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    Quote from 1nfinitize

    The the first one (regenerate) sounds pretty useful, I could imagine being if I was in a tough fight I could run around or hide for a minute to heal without having to use potions. is it using the regeneration I or II potion effect or a custom value?

    Also, are we allowed to suggest enchantments?

    It just uses the regenerate enchantment for now, although I hope to use a custom value later. And yes, you are. In fact, it's encouraged. I might as well add that to the OP too <_<

    Also, since it's been one hell of an ordeal to try and code this, I asked for help:


    ~~ Another update:

    So I'm almost ready to release 0.3.8. It's got a few bugfixes in it (namely mobs not turning blue when frozen and turning purple when they die, resulting from a rendering error on my part) and a new enchantment, Frost (I). It's a bow enchantment that causes arrows to freeze mobs and also blocks of still water.
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    Seriously. I need help here.
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    Depends. When would you add the potion effects? For a right click you could just do something like this:

    public ItemStack onItemRightClick(ItemStack par1ItemStack, World par2World, EntityPlayer par3EntityPlayer)
       par3EntityPlayer.addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(Potion.moveSpeed.id, 100));
       par3EntityPlayer.addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(Potion.jump.id, 100));
      return par1ItemStack;

    That code would give the player Speed I and Jump Boost I for about a second whenever the item was right-clicked.

    Alternatively you can apply potion effects to things that are hit by the tool/item:

    public boolean hitEntity(ItemStack par1ItemStack, EntityLiving par2EntityLiving, EntityLiving par3EntityLiving)
       par2EntityLiving.addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(19, 100, 2));
      par1ItemStack.damageItem(1, par3EntityLiving);
      return true;

    That code would poison the target with Poison II for a second. par2EntityLiving is the entity hit, while par3EntityLiving is the entity holding the item. par1ItemStack is clearly the item itself.

    And what do you mean add preexisting enchantments to tools? Like, when they're taken from the crafting grid? Try something like ModLoader's taken-from-crafting function. There are more specifics on it elsewhere, just Google takenFromCrafting and you'll find some stuff (I've never had to use it, so I know nothing about it).
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    posted a message on Activate enchantments when conditions are met / Second Thorns-type enchantment
    For my Enchanted mod (link in my sig) I'm trying to code enchantments that activate under certain conditions.

    The Night Vision enchantment is supposed to activate when the player has a helmet with the enchantment equipped and the light level at the player's current position is 7 or less (i.e. nighttime or caves).

    The Regenerate enchantment is supposed to activate when the player's hit timer is zero and damages the armour much faster.

    The Ironguard enchantment is supposed to active when another player gets a critical hit on the player with the Ironguard armour.

    The Swift enchantment is supposed to provide a constant speed boost and damages the armour much faster.

    Unfortunately, everything I've tried doesn't work. The Respiration code doesn't seem to work for the Night Vision enchantment (yes, I've modified the code correctly).

    Also, I'm trying to make a Thorns-type enchantment that sets enemies on fire instead of damaging them, how would I do that?

    Sorry for being so incompetent, but I need help. Anyone? ._.
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    Quote from AxisGamer

    Help! How do I make this mod work... you gave a syntax but I don't quite understand. Not even a single mod review or explanation up here! I just want to know how to use the mod, sorry if I am being a Steve!

    No problem, not at all. It's not compatible with forge, first off, so if that's installed this won't work.

    It just adds more enchantments. A lot of them are high-powered, so you'll need levels from 20-30 to get them. If you want to just play around with them, go into creative and find the spell books for them, they're below the vanilla ones (all spell books are automatically generated for each enchantment). In essence, it's vanilla Minecraft with a few new enchantment-related features.

    Not entirely sure what you meant by "not a single mod review or explanation up here" - I may have been a little vague, but I assumed people would guess what it was about. Perhaps I'll change the OP wording around a bit.


    Five new armour enchantments are on the way, here they are:

    Regenerate (II) - Chestplate enchantment that will apply regeneration when the player has not taken damage for a brief time. Will cause the chestplate to break faster.
    Night Vision (I) - Helmet enchantment which will get the player's current light level and apply Night Vision if needed (level 7 and below).
    Swift (II) - Kind of like a passive Agility. Boots with Swift will allow the player to move much faster but also wear out much faster on being hit. Useful for running long distances, but I'd swap these out for combat.
    Ironguard (I) - Leggings enchantment. Started as a joke enchantment called Crotch Guard, then became an actual idea. Stops players from scoring critical hits on the wearer.
    Autorepair (III) - General armour enchantment that drains XP to repair armour. This occurs passively, and the repair speed increases with level. This can be a double-edged sword for enchantment enthusiasts, as it will drain the XP bar much faster, but enough fighting will replenish it effectively.

    The last one probably seems reminiscent of Ars Magica's enchanted armours, and as a matter of fact that's what I based it off of. I thought it was a neat idea and wanted it in vanilla Minecraft without the rest of the complicated stuff in that mod, and voila - we have Autorepair.
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    posted a message on "Man at Arms" Creates a REAL Diamond Sword
    I wouldn't be surprised if they started selling these as collectibles, provided it was legal.
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    Quote from kokonus

    hhm more enchants sounds interesting :)

    Thanks. I'm currently not working on any more (I need ideas...) but support is always welcome. Hopefully this can get to the point where I don't feel the need to reply to every comment <_<

    Also, your post count is 777 as of right now. Maybe you'll have good luck.
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    Quote from GeorgeTheMiner

    Sounds pretty awesome. Does /gamerule doFireTick work on the "ignite" enchantment?

    No idea, but if it involves making fire not happen yes. It will start a fire, just a regular old fire, and destroy the arrow.
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    posted a message on [Forge 1.7.10] Bleach Mod [SSP/LAN/SMP] Hollow Test Update Available!
    I have no idea what the big deal about this Sodium Hypochlorite thing is, but the mobs look cool <_<
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] [Modloader] infectedcraft
    Um...you realise that nobody knows what it's about except you, right? And if it's made in one day...well, no offence, but it's probably not going to offer much in the way of new things or changes. Even simple mods can take multiple days of work, unless you're just sticking in three new items and saying "heres a mod hur durr use it." You might want to refine your grammar and give us some information on what it's about.
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    Quote from epicman739


    ...I saw the huge lettering and nearly wet myself wondering what was going on that required huge capslock.

    Interesting idea though. You may want to refine the textures a bit, wood borders seem a bit...weak. I dunno. What exactly is the Strong block supposed to do, anyway? Obsidian serves the same purpose.
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    Quote from GearShift24

    i am making a review right now on this mod. if you can put the link in your page of the mod. my channel www.youtube.com/gearshift24

    Wow, thanks, mate. When can I expect for it to be finished? (Unless, of course, it's so bad or gamebreaking that you decide not to upload it.)

    In other news, I haven't been doing any testing, but when I find my flash drive (it's somewhere in this house) I'll test each enchantment besides Scorch to ensure they work. I'm mostly worried about Ghost and Enderbane at the moment.
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    Quote from 1nfinitize

    Is there any way to have an option to disable world damage/fire spread from things like explode or ignite, or even just an option to disable certain enchantments altogether? I really don't want to blow up my house accidentally If my bow gets one of those enchants. I'll give it a try later today.

    Edit: Also, is this compatible with Forge?

    Explode doesn't do world damage. As for fire spread, the sole purpose of Ignite is to light fires, so don't use it (voluntarily). Good idea on the disabling enchantments, I'll have to add it to options (hell, I'll make it so you can disable Bane of Arthropods too :L) if I get the chance. I have no idea if it's Forge-compatible, but I don't think so. Not sure what uw.class does, but oh well. Perhaps I'll port it to Forge one day, everything's going that way anyway.
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    10/22/14: I'd really love to get back to work on this, but I'm finding Forge a pain to use, so until I get the hang of it this mod isn't going anywhere. In the meantime I'm keeping this thread for archiving purposes, I will want this source code later.

    I got tired of the same old enchantments (fire? pretty cool, but what about lightning arrows?), so I created this mod. Hooray. This is the result of a total of several hours' work. (Sure, I could mod something amazing, but I don't have the time for a total conversion.)


    Also, this is still IN-PROGRESS. That means there are bugs. If you find any, PM me or post a complaint here. Just don't be a nub.

    Since it basically just adds new enchantments, there's not too much to say other than describing the enchantments. Since some are kinda overpowered, you'll need levels from 20-30 to get them, and some (like Wither) need level 30.

    Here's a list of the enchantments:
    Syntax: Name (max. Level): Description


    - Venom Edge: (II) Poisons the target. Poison level depends on the enchantment level.
    - Freeze (I) (Still a WIP but semifunctional): Freezes the target, making it incapable of motion for a brief period. Characterized by a blue hue about the struck foe. The only bug is that the hue fades quickly and comes back whenever the target is hit again. ._.
    - Cripple (III): Applies weakness and slowness to an enemy. Duration depends on level. Will make zombies, etc. stronger but still slow. Cripple III can only be obtained by forging two Cripple III blades together.
    - Wither (II): A deadly and powerful enchantment that applies Wither to the target. Level and duration depend on enchantment level. Wither II can only be obtained through forging two Wither I blades together.
    - Drain (III): Saps the target's HP. Depending on the enchantment level, this may return 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 of the damage done to the enemy. Useful for long fights or strong foes.
    - Agility (III): Replaces blocking with a temporary boost in speed and jump height. Damages the blade faster, but useful.(Idea courtesy of easysoldier.)
    - Aeroblade (III) - Increases damage while the wielder is airborne.
    - Pierce (III) - Deals severe damage to armour upon impact.
    - Blind (III) - Blinds the target for 2-6 seconds.
    - Veil (III) - Temporary invisibility. Costs a lot of durability.
    - Deflect (II) - Allows you to deflect arrows by blocking. While level 1 won't block Ghost arrows or defuse any splash effects such as Explode, level 2 will. (Level II idea courtesy of Near528.)


    - Explode (II): A powerful enchantment that functions rather oddly. Explode I will fire arrows that explode only on contact with an entity, or otherwise after they've been in the ground long enough. Explode II will fire arrows with a larger explosion radius that explode on contact with anything.
    - Thunder (I): Now you know how Zeus did it. He didn't throw the thunderbolts, he shot them from his Thunder I bow. Arrows fired by a bow with this on it will unleash a thunderbolt on whatever they happen to hit. Including your house. Use with caution.
    - Ignite (I): Like Flame, but will actually cause fire. Buggy in that it may sometimes replace blocks like Obsidian. (I will have to change that code at some point.)
    - Ghost (I): Causes arrows to disregard solid objects and fly through them, cutting a deadly path through enemies and blocks alike. Extremely effective with Explode II. (WARNING: After I ported this mod to 1.5.1, I am no longer sure if this works. Animations were already buggy; test it by firing it at a line of enemies a few times and then through a glass wall. If the arrow hits multiple enemies and hits an enemy through the wall, it still works. This computer is slow as hell, so I can't test it here.)
    - Triple Shot (I): When fully pulled back, a bow with this on it will fire three arrows in a close spread. Not particularly useful unless I change the entity arrow hit timer, but good for multiple enemies close together or if your aim is a bit off.The center arrow always stays true to the player's aim.
    - Teleport (I): Causes arrows to teleport the shooter to their current location. If the bow also has Triple Shot on it, the central arrow will be regarded as the "teleporter" here. (Idea courtesy of easysoldier.)
    - Nosferatu (III): Similar to Drain, but for bows. Drains 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 of the damage done depending on enchantment level. The downside is that if you miss, the bow is still damaged, whereas with a sword missing does not damage it. Also not as powerful (Power V bow vs. Sharp V diamond sword).
    - Frostbow (I) - Temporarily useless, but in v0.4.1 it will freeze mobs and still water blocks.
    - Sniper (III) - Does more damage if the target is farther away from the shooter. Damage increases with distance.
    - Return (III) - Has a 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 chance of despawning shot arrows and returning them to your inventory. (Idea courtesy of titanic10101.)

    Coming in v0.5.0.

    Feel free to suggest more! I'm open to ideas here, always looking for more.


    Coming soon. User submissions accepted.


    The moment my computer is fixed I will do a demonstration of the current 13, otherwise user submissions are awaited.


    v0.3.6 - Mediafire
    v0.4.0 - Mediafire

    - Began work.
    - Four enchantments, Venom Edge, Explode, Thunder, and Freeze.
    - Added a few more, I forget which.
    - Various bugfixes
    - Updated to 13 enchantments: Venom Edge, Cripple, Freeze, Wither, Drain, Agility, Explode, Thunder, Ghost, Ignite, Triple Shot, Nosferatu, and Teleport.
    - Load of bugfixes, so many it took six whole sub-sub-versions.
    - Freeze renamed to Frostblade
    - Frost renamed to Frostbow
    - Frozen enemies now render properly
    - Players afflicted by Freeze now have an ice-block overlay in first person
    - Renamed Triple Shot to Buckshot (still haven't implemented extra levels, that's for v0.4.1 and its bugfixes
    - Renamed Teleport to Teleshot
    - Shield (II) - A powerful guard, but tough to use in PvP. Protects the wielder from most damage when blocking.
    - Aeroblade (III) - Death from above! Does more damage while you're airborne.
    - Pierce (III) - Your helmet needs repair? It might be because of a sword with Pierce on it - this does extra damage to the enemy's armour.
    - Blind (III) - Want to confuse your enemies? This blinds the foe. Kind of useless ATM, so I might port it to SMP later.
    - Veil (III) - Want to really confuse your enemies? This makes the player invisible for 1-3 seconds.
    (I still haven't made it to use durability (in fact I dunno if it will), but you have to take off your armour to use it effectively and people can see you at close range from the potion effect swirls.)
    - Deflect (II) - Sharpshooter protection - deflects arrows. Deflect II will also block Ghost arrows and defuse all special effects like explosions or lightning.
    - Sniper (III) - Sharpshooters rejoice! This does more damage based on the distance between the shooter and the target. Calculated by the algorithm:
    (Arrow's damage / 10) * distance traveled * Enchantment level, which returns approximately 1/3 damage per 3 blocks for Sniper I, 2/3 damage per 3 blocks for Sniper II, and 1 damage per 3 blocks for Sniper III (at 9 blocks away, that's 1, 2, and 3 damage for each level respectively - just think of it as the enchantment level times the distance divided by nine).
    - Return (III) - Returns arrows from the ground to be used again.
    (Hopefully it works; I have it programmed so that it uses a switch to pick a number one through three, two, or one depending on the level (this includes zero) and return a true/false value depending on what it picked. Basically it just returns the arrow if the value is true and it doesn't hit a mob.)
    - Frostbow (I) - Freezes enemies and still water blocks. Doesn't seem to want to work at the moment, which is odd because the code is placed correctly. Perhaps I need to change the code around with instance naming...

    As of 4/23: The code has been tested, and so far no bugs have been found. Everything works fine (except Scorch, obviously). I'm preparing v0.3.8.
    As of 4/27: I'll just release all of the bugfixes and new enchantments per version 0.4.0.
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    posted a message on (W.I.P) Fantasies and Mythical Mobs Mod
    I think we have a lot of those already, from your suggestion on the old thread. I don't see Sirens, though.
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