectively than just charge-and-attack.

    Feedback, anyone? I'm trying to compete with some very good mods here in the WIP section, so if this one isn't up to par, tell me what I could do to improve it.
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    posted a message on Achievement Trigger on Entity Spawn
    Hello, everyone. I'm currently working on a Golems+ mod, and everything's working great - the AI is good, the models are fine, etc...

    But I'm trying to add achievements for spawning the different golems, because some require some real resources to make, and I don't want people to think "Oh, I just spent four diamond blocks making that thing and I don't even get an achievement?"

    (Sorry if my grammar sucks, it's late here and I can't see what I'm typing.)

    I've been looking around, and from the looks of it, nobody has any tutorials on achievement triggers other than crafting/furnaces.

    The goal is to trigger the achievement once the pumpkin/blocks have been arranged properly, like in the case of the Diamond Golem, which follows the same layout as the Iron Golem recipe, except with diamond blocks. (No, it's not a lame knockoff.)

    My goal is to trigger the spawnDiamondGolem achievement when the blocks are arranged like so as well as spawning the Diamond Golem, but the only code I can find for it is in BlockPumpkin.java, which holds the golem-spawning code once blocks are arranged properly. (I can't trigger achievements from BlockPumpkin - I've tried that several times using independent instances of EntityPlayer, as the parameters for onBlockPlaced don't include EntityPlayer.)

    Anyone know any ways I could accomplish this?
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    posted a message on Trinity - Strength, Intelligence, and Cooperation.
    Trinity is dead. I'm writing this from another computer. I will start a new thread once mine is available again. Any returning members will be accepted back in their old positions. Normal members will get a promotion for returning.

    - LoR
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