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    posted a message on Infinitas, where the possibilities are as endless as this land.[1.2.5] [Friendly Staff!] [McMMO] [Factions] [24/7] [76 slots!]
    Yeah, the ban list is public knowledge. I don't really give a rat's ass.
    I did nothing to Remorce's server. I have nothing against those people.

    We banned you because of the same **** you're doing right now: starting a flame war/shitstorm. You do nothing but cause problems wherever the hell you go. You are only in charge of a bunch of idiots on Hackforums. Everybody else has deserted you and follow me.
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    posted a message on Infinitas, where the possibilities are as endless as this land.[1.2.5] [Friendly Staff!] [McMMO] [Factions] [24/7] [76 slots!]
    Quote from Remorce

    Oh yeah where the possibilities are endless. Even if you want to go onto other people's servers, hack op, and then tnt their entire town and everybody's houses because somebody killed you after you broke into their house.

    Thanks kuro. Way to be "mature". Clearly we are the ones here who are kids. Congrats. You are a massive jackass. You have gone out and destroyed the server that we have been running for over a month now. You are absolutely despicable. I can't believe you would go and pull crap like this. We can't even play anymore.

    Guys, beware. Don't go and you know **** kuro off because then he will go and destroy your server.

    I am not responsible for the actions of those who played on our server, but they are extremely angry about what you went and did. So, for what they go and do, i cannot control.

    Uh, dude, i haven't been on your server for 2 weeks since i got mine back. check yourself before you wreck yourself son. I haven't done crap besides some theiving of everything not nailed down. Me nor none of my boys have been to your server in a long time as far as I am knowledgeable of. It's probably some jackass doing a falseflag op to ruin my good name.

    addendum: if you had freaking installed logblock like i kept reccomending you would have found whoever the hell really did nuke your server. Keep in mind you loosely gave out OP to all your buddies, some who you had to publicly reprimand for abusing power and spawning crap, like Devil, or known griefers like that Glock kid.

    BLAC had nothing to do with the destruction of your server, and if you need help rebuilding **** and getting your security beefed up, I'm always around here, just give me a yell and i'll get me and my boys back in and we'll help you out.

    Once again, BLAC had no hand in your server's raping, and we will offer security assistance if neccesary.
    Your boy jrod wouldn't bring jackasses in and publicly back them by saying we were legit.

    Addendum 2: You ran your server in Offline-Mode. Anybody with a proper griefing client can spoof somebody's username. BLAC is currently at odds with a user known as Posidem, who runs a copycat clan of ours, and has access to such technology. It is severely likely this person came in, spoofed my username, and did the aforementioned griefing of your server.

    I will not tolerate your brash accusation of me coming onto your server to destroy it, especially when I have been a legitimate server operator since the Alpha days of MC. Your accusation does nothing but attempt to tarnish my reputation and could be seen as libellous.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Translations for 1.1.0
    I can totally do a Latin translation. =X
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    posted a message on WHY AM I BANNED?
    I encourage all server owners to pre-empt this kid.
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    posted a message on Planet Miltia v3 - Buildcraft/Industrialcraft server
    Mods, please delete thread
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    posted a message on No Remorse 24/7 | No lag | No whitelist | Grief | PvP | 30 slots
    GTFO and don't come back. I banned you because you were disrupting the flow of the game, and generally raising hell and pissing off the other players with your ********.

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    posted a message on ITRDS
    :biggrin.gif: :biggrin.gif: :biggrin.gif:!

    I just woke up. Wonder if i can't figure out how to cram that sucker even tighter together. I knew it's been done before, but when you're loopy on your painkillers, you tend to forget.

    that's right.

    i built that thing under the influence of a prescribed opiate-analogue painkiller. woooo <_>
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    posted a message on Regarding SMP "cheats" -- An updated policy
    ITT: A bunch of kids, autistic teenagers and adults being buttfrustrated because Team AVO popularized hax for self-gain. Grow up. It's a freaking game. If it's a game, there will be cheaters. it's proven fact since the days of Donkey Kong, not that 80% of you brats would understand this because you never got to see the glory of an actual NES.

    If I was running a server i wouldn't give a **** if somebody cheated, just as long as they didn't go around trashing stuff. BIG WHOOP THEY HAVE X-RAY. cry some more why don't ya. It only serves to rob the user out of the thrill of finding valuable ores. The only people that are really bitching about X-ray in multiplayer are autistic PvP purists who can't get around the concept that life is in fact, not fair, there are no real rules to war, and that wars are won by trickery, deceit, and having better tech than the other guy.

    That's all it is folks, a bunch of butthurt, dare i say assraging autistics bellyaching because they got their **** wrecked.

    you wanna beat someone with X-Ray hax? put your junk in a bedrock room with a metal door and make the redstone impossible to get at so it can't be thrashed. /thread
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