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    posted a message on Trying to make my mod smp compatible not working
    You guys seem to be missing a required Forge / SMP class called WorldClient. See if that's there, and if it is, come back. I might not have an answer, but you might need to save your src and clean up the workspace.
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    Quote from DismalAmoeba

    So, Forge compatibility soon? :D

    Hopefully. I'm having trouble installing Forge at the moment (believe me, I've tried), when I download the universal src and run install.cmd from the mass of unorganised files I get a "system cannot find the path specified" error. Someone needs to help me out here.

    I'm ashamed. I skipped a grade and have been in college since age 13 (which isn't saying much considering I'm still in high school, but whatever) and I still can't figure this out. ._.

    ~~ EDIT:

    Keep watch for v0.4.2. It's recompiling now.

    I know MC was updated to 1.5.2, but I bet some people are still using 1.5.1 for the mods, so stick around. I need to update as soon as possible anyway, I like keeping on top of things. Generally.
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    Quote from BluntedEdgeBlade

    I mean after taking mob or player hits. :D

    Ah, okay.

    Quote from 1nfinitize

    Any chance on you making that config I mentioned earlier sometime soon? I like most of the enchantments in the mod, but there are a few I would like to disable.

    I'm trying to figure out how exactly I should go about doing that. I'll find a tutorial or something tomorrow; I've been up since five and it's almost midnight, and I have another class tomorrow morning, so I should probably get some sleep. Hasn't left my notes though.

    ~~ v0.4.2 is coming out sometime soon, let me check the code and compile it again.. Also:

    Look at my previous post for guild set things. There are six: Pyro, Hydro, Forest, Frost, Aero, and Shadow. A friend of mine owns a server and he said I could test the plugin version of this once I get it coded, so sometime within this year you can expect a server with enchantment-guilds on it.

    In other news, I still haven't gotten any more enchantment ideas, except those submitted by others. Thanks for your support, guys.
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    posted a message on [MCv1.5.1][v0.4.0] Enchanted - Forge Compatibility Coming Very Soon
    Quote from BluntedEdgeBlade

    I has got some more Enchants! :D

    Bleeding (I) (II) (III) Bow or Sword

    Has a 1/3 chance to make enemy take damage over time. (I) 1/1(II) 1 (III)

    Petrification (I) (II) (III) Bow or Sword (Maybe Helmet if the mob or player looks at his face?)

    Just like the entangle one except that this time it completely stops the mob or player for a short period of time

    I have no name for this one. (I) Helmet

    Makes you see nearby ores easier with a faint glow just like a mushroom but breaks the helmet in 20-30 hits.

    Oh and by the way, since 1.6 is coming with like horses and stuff, will you make enchants on the horse armor or maybe the saddle?

    Wow, I like these. Especially petrification, I might just put that on a helmet and get a ray trace (that's in the enderman code to determine if something is looking at them) to do the freezing code for me. And yes, I will make enchantments for horse armour provided Mojang makes horse armour enchantable. In hindsight, the ore one looks interesting, but what do you mean breaks the helmet after 20-30 hits? You mean ore breaks or taking damage? Ore breaks would be tough as hell.

    Maybe a lightning enchantment for the sword that works like the /powertool lightning command for servers?

    I've thought of it before, but I'd have to put a serious handicap on it, like I did with Shockwave (yes, version 0.4.2 is in the making - I did 0.4.1 for bugfixes then decided to do a test run of Night Vision, which now works.)

    ~~ v0.4.2 update

    I did some bugfixes, including some badly structured/done code in EntityArrow/ItemBow that makes Return nullify every other enchantment and Buckshot not work properly. Apparently using a for(int i = 0; i < level (the level of the Buckshot enchantment); i++) followed by the creation of a new arrow instance doesn't like to work.

    Night Vision is now functioning! I've finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I'll give you a hint, I accidentally placed the code in the section that entails player sleeping behaviour. Whoops.

    Meteor Fallingi is also in-progress. I can't seem to get it to work right, but I'm going to remove some of the requirements as a test and see if the basic function (stops you completely then throws you towards the ground before making a gigantic explosion happen and damaging your armour / HP).

    Messiah is temporarily on hold. Only the two above will be added as a sort of sample for the upcoming armour update. (And lo, it will be huge - I have so many armour enchantments planned it's ridiculous. I won't be doing the SMP ones yet though, that will come after version 1.0 unless people really want it. Like, really really want it.

    ~~ Guild set update

    I've finally done descriptions...these will be updated if I or anyone else come up with anything new.

    All armour is only level I but requires a full set for benefits.
    All swords and bows are level III.

    Pyros thrive in fire and like to hide in lava to surprise their foes with a powerful, magma-drenched sword slash.
    Armour: Pyroguard
    Pyroguard armour grants complete protection against fire and lava and removes the movement penalty from swimming in lava. The protection level increases It takes 25% more damage from Hydro attacks but takes 25% less damage from Frost attacks. The user will be Weak in water, however.
    Sword: Pyroblade
    The Pyroblade does a small amount of extra damage if the wielder is in fire, and even more if they are in lava. All extra damage is done as fire damage. If that isn't enough, it also strips players of fire resistance effects and does even more damage if so.
    Bow: Pyrobow
    The Pyrobow does more damage in fire and even more in lava. All extra damage is dealt as fire damage. It can also turn standing water to stone.

    Stalkers of the deep, hydros will drag you down into their watery realm.
    Armour: Hydroguard
    Prevents drowning and renders the wearer immune to drowning damage, and removes water movement penalties. Also more protective in water. 25% extra protection against Pyro attacks and lava. 25% extra damage from Aero attacks. Provides a speed boost in rain.
    Sword: Hydroblade
    Deals extra damage while the user is underwater and does even more damage depending on their depth. All extra damage is dealt as drowning damage. Also removes Water Breathing effects from the target and deals extra damage for that. All hits from below with this blade will drag a swimming foe downward.
    Bow: Hydrobow
    Arrows fired from this neutralize fire and turn lava to obsidian. Deals extra drowning damage if the user is in water; the damage amplifies with depth.

    Real team players, Forest players receive buffs just being in each others' company.
    Armour: Forestguard
    A set of this will amplify base protection in any Forest biome and when other Forest players are nearby. (It does have a cap.) 25% extra damage from Pyro and Frost attacks, but it is the only armour to resist Aero attacks by 25%.
    Sword: Forestblade
    Does more damage in Forest biomes and when other Forest players are nearby. Has the power to remove beneficial potion effects from foes and may even replace them with a negative version, such as transforming regeneration into poison or strength into weakness.
    Bow: Forestbow
    Does more damage in forest biomes. The impact creates a small shockwave, which waxes larger and more powerful with every Forest player nearby.

    Coldhearted, solitary murderers. They'll stop you dead in two different ways.
    Armour: Frostguard
    Armour that is more protective in cold biomes and while standing in snowy terrain. The less Frost players that are nearby, the more powerful it becomes, but only in cold biomes (making Frostguard armour pretty much useless outside of cold biomes). 25% resistance to Forest attacks, 25% extra damage from Pyro attacks. Speed boost in snowy weather.
    Sword: Frostblade
    Deals extra damage in cold biomes and more so in snow. It also freezes foes, an effect that lasts longer in cold biomes. Quite a brutal weapon when no other Frost players are around - the damage amplifies when you're alone.
    Bow: Frostbow
    Freezes still water and its targets. Deals more damage in cold & snow but is the one thing unaffected by the presence of other Frost players.

    Death from above! Aeros like to fight in small groups and surround their foes by dropping from above.
    Armour: Aeroguard
    100% protection from all fall damage. It hardens at higher altitudes to provide extra protection, but actually starts to weaken at low altitudes, meaning Aeros are easy to kill in caves (unless, of course, they are very good at PvP). 25% extra resistance to Hydro attacks. 25% extra damage from Frost attacks.
    Sword: Aeroblade
    Its damage increases with altitude and receives an extra boost if the player is airborne. If the target is also airborne, it does twice the amount of damage. The only downside is that all this extra damage is dealt as fall damage, so players with Feather Falling will take far less damage from it.
    Bow: Aerobow
    Its damage increases with the shooters altitude. It does even more if the target is below the shooter.

    Creatures of the night and caves, they are rarely seen. Have the ability to melt through walls in total darkness. While not particularily resistant to attacks, they are masters of stealth and don't like being seen.
    Armour: Shadowguard
    Its protection increases when the wearer is in light levels of 7 or less and amplifies as the light decreases. 25% extra damage from everything else though. It also disappears when you're invisible and in darkness, making you totally invisible in shadow. This armour also grants the wearer the ability to sneak through walls in total darkness. If a wall separates two open spaces and both spaces are in a light level of 0, then the player can sneak to traverse shadow into the empty space. (This feature is still heavily in-progress, but with the help of some friendly Mojang-created booleans it shouldn't be too hard.)
    Sword: Shadowblade
    Its damage increases while the user is in shadow, amplifying as the light levels decrease. If the target has night vision active, this deals double damage.
    Bow: Shadowbow
    Its damage increases while the shooter is in darkness, increasing as the light levels decrease. If the arrow hits the ground or a wall, it will extinguish all nearby torches and other light sources, granting the shooter another plane of darkness to walk on.

    My good friend Near528 suggested the Shadow class thing earlier as we were building a Rube Goldberg machine, and I'm quite enamored of it. Maybe I should tone some of these down a bit - tell me what you think.
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    Quote from DjessNL

    I got a few ideas:
    -A way to store EXP. A good way. No EXP bank. Maybe something like Liquid EXP? That you can store in Buckets and if you empty it, it will give you.. 10 levels (from blank) per level? I don't know how much EXP that is.
    -Arcane Protection, reduces damage of enchantments and negative potion effects.
    -Forge Compatibility. I'd love to use this mod in combination with other mods, for a CTM for instance. I beg you good sir <3
    -Let Books like Sharpness and Fire Aspect be able to be Anviled on Axes? I personally prefer Axes over Swords, so that'd be great..
    -Tool enchantments? Autosmelt, Haste, whatever. Maybe the ability to Hoe 3x3 areas? Talking about hoes...
    -Hoe Enchantments. Even if only Unbreaking, the ability to let Hoes being enchanted. Also, Fortune? Break your crops with your hoe and get more out of them.
    -An advanced Enchantment Table? Be able to enchant things up to level X, because it is in fact in the game. The Advanced Enchantment Table would require a Nether Star in the Crafting Recipe, and 50 levels for the highest enchantments. Also, three rows of Bookcases. Good old times <3

    That'd be all. Please try some of these ideas :)

    Noted. I'm on a phone at the moment so I can't really type much.

    As for installation, just drag into tbe jarfile and delete meta-inf.
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    Quote from foreverblu

    Nice :) . Yea im talking about an adventure map or something like a zombie wave map :P . You should also add some extra bows :P and swords.....with special abilities like for example it comes with enchantments or it has a higher chance of certain enchantments :D

    Hm. If I had a functioning PC I'd get to work on it, but for now maybe someone else could do it. And for those items I'd have to use Forge/FML, which I would have to port everything to, which would take a while, so you may wait. I'll do it, though.
    Quote from DismalAmoeba

    This would get more downloads if you used Forge- try using PlayerAPI, that's how the other one works.

    PlayerAPI? I'll check it out. Hopefully it works on this damned old thing.

    Quote from epicman739

    hey, i just had an idea for another enchantment: hurl. it's kind of like knockback except it also throws you up into the air a bit. also, are you SURE there are still 13 enchantments? if not, i would edit your signature if i were you.

    I like it. I'll have to think of a name for it though. And thanks, I need to edit my sig ._.
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    ~~ VERSION 0.4.0 IS OUT! ~~

    It's still buggy, and Frostbow doesn't seem to want to work, but it's out!

    - Renamed Triple Shot to Buckshot (still haven't implemented extra levels, that's for v0.4.1 and its bugfixes
    - Renamed Teleport to Teleshot
    - Shield (II) - A powerful guard, but tough to use in PvP. Protects the wielder from most damage when blocking.
    - Aeroblade (III) - Death from above! Does more damage while you're airborne.
    - Pierce (III) - Your helmet needs repair? It might be because of a sword with Pierce on it - this does extra damage to the enemy's armour.
    - Blind (III) - Want to confuse your enemies? This blinds the foe. Kind of useless ATM, so I might port it to SMP later.
    - Veil (III) - Want to really confuse your enemies? This makes the player invisible for 1-3 seconds.
    (I still haven't made it to use durability (in fact I dunno if it will), but you have to take off your armour to use it effectively and people can see you at close range from the potion effect swirls.)
    - Deflect (II) - Sharpshooter protection - deflects arrows. Deflect II will also block Ghost arrows and defuse all special effects like explosions or lightning.

    - Sniper (III) - Sharpshooters rejoice! This does more damage based on the distance between the shooter and the target. Calculated by the algorithm:
    (Arrow's damage / 10) * distance traveled * Enchantment level, which returns approximately 1/3 damage per 3 blocks for Sniper I, 2/3 damage per 3 blocks for Sniper II, and 1 damage per 3 blocks for Sniper III (at 9 blocks away, that's 1, 2, and 3 damage for each level respectively - just think of it as the enchantment level times the distance divided by nine).
    - Return (III) - Returns arrows from the ground to be used again.
    (Hopefully it works; I have it programmed so that it uses a switch to pick a number one through three, two, or one depending on the level (this includes zero) and return a true/false value depending on what it picked. Basically it just returns the arrow if the value is true and it doesn't hit a mob.)
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    Quote from evoandroidevo

    vary interesting mod keep up the work

    Oh, thanks :D

    Quote from BluntedEdgeBlade

    I have some suggestions!

    ~~ Entangle (I)(II)(III) Sword or Bow

    Completely stops an entity for 2 (I), 3 (II), 4 (III) Seconds.

    ~~ Barrier (I) (II) Chest plate

    Makes defense higher when you are at 2 hearts.

    P.S. I got the Barrier from FF. :D

    I'm liking these, although I'm planning on changing Freeze to Frostblade (for the Frost set) and making it totally immobilise an enemy, Entangle could be useful for other stuff too... let me ponder that one for a bit. My brain seems to have revived as of late. Barrier too, that could be very useful. I'll add it in the Armour Update.

    Quote from epicman739

    D: pity... but maybe you could make one that's called self-destruct: upon some form of activaton, create explosion that destroys everything including the player. and also maybe an armour one that lets you move faster underwater?

    Hmm...Perhaps it could activate upon taking damage from another entity, like a player...just have someone sneak into a base and when they get hit it obliterates everything. Interesting &lt;_&lt;

    As for the increase underwater move speed, that's going with the Hydro set (I'll post an update on the guild-set things later - no time now.)

    ~~ UPDATE

    v0.4 is almost ready. I need to fix Frostbow and then recompile/reobfuscate and I'll release a new version. Lots of bugfixes, probably the most important being that the Freeze effect now renders properly (blue sheen over affected entities) and the first-person works too (overlay of an ice block). Can't say much more now - perhaps Saturday.


    The poll results have returned a 50/50 split over the first two questions. People need to make up their minds before the Armour Update ._.


    Another guy named glider521al had a more enchantments mod, and a lot of the things are the same (hell, some have the same NAMES, like Night Vision and Antivenom), but some are also repeats of vanilla enchantments. And anyway, my arrow enchantments are better. xD

    Hopefully he doesn't try to start ­. All of the stuff in this mod is either my original idea or someone else's suggestion to me, albeit not verbatim.

    I'll put up another update soon, but that needs its own post.
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    Quote from 1nfinitize

    Will it be possible to get the SMP only enchants in singleplayer? I'm guessing no, but it would suck to get your diamond leggings enchanted with ironguard in SSP. :(

    Also, good idea for resurrect. You took my idea and made it better, but I'm not sure if I fully understand it. Does it spawn the player at where they were killed, or just spawn them normally with all their items?

    First off:
    Why did you quote me? xD

    Second: Nope, you won't get Ironguard, Monstrous, or Blind in SSP (they're all useless against mobs). I'll eventually release two separate versions. I just need to get a good copy of minecraft_server.jar and make it work because I'm not too familiar with SMP mods.

    Third: Resurrect spawns them at their normal spawn point, e.g. next to their bed. It would suck to get killed by a guy in full diamond prot IV stuff and then immediately respawn with two hearts in front of him so he can kill you again and take your stuff for real this time.
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    Quote from foreverblu

    Awesome work!! Was always looking for a mod like this. Now all i have to do is to make a map...

    A map? For this, or for anything else? It would be interesting to see an adventure map made to utilize these enchantments...hm...I may have to try my hand at that sometime. I'm terrible at maps, I'll admit it. Thanks for the feedback, though. I really need to resolve this issue and get coding, because I can pretty much recite the required code from memory now :L

    ~~ EDIT

    Woohoo, it's back. I'm starting on the rest of the sword/bow enchantments now, although enchantment sets won't be released until at least version 0.6 (0.5 will be the armour update). I'll do some armour testing after I've released 0.4.
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    posted a message on [Need a team]Dargoional mod
    Quote from bigman3699

    DAILY BUMB!!!!

    This is now my signature.

    I think I reported this but I have no idea, considering the topic expanded considerably from when I last saw it. What I saw was a crummy topic in the WIP section with this guy yelling BUMB over and over again All I know is that it vanished after I reported it, as did a topic I reported for being in the wrong section. Either a mod was already on it or we have someone watching all incoming topic reports and hitting F5 every two seconds. Can some kind mod tell me what happened?

    As for this mod...there are a thousand other new realm ideas, and this one just has a weird name. The fact that the OP keeps yelling BUMB every hour his topic doesn't get a post on it isn't helping any. As for the mod content itself...it's just another End with remodeled pigs and endermen and stuff. What I got from this is that if you can find one of these ores, which are only as rare as diamond (quite common considering this new ore's insane power), the shard with a little glowstone (not hard to get) will produce a portal to infinite riches.

    Seems legit.

    Like when a guy claiming to be a Nigerian prince emailed me.

    Needless to say, I did not wire him fifty thousand euro.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Dual Wielding
    Just wait for Mine and Blade to come out. They're working on it, but dual wielding is implemented. Also, if you place your pick and torches next to each other in the hotbar, use your mouse wheel.
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    posted a message on [MCv1.5.1][v0.4.0] Enchanted - Forge Compatibility Coming Very Soon
    ~~ UPDATE ~~

    My flash drive was recently taken by a known party who I will leave anonymous. They won't give it back until I settle something with them. (They also happen to be a relative of mine, so I know where they live *muahaha*) Until then there will be no more actual coding updates, just ideas. In fact, here's a tentative list of future enchantments.

    Mostly they'll come in groups of 5-7, although I'm planning on making the Armour Update much larger with all of the stuff I have planned.

    Aeroblade (III) - See previous post
    Pierce (III) - Deals severe damage to armour upon impact.
    Blind (III) - Blinds the target for 2-6 seconds.
    Veil (III) - Temporary invisibility. Costs a lot of durability.
    Deflect (II) - Allows you to deflect arrows by blocking. While level 1 won't block Ghost arrows or defuse any splash effects such as Explode, level 2 will. (Level II idea courtesy of Near528.)
    Shockwave (III) - Replaces blocking with a bow-type attack. Builds power in the sword until it maxes out. When maxed out, the right mouse button can be released while in striking range of a block to damage the sword by 1% of its max durability (only 100 uses for this) and cause a shockwave to affect all entities in the area. Radius and power increase with level.

    Sniper (III) - See previous post.
    Return (III) - Has a 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 chance of despawning shot arrows and returning them to your inventory. (Idea courtesy of titanic10101.)

    Night Vision (I) - Helmet enchantment. In light levels below 7, will automatically activate to provide you with Night Vision.
    Regenerate (II) - Chestplate enchantment. Provided you haven't been hit for over a minute, this will start to heal you regardless of food level.
    (SMP ONLY) Ironguard (I) - Leggings enchantment. Any hit that would have been critical becomes completely useless.
    Swift (II) - Endows the player with Speed I or II.
    Autorepair (III) - Will drain XP to repair the enchanted armour pieces. It will either repair faster (and thus drain XP faster) as levels increase or repair at a fixed rate but use less XP as levels increase. (Vote on it!)
    Messiah (I) - Boot enchant, allows you to walk on water. F YEAH JEEBUS!
    Kamikaze (III) - Upon armour break, causes a violent explosion at the player's current location that will not damage the wearer but will harm everyone around them. Explosion increases in size with each level. (Idea courtesy of Near528.)
    Antivenom (II) - Lessens duration and damage frequency of poison effects.
    Witherproof (II) - Lessens duration and damage frequency of wither effects.
    Lavawalker (I) - Boot enchant, allows you to walk on lava. F YEAH HELL JEEBUS! (Idea courtesy of 1nfinitze.)
    Resurrect (IV) - Upon being killed, this will leave the chestplate so enchanted with 1 durability (or totally destroy it - take the poll!) and respawn the player at their spawn point. It will leave them with anything between 1 and 2.5 hearts of health. (Idea courtesy of 1nfinitze.)
    Springheels (II) - Boot enchantment. Endows the player with Jump Boost I or II.
    Meteor Falling (IV) - Grants the player a meteor-type attack. If you are more than four blocks off of the ground, sneak to hurtle straight down and cause an explosion for some HP and boot durability. HP and durability used decrease over time. (Idea courtesy of Near528.)
    (SMP ONLY) Monstrous (V) - Upon death, the chestplate will shatter / be left with 1 durability (again, take the poll) and spawn between 2 and 10 monsters (depending on the level) at or near your killer's position. Monsters not spawnable are ghasts, endermen, and any boss mobs.

    Complete Pyro, Frost, Forest, Aero, and Hydro sets!

    - A complete set of pyro armour will completely nullify all fire/lava damage
    - A pyro sword will amplify damage while in fire and even more so in lava, along with igniting the foe; deals all extra damage as fire damage
    - A pyro bow also amplifies damage if the shooter is standing in fire or lava as well as dealing extra fire damage and igniting foes - I know there are already two fire enchantments for bows but this one deals more damage as well as lighting stuff on fire

    - A complete set of frost armour will ensure complete immunity to Freeze
    - A Freeze sword freezes foes (already implemented) and does more damage in cold biomes (not implemented)
    - A Frost bow freezes foes (already implemented) and does more damage in cold biomes (not implemented)

    - A complete set of forest armour will increase protection in forest biomes
    - A forest sword will amplify damage in forest biomes
    - A forest bow will amplify damage in forest biomes as well as cause grass to spring up if the arrow hits the ground - will not despawn the arrow

    - A complete set of aero armour will completely nullify all fall damage, including Ender Pearls
    - An Aeroblade sword amplifies damage while airborne and deals all extra damage as fall damage (already implemented)
    - Aeroblade swords also deal a very small amount of extra damage if the wielder is at a higher elevation (not quite implemented)
    - An aero bow amplifies damage if the shooter is airborne when the bow fires; deals extra damage as fall damage, and also does more damage from higher elevations - combine Sniper with this and hit a target from a mountaintop and it's pretty much an instant kill...if the enchantments weren't so hard to get

    - A complete set of hydro armour will remove water movement impairment and allow you to breathe indefinitely underwater
    - A hydro sword will have its damage amplified while in water and deals all extra damage as drowning damage
    - A hydro bow will amplify its damage if the shooter is standing in or underwater and deals all extra damage as drowning damage

    I'm imagining someone setting up an SMP server with this mod and having something like guilds sporting each of these enchantment sets, eg a Pyro guild n the nether, Hydro guild on the seafloor, Forest guild in the woods, Aero guild in the mountains or on some floating island, Frost guild in snow biomes. That's sort of what made me want to code these sets to begin with...I'd probably join the Aero one because I like plunging from the sky onto people in PvP, and I jump around a lot, so Aeroblade would dominate in the arena. I'd have to have Meteor Falling too, just to round it all off.

    If anyone's wondering why Near528 has all these suggestions, it's probably because I know him in real life. Also easysoldier, who I'm going to go credit for Teleshot (currently Teleport) and Agility now because I forgot to write it in earlier.

    And now for a response.
    Quote from AxisGamer

    Thank You! This helps a lot... but I don't have the books!

    Meant to multiquote my first post

    No problem. :D
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    posted a message on [MCv1.5.1][v0.4.0] Enchanted - Forge Compatibility Coming Very Soon
    Quote from epicman739

    does is self-destruct upon death or something? if not, please add it. if so, could you do a similar thing for swords, except activated by clicking or something? it would be fun. i.e. walk into enemy base with nothing but a kamikaze sword, blow up, EPIC WIN.

    Kamikaze comes into effect when a piece enchanted with it breaks. It explodes with increasing violence depending on the level of the enchantment, although without damaging the environment or the wearer (yes, it's very possible). And no, I'm not doing that for swords. You know how OP that would be? Explosion spamming would also cause severe server lag. And from your "EPIC WIN" thing I'm assuming you intend for it to destroy the base. ...No. Sorry, I just think it's OP.
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    Quote from Lithial

    Have you though of making it a forge core mod?

    Meh. Forge won't install properly for me. I downloaded the src file and when I tried to run install.cmd it told me that the system could not find the path specified. I can't find any video tutorials on it.

    Quote from 1nfinitize

    Okay, here are some I thought of just now:

    Ressurection (I)

    If you get to one heart or lower, you are automatically healed to full health, however it can only be used once per minecraft day, and takes out a large chunk of durability if used. Chestplate enchant.

    Lavawalker (I)

    will allow you to walk on top of lava (and not get damaged), however uses up more durability while walking on lava. Also provides minor fire damage protection. Could be useful for nether transportation and mining. :) Boots enchantment.

    I'm liking these. They'll go in with the Armour Update (see below). (I was already thinking of doing a Messiah thing for walking on water, so lava is a pretty good complement to that.)

    Quote from titanic10101

    here's a bow enchant: return returns 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 of arrows fired, depending on level. will not return arrows that hit mobs.

    Wait, so if the arrow doesn't hit anything it despawns and returns to your inventory? Hmm...and the level affects the probability that it will do that...completely plausible, I imight have to try this. It'll probably run off of the Teleshot code.

    Quote from epicman739

    i've always wanted a sword that causes explosions on impact... however, it would be a bad idea without good armour, so i dont know. but it would be really cool. also, maybe add armour enchantments that protect against wither or poison to a certain extent. also maybe a poison or wither effect bow?

    Explosion sword? I can make one that doesn't affect the player (Explode arrows don't harm you, although this may change if I release it for SMP), but it would be really OP. I've already got an anti-poison enchantment for armour planned, although I didn't think about Wither. And no, I'm keeping poison and wither to swords. Bows are boss enough as it is without slowly withering your foes to death. (And by boss enough I mean in this mod. Hell, you don't even have to hit your target anymore. Just aim near them.)

    ~~ Progress update

    Since nobody wants to help me with the armour code, all armour-based enchantments are being removed (including Scorch) and will be implemented later. They're still in the idea-book (on paper), but will come out later.

    In the meantime I'm adding even more sword/bow enchantments, and maybe some tool enchantments too for version 0.4.0. (I'm skipping 0.3.8 because I've already added three of these.)

    - Shield (II) is above.
    - Frost (I) is also above.
    - Sniper (III) - A deadly bow enchantment that increases the damage of the bow over longer distances. For example, sniping a spider from 120 blocks away will add an extra 40 damage with a Level III Sniper bow.. Every three blocks the damage increases by 0.33 ^ the enchantment level (so 1 damage per 3 blocks with Sniper III).
    - Aeroblade (III) - A sword enchantment which does more damage (1/4 to 3/4 of the weapon's damage - this will decrease to prevent diamond swords from being insanely OP with this and Sharpness on them) while the player is airborne.

    All of these are tested, and all work except for Frost, which doesn't seem to be working properly at the moment. I haven't fully tested it, though.

    Future armour enchantments include Meteor Falling (I), Antivenom (II), Messiah (I), and Kamikaze (III). Meteor Falling is probably my favourite, and you can guess what the last one does...

    Also, the five armour enchantments mentioned above (Night Vision, Regenerate, Ironguard, and Swift) are still planned, simply not implemented.

    IF ANYONE WANTS TO HELP ME WITH ARMOUR ENCHANTMENTS, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT. No, seriously. Do it, because I can't figure it out. How would one have an enchantment automatically activate upon certain conditions? (e.g. night vision activates in low light, regenerate activates when the player hasn't been hit for a while) I can do all of the coding except getting the armour to register as enchanted. I tried copying Respiration's code for Night Vision and placed it appropriately, but it doesn't seem to work. Help, please, or else this mod will not have armour enchantments.
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