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    posted a message on [REQ]Tank mod
    Quote from Lawligagger »
    Your a ****ing dipshit get off the fourms

    See, kids? This is called a "troll."

    EDIT: I agree with spartacuscat.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Charlotte Mod (V8)
    Great mod, but I have a few problems.

    The first time she spawned, I ran around and she followed me, and while I was standing around crafting myself another gun (I have the Minegunner Mod) and loading it, she waited. I turned around to go, heard a horrible noise (Cave Ambience 10 scared the [email protected]#$ outta me) and looked back.

    A few puffs of white despawn smoke and the sword I had given her were sitting there.

    After deleting the charlotte file to see if the glitch would occur again, I was running around on my island and heard another cave ambience. The same thing.

    Later that night, after I got a shower, I looked in the mirror and found the letter "C" written on the mirror, like when you swipe your finger across condensation. Confusing.

    (This isn't a Creepy-pasta, it really happened.)

    The next day (today) I was climbing up and down a tower (Battle Towers and 303's grappling hook). Holding my flintlock pistol, which was loaded, I shot and killed zombies and skeletons left and right as I flew up and down the tower using the fixed line. I glanced down and saw the same thing had happened a third time.

    What the @#$% is going on!?
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    posted a message on [1.2_01] Ethereal's Mods: Elevator, Meteorite Quick Bugfix
    Quote from jumpym4x »
    Grrr. I am EAGERLY AWAITING the moment when someone founds out what's causing the "lack of mobs" bug w/ the Meteorite Mod


    So I'm not the only one having this problem...

    I have Mo' Creatures, Humans+, Battle Towers, and fifty thousand other mods that have individual classes instead of modifying old ones. They're all compatible (even Minegunner) and all of a sudden, right after I installed five more (including this one), mobs stopped spawning. I saw a few, but the only way I see mobs now is through skeletons and zombies (and the occasional spider) spawning in the tower I moved to my base using MCEdit...

    So it's the Meteorites mod?

    PS: Ethereal, could you possibly make a lightning mod? Lightning creates a small explosion and fire, like meteorites, only it makes a lot of light and can be seen from a distance. I'm making a storm texture pack, and this would really be appreciated.
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    posted a message on (REQ) blood salamanders
    This sounds like an RPG pet mod. Minecraft isn't about experience points, so I suggest you remove that.

    Other than that, it sounds great. I approve of this.
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    posted a message on fly mod/sky mobs/creatures
    There is already a fly mod out, use the search bar.

    Demons sound kind of annoying. Tone them down a bit, because the flying demons with bows spawning in the daytime would work out something like this:

    You: [Spawns] What a nice day. I'm going to build a house.
    Demon: [Spawns and flies down and fires bow]
    You are defenseless, with no sword or way of escape. Fists do too little damage, and there's not really anything you can change the damage with at that early point (armor, etc.). You can hide under trees, but the demons will just land and kill you then. It would get annoying.

    The birds sound good, however, although maybe giant birds don't shoot water balls. They should just attack (fly and peck). Provide some more specific information, someone might want to code this.
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    posted a message on [REQ] EPIC POPORTIONED MONSTER
    Quote from kingbdogz »
    I tried experimenting with large mobs before and I came up with this:

    Yeah I made Giant chickens, and they would kill you instantly if you got too close. They also slowly grew larger with each second.

    You really need to release this. Best mod I have ever heard of.

    Oh, and if I knew Java (which I'm planning on teaching myself) I would code this giant mob, I thought of something like that a while ago but I never really thought about it.

    Oh, and Rocket Launchers (SDK's Gun Mod) would be useful to kill this thing. XD
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    posted a message on [MOB SKINS] Sophisticraft
    This may be of interest as a skin for a character...

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    posted a message on [REQ] Rain and Snow
    Quote from H3xer1n »
    Quote from lordofroosters »
    I requested this hours ago. Sort of. It's a storm mod.


    Nobody has answered me yet.

    if someone were to code my rain mod, it'd be a very solid foundation for your mod as well

    That sounds good. I asked for lightning too, and permaclouds.
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    posted a message on [Oct 8] Coros Mods: ZombieAwareness for 1.10.2 with new improvements
    I think MCP got updated, since SDK's Gun Mod got updated, and it runs on MCP (or something like that). Now we just have to wait until Corosus decides to update this one, because it's really epic and it'll be sad if he forgets about it. :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on [REQ] Rain and Snow
    I requested this hours ago. Sort of. It's a storm mod.


    Nobody has answered me yet.
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    posted a message on MO's Creature mod v2.1.2- no sound
    Quote from coolbananas555 »
    Quote from Ausanzil »
    I have recently downloaded MO's creature mod v2.1.2, installed everything, got minercaft to boot, but the new animals have no sound. I can still hear pigs, sheep ect, but horses, lions bears, and any other animal that came in the mod have no sound with them. I have installed Modloader and Audiomod. I put the sound files in .minecraft/recources/mod/mod/sound. I can see/interact with the new creatures, but they have no sound. Any one know a fix?

    P.S sorry if my mistake is nooby or something, just i am new to modding

    u need to install audio mod silly 0_0
    :SSSS: :Diamond: :Pig:

    Dude. He installed Audiomod and Modloader. Next time write "you" instead of "u," and put a period at the end.

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    posted a message on MO's Creature mod v2.1.2- no sound
    Quote from Groundhawg »
    Just a quick correction as Mo' is not a persons name, it is a shortened form of "More" the ' is used to signify the abbreviation. Similar to "It's" as opposed to "It is" the ' merges the 2 words and replaces a letter to make it easier to say. The real name is Mo' Creatures or More Creatures.


    Can anyone else read? :tongue.gif:


    You don't need two mod folders. Personally, I dunno what they sound like, cause my sound is off, but...

    Recheck your directories. It's not recourses, it's RESOURCES!
    Everyone says Mo's creatures and recourses but that's WRONG! If you created a "recourses" folder you have failed miserably. If you have two mod folders, you have also failed miserably. It should be My Computer -> Documents and Settings (I have a Windows, so find the equivalent on a Mac if you have one (Macs SUCK at modding MC)) -> [Your username] -> Application Data -> .minecraft -> resources -> mod -> sound (out of music, sound, and streaming), or

    C:\Documents and Settings\[your username]\Application Data\.minecraft\resources\mod\sound.

    OH YEAH!

    Did you remember to turn your sound on?

    :tongue.gif: :SSSS:
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    posted a message on [REQ] Permanent Storm Mod?
    I'm making a texture pack that fits with a stormy environment. I was wondering if anyone had made a permanent thunderstorm mod, or would like to make one.



    Clouds would cover the entire sky and the sun and moon would simply be blobs of light. Weird, but realistic for a storm. I will do the retexture of clouds myself, since I'm the one making the texture pack.


    Rain would fall consistently. Ocean levels would rise and fall, and maybe the rain would sometimes (rarely) stop, for a brief time (no more than a day). It could be heavy or light (or regular), and heavy rain would impede your movement, creating less visibility.


    I was kinda hoping for Ethereal to make this part. He made the meteorite mod and I want something similar with lightning, only closer, with a much smaller explosion, and lighting everything nearby on fire. I dunno if individual person requests are done here, though.


    Sunlight provides 13 light, and lightstone/lava/jack-o-lanterns/etc. are required for full 14-point light. Undead things still die from it, though.

    Mods can be done by individual people, in parts, and I'll pack the cloud, lightning, and rain mods in one .rar or .zip, along with the texture pack folder.
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    posted a message on Is There an Inventory Editor for Beta?
    Guys. Calm it down.]

    It's a forum for an item editor in a video game. Are you really so stupid as to snarl at one another over something so trivial? In my opinion, INVEdit works fine for Beta--at least for me. If you want a fish, hack in sticks and string, craft a fishing rod in-game, and catch them! It doesn't really matter whether or not it's hacking or not, since people play Minecraft many different ways. I for one hacked in an experimental island with MCEdit, and found Pegasuses for more experiments (I use Mo' Creatures).

    It's really dumb the way you guys act. It's like you're in Kindergarten.


    As for the original poster, just find INVEdit. Get a new version, and if it doesn't have fish and stuff then oh well! If you know the crafting recipe just hack in items that are included in that recipe and craft using those.
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