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    Dear God. Someone answer me! Just because there aren't any updates doesn't mean it's cancelled! I just can't find anyone with a working MCP to test for me! (Again. My email is [email protected])
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    I need one or two people with a working Minecraft Coder Pack. Mine refuses to reobfuscate or run the client so I can test the UltraMod files. If anyone has a working Minecraft Coder Pack (or MCP) email me at [email protected] or just answer here, telling me if you have MCP.

    UltraMod topic: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/317226-wipteamprojectultramod-for-beta-15-01/page__p__4689802#entry4689802
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    Something to consider: Why get all that epic-sounding weather only on Hard mode? I'm not a fan of Hard Mode (I like my Millénaire villages without zombies, thanks), and a lot of others aren't either, so why not adjust some weather-difficulty relations?
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    Quote from Birdie570 »
    This Idea is genius iv'e been getting bored of minecraft rcently

    :biggrin.gif: Thanks, Birdie.

    I haven't been able to code for a bit (got annoyed with fuseboxes), and I still haven't found a team willing to help me on this [massive] project. It's getting difficult trying to recompile with javac.exe (CraftingManager.java, the coding that registers crafting recipes, is listed as having 100 errors in javac).

    So, I'm sorta back where I started. I have the .java files, but I need someone with a working MCP! (Mine tells me I'm missing Start.class.)


    Yes, I'll add rabbits. And lettuce, too, come to think of it.

    PS: Birdie570, would you be interested in joining me? I noticed your modder's signature...
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    I sent the message, check your PMs.
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    Yes, I did. Everything is up-to-date and running nicely. I have the latest version of the JDK. My Path variable is set. It used to work, now it doesn't.
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    Who You Want To Do The Pixel Art: Anyone
    What Type: Mob/Item/Other: All three, I've got a lot
    How Long You Want It To Take: 1 Day/1 Hour/Some Other Time: Any time
    Mob Template: (If Any) N/A
    What's Your Mod About:...Check the link down there. I'd like a permanent pixel artist.
    Do you want a link to the file or can you take out the bg yourself: Link Please/No link, it's ok :smile.gif: Link please, cause I don't know what you mean by take out the bg yourself
    Any Other Info: viewtopic.php?f=1039&t=345070
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    ...So, am I on the team, or...
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    I've programmed THROWING TORCHES which can be toggled on or off using the "E" key, and a few of the tomes, as well as most of the hawk. More modders would be appreciated. :\

    SEARCHLIGHT: Can be aimed to cast light on a particular spot.

    MINER HELMET: Around the strength of an iron helmet, but casts a spot of light where you're looking.

    SEA SERPENT: While I can't model or render this, I CAN program its behaviours. (THIS is why I need a modeler!)

    TV: Passes time during the day or night, like a bed, but slower. Powered by electricity.

    METEORS: Slam into the ground randomly, leaving a meteor block that can be combined with another and a stick into a StarSword.

    I have more, but I kind of lost them in a basket full of newspapers. My fault.

    I'm also looking for ideas. If you want to contribute, feel free.
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    I could join your team. I'm on a lot (although offline), so I could program a load of stuff for you. I'm good with mob behaviours and items. (Blocks aren't my specialty...nor is modeling.) I'm currently at work on the UltraMod project, but it's coming up a bit short, so I could find time to help you.
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    I'm already doing this. You can join my team, if you wish. It has the EXACT (almost) same name.


    (PS: New ideas are appreciated! If you have any, feel free to contribute!)
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    Bump, people haven't been responding! I'd like feedback! :SSSS:
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    Thanks for your support! (And being the first poster!)

    I'm currently hoping someone will be kind enough to make a signature for the mod, but if they don't, I'll need to make it myself.

    Also needed: Someone whose MCP reobfuscator and startclient.bat works properly, because mine doesn't. I can send you the .java files via email (mine for this project is [email protected], an old account I never really used).

    In other words, I need a tester who has a working MCP and who can send the reobfuscated .class files back to me!
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    Always nice to see a new modder! You're much better with blocks than I am (then again, I've been trying to code fuse boxes and air raid sirens...), I see...however, I don't use modloader with my mods, so I wouldn't know about that. I can, however, give you some advice on the practical coding. Just ask, because there are a ton of modders out there!

    Welcome to the modding community!
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    This is UltraMod, a collective team modding project (if I can find modders). Read more if you want to find out more...

    I have several friends who play Minecraft, and we all agree that some recent updates have been...well, complete garbage. Let's have a quick look at the Minecraft Time Line...

    Alpha 1.2.0 (Halloween Update)
    -Compasses and Watches

    Up to Beta 1.2._01
    -All bugfixes, beta 1.0 features tooltips

    Beta 1.2
    Probably the sole exception to the "lame-beta-updates" rule.
    -Increased tool durability
    -New coloured sheep
    -Faster gold tools
    -Note Blocks
    -Load of other stuff

    Beta 1.3.
    -Beds, for sleepy time.
    -Different looking steps.
    -Useless stuff and a load of bugfixes

    Beta 1.4
    -Wolves, which you spend three hours finding and taming, and then they sit in your base forever

    Beta 1.5
    -Pretty rain...which happens once a Minecraft-week
    -Thunderstorms, which happen once every blue moon

    Beta 1.6
    -Maps. Yay.
    -Ooo, fancy! A trapdoor! O.o

    Up to Beta 1.7
    -Mod-breaking bugfixes of minor things nobody really knew existed.

    That's why UltraMod was created.



    Magic adds some versatility to what you can do. Instead of monotonous sword-swinging and repetitive pillaring and building, why not fry a creeper from the mountainside with a Fireball Tome or swoop around the turrets of a castle with your new Winged Armor?

    Whether you're summoning rain with the Rain Tome or launching meteorites with the StarSword, magic is always handy.


    A quick segment on obsidian-reinforced tools.

    You can reinforce a tool (pardoning the sword) with obsidian, as long as you have a Slime Ball. The tool goes at the bottom, with the Slime Ball above it and above that, the obsidian block. Obsidian-reinforced tools have infinite durability.


    Swords are great when you feel like killing something. You know what's even greater? Killing something with these babies.

    Fire Sword: Damage: 9, Knockback: Light, Special Skills: Ignites foes

    A Fire sword does quite a bit of damage, but doesn't really knock anything back. It does, however, ignite foes, providing for some serious third-degree burns your enemy won't forget!

    Pros: Strong, lights foes on fire
    Cons: So little knockback foes tend to bounce right back and hit you

    Crafting: Sword at the bottom, Slime Ball in the middle, Flint/Steel at the top.

    Water Sword: Damage: 6, Knockback: Massive, Special Skills: Only weapon with massive knockback

    Water Swords don't do much damage initially, but chances are you'll throw your enemy off a cliff. The massive knockback frequently adds fall damage into the battle equation.

    Pros: Knockback creates fall damage
    Cons: Weak-ish

    Crafting: Sword at the bottom, Slime Ball in the middle, Water Bucket at the top.

    Lightning Sword
    : Damage: 9, Knockback: Medium, Special Skills: Can fire/summon lightning

    Imagine...you're roaming the moonlit countryside with a band of mercenaries, searching for jobs and treasure. All of a sudden, a horde of zombies appears! You barely have room to swing your sword! Don't worry - the Lightning Sword can unleash bolts of deadly lightning on foes, occasionally lighting them on fire. Don't use it on creepers/pigs, or else you'll face a bit of a predicament.

    The Lightning Sword also boasts a fair bit of knockback and damage, making it a good all-around weapon with some drawbacks (so it isn't the ultimate weapon).

    Pros: Strong, fires lightning
    Cons: Doesn't work on creepers/pigs, hard to get most of materials

    Crafting: Sword at the bottom, Iron Block, Slime Ball, Iron Block in the middle, Lightning Essence at the top

    Nether Sword
    : Damage: 20, Knockback: Not required, Special Skills: 1-hit KO

    There's nothing better than a Nether Sword for instantly killing stuff. Why? No vanilla mob or player has more than 20 health (except maybe the Ghast) meaning the 20 damage inflicted kills anything instantly! Unfortunately, it doesn't have much durability, and the resources are fairly very hard to obtain. Oh. And there's a small (1/1000) chance that it will turn the enemy mob into a Ghast.

    Pros: 1-hit KO
    Cons: Resources are hard to get, low durability

    Crafting: Top row: Lava Bucket, Obsidian, Lava Bucket. Middle Row: Netherrack, Slime Ball, Soulsand. Bottom row: Glowstone, Sword, Glowstone. Buckets are not lost, like in Cake.

    Poison Sword
    : Damage: 6, Knockback: Medium, Special Skills: 2-DPS aftereffect

    Poison Swords aren't the strongest of weapons at first glance, but after the first strike you'll notice a green ooze in the mob's wounds. All of a sudden, the mob convulses momentarily and dies! Congrats - you've poisoned your first foe! Poison Swords have an aftereffect where the enemy mob takes 2 damage per second after the first strike.

    Pros: Poisons foes
    Cons: Red Mushrooms are usually only found in deep caves and the Nether

    Crafting: Sword at the bottom, Slime ball in the middle, Red Mushroom at the top

    Ice Sword
    : Damage: 8, Knockback: Light, Special Skills: Freezes mobs for 3 seconds after a strike, long-range 10s freeze

    Ah, the tundra biome. Sole source of natural snow.

    But what's this? Oh, no! Creepers are coming! Your sword has 2 uses left - not enough to finish them all off! You've only got a Slime Ball and a shovel, and a crafting table! Quick - make a snow block and craft an Ice Sword! Besides replenishing your sword's energy via enchantment, you've created a weapon that can freeze mobs both from a range and in melee combat.

    Ice Swords freeze mobs for 3 seconds after a strike, but if you see a mob at a distance, you can freeze it with a right-click. One beam of energy later, they're frozen for 10 seconds.

    Pros: Freezing, strong
    Cons: Low knockback, slightly difficult to obtain snow (lot of walking)

    Crafting: Sword at the bottom, Slime Ball in the middle, Snow Block at the top.

    StarSword: Damage: 12, Meteorites do 2 damage, Knockback: Heavy, Special Skills: Can launch meteors to strike mobs from afar

    StarSwords are harder to come by than Lightning Swords. Why? The key ingredient here is a meteor block, and you only come across those if you're very lucky. Meteor blocks have only one purpose so far...to create the dreaded StarSword.

    More powerful than a diamond sword (diamond does 10 damage), the StarSword has the ability to fire a fast-moving meteorite at the cost of 1 durability. (You can target creepers and pigs with this one, too.) It can also knock foes back far enough to unleash a barrage of meteorites.

    Pros: Strongest weapon in-game, heavy knockback, meteorite-firing
    Cons: Rare to come by meteors

    Crafting: Sword at the bottom, Slime Ball in the middle, and Meteor Block at the top.


    Do zombies always claw at your clothes and tear 'em up? Well, rotting hands of the undead, meet armor! Armor can't be torn apart by zombies, and it's been trusted for years by many experienced Minecrafters to guard them from wayward monsters in their mines. Now, armor offers you more than just protection...hell, it can even make you fly!

    Light Armor
    : Durability: Diamond, Special Skills: Illumination

    Nighttime is dark. Iron armor doesn't light anything up. You're bored, since you can't see in the dark very well. Suddenly, you remember the stacks of Glowstone Dust in that chest! Enchant your armor with them, and with every additional level of armor, you are illuminated more and more. With full armor, you're like a miniature walking sun! The more damage you take, the lesser the glow.

    Pros: Illuminates the area around you, tough
    Cons: Hard to get enough Glowstone Dust to make a full set

    Crafting: Armor on the bottom, Slime Ball in the middle, Glowstone Dust in the other 7 slots

    Flaming Armor: Durability: Iron, Special Skills: Ignites attackers

    You're in a cave, strolling along, searching for ores. All of a sudden, a spider leaps out at you! Luckily for you, you're wearing the Flaming Armor, and that spider has been lit on fire as a result of contact with this hot new armor. The fire damage provides enough of a stall that you can whip around and kill the spider. If you were wearing different armor, this battle might have ended badly.

    Flaming Armor is constantly on fire as a result of the Netherrack infused into the very substance of it.

    Pros: Kills things that attack you with fire
    Cons: Requires access to the Nether to obtain, not as tough as diamond armor

    Crafting: Top row: Three lava buckets, Middle row: Netherrack, Slime Ball, Netherrack, Bottom row: Flint/Steel, Armor, Flint/Steel

    Winged Chestplate: Durability: Diamond, Special Skills: You can FLY!

    A castle isn't a castle without winged gryphons soaring around the turrets. And now, with the Winged Chestplate, you can BE one of those gryphons! This special chestplate has wings attached to the back (no restrictions on movement). You can fly like a pegasus from Mo' Creatures, and steer clear of trouble. And in case you do get in trouble, it's a very tough piece, so it won't break easily (I'm being courteous. :Indigo: Be glad!).

    Pros: Enables you to fly
    Cons: Requires you to craft wings using four more Slime Balls, which are rare in the first place

    Crafting: Chestplate at the bottom, Slime Ball in the middle, Wings on top.

    Wing recipe is as follows: Top row: Three feathers. Middle row: Two adjacent feathers and a Slime Ball. Bottom row: A feather, a Slime Ball, and empty space.


    This recipe is for the right wing. Reverse it for the left wing:


    And for the Wings:

    Left Wing Right Wing

    This recipe can be done in the 2x2 grid, but you need the 3x3 for the armor. Wings have more uses later.

    Armor Changetype/Refresh

    This recipe consists of an armor piece with a Slime Ball above it. Above the slime ball can be leather, gold, iron, or diamond. Depending on the material, you can change the armor's type (or, if you use the same material, you can refresh the armor's durability). This enables you to conserve resources (it costs 20 of a resource for a full suit of armor made out of it) at the cost of rare Slime Balls, which are used in other enchantments.


    A tome is, in essence, a magic book. They contain enchantments, and most have powers associated with them. Many have specific purposes (at least in Minecraft).

    After all, it's fun to shoot things on mountainsides with sudden bolts of lightning, or wear the Winged Chestplate and wield the Fire Tome...then fly around the countryside shooting fireballs and pretending to be a Ghast. Whee!

    Fire Tome

    Right-clicking with this launches a fireball, similar to that of the Nether's dreaded Ghast, but without all of the freakish screaming and moaning and the strange faces. The fireball creates an explosion and will light nearby flammable things on fire. The explosion is approximately 1/4 the size of a creeper explosion, which is 1/4 the size of a TNT explosion. That means the explosion is 1/16 that of TNT. See? Wasn't that a fun little math lesson?

    Pros: Plenty of durability, useful as a weapon
    Cons: Uses four Flint/Steels, might blow up your house if used incorrectly

    Crafting: Top row: Lava Bucket, Flint/Steel, Lava Bucket. Middle row: Flint/Steel, Book, Flint/Steel. Bottom row: Lava Bucket, Flint/Steel, Lava Bucket.

    Lightning Tome

    The only difference between this and the Lightning Sword is that this is soley for lightning, and it doesn't cost 18 iron. Works easily, summons a lightningbolt where you're looking. Be careful around creepers and pigs.

    Pros: Summons a strong lightningbolt, doesn't cost 18 iron
    Cons: Not much versatility

    Crafting: A book, with Lightning Essence above, below, and on the left and right of it.

    Rain Tome

    Bring on the rain! It doesn't matter if you need your outside crops watered, or your wolves need a bath, or you just like the aesthetics. The Rain Tome brings all your rain-only needs! Oh, and as an added bonus, it blocks out the sun.

    Pros: Makes it rain, providing water to crops and cleanliness/fresh water to wolves, and a nice visual
    Cons: Undead won't burst into flames

    Crafting: A book with a Water Bucket above, below, and on either side of it. Buckets are not lost.

    Thunderstorm Tome

    BOOM. Most Minecraft players don't like thunderstorms, because they spawn monsters and the lightning charges creepers, and might hit the player. But there are the adventurous few who charge outside during darkening thunderstorms and bravely slay the monsters just to enjoy the rain while their fuse boxes get Lightning Essence from the bolts of lightning raining down upon the Iron Rods protruding from their homes.

    Thunderstorm Tomes are for those adventurous few, and also for those who have safe homes but need more electricity.

    Pros: Provides electricity
    Cons: Spawns monsters, Pigmen (pigs + lightning), and super creepers, not to mention a risk of being hit by lightning.

    Crafting: Same as Rain Tome, but with Lightning Essence at each corner

    Ice Tome

    Deep freeze your foes and send them back to the Ice Age with this immobilizing book. It may not do as much melee damage as an Ice Sword, but it freezes enemies for twice as long with a right click (20s compared to 10s). There is also a 10% chance that frostbite will set in and slowly damage the enemy after it thaws.

    Pros: Freezes foes, frostbite can kill them
    Cons: None, pardoning the stack of snowballs you need to find

    Crafting: A book with Snow Blocks above, below, and to either side of it

    Brick Tome

    A tome that turns blocks you're looking at into bricks. It has no other purpose other than creating strange, abstract brick art using a wall of something.

    Pros: Bricks.
    Cons: It's a big joke lord put in because it was 11 PM and he wasn't thinking straight, and it has no real purpose.

    Crafting: A book with a brick above, below, and to either side of it.


    We all want new blocks. There are so many things people want out of Minecraft (like electricity) but I get the strangest feeling that, with Beta 1.6, we aren't gonna see much more, and I don't think we ever will - 1.6 means only 4 more updates, so unless Notch parsels it out into sub-updates like with Alpha, Minecraft's gonna be pretty dull.

    In the meantime, here's some nice stuff to keep you going.

    Fuse Box

    Gathers Lightning Essence from lightning. It only works if you have an Iron Rod attached to the top. The more Iron Rods you have attached (you can stack them on top of one another), the higher chance of opening your Fuse Box and finding lots of Lightning Essence after a storm. It is the sole source of Lightning Essence, so get one quickly!

    Crafting: Top row: 3 iron bars. Middle row: Gold bar, chest, gold bar. Bottom row: Redstone Dust, Gold bar, Redstone Dust.

    Iron Rod

    A simple tool. It has an orb on the end of it where lightning will strike. If one is placed on top of another, the first one will become a straight rod, while the second one has the orb. (The orb is always at the top.) While they can be placed anywhere, their sole purpose at the moment is to supplement Fuse Boxes with Lightning Essence. Theoretically, after crafting a Lightning Tome, you could cause lightning to repeatedly strike the rods...

    Crafting: 3 vertical iron bars

    *More blocks to come.*


    So far, only the Hawk has been thought of and coded...

    The Hawk.
    It has the same behavioral-type characteristics of a wolf, like attacking and being tamed, but instead of bones, you feed it mice to tame it, and meat to heal it. When it detects an item, a box pops up listing that an item was detected, and asks if you want it or not. (The box hasn't been coded quite yet.) If you hit yes, the hawk will target the item and fly to it, picking it up in a personal inventory (or maybe just carrying it). The hawk can scan a chunk-sized area for items.


    So far, our team consists of only lordofroosters (myself) and spiderjjr45 (tester).

    PROJECT CREATOR/LEADER - lordofroosters
    TESTER - spiderjjr45
    TESTER/ARTIST - maxadam5/TheSiriusAdam

    I'm planning on asking some modders within the community if they want to join the team, but any modder who wants to join me can submit a quick form...

    Why do you want to join the UltraMod project?
    What's your modding specialty (items, mob modeling/rendering, effects, blocks, etc.)?

    The post will be updated as time passes.

    Stay tuned!


    And if you like the mod, here's the banner.

    Here's the coding...copy and paste it into your signature if you support the mod.


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