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    posted a message on [1.7.4] [PVP/MOBA] Calamity by Moesh (v4)
    I assume people think because its redstoned up, its complicated and hard to learn. as a tester for this map I can assure you this map is super easy to pick up. So many tactics can be used on this map.No match is ever the same. There is zero lagg and its a very smooth map. If you like pvp or are interested in learning some minecraft pvp I highly recommend checking this map out, I promise you wont regret it!
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    posted a message on GGMC Server. Recruiting LPers. Read for requirements.
    I am 23, I ve been Playing minecraft for years and have been addicted most of the time, I ve been part of various community's, and play with tons and tons of people all across the world.
    During my time as a minecrafter I have completed a few projects and large build, lots of mob farms spawn type builds. Rarely in creative always vanilla. My favorite part of minecraft is Pvp, and recently I have been very addicted to ftb and got back into vanilla. As for recording, I have a you tube channel and a decent mic, but as you will learn I dont have the greatest voice and have never really gotten into let plays, but I do post pvp and other event type videos

    Must be Active on the server because what's the point in being part of the server if you aren't?
    We want you to be part of the community/server and not just join to record then leave.
    We want you to be involved with events we organize and our building projects.

    These 3 points are the best part for me, and the main reason I am applying. I love community settings, getting together pvping, uhc, Ctms, and beta testing map I love it all!, and I cant wait to get started with you guys.

    thanks for your consideration!

    Max (llvllax)
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    posted a message on MiddleMC (MC Community) [Group Chat] [FTB Mindcrack (Easy)] [Vanilla(hard)] Apply NOW!

    MiddleMC is a small minecraft community looking for a few new regulars! We came to be after I decided i wanted to start my own FTB server and made a little reqruit post on mc forums. But since then things have changed, We now have a second server with a duplicate whitelist, Only difference is, its vanilla! as for how we play, we have a town in FTB with 30x30 plots, and for the most part we all live in town, the server is a few weeks along so most have advanced quite a bit since we are easy mod, but now we get the oppertunity to explore more mods, get to know the community, build (microblocks <3), and of course play some vanilla! Now the vanilla server is brand new, and we decided its not going to be as organised as ftb, meaning no town. But that just gives us opertunity to branch of and do our own thing! So far, I have not required any age limits or restriction, but declined people based off first impressions and additute, most of the time i get a cold (f-u) and makes me feel really good about my decision to decline someone, so since it has been working out i think ill keep it that way and go off my first impressions.

    What are you applying for?

    Whitelist spot on 2 servers, Feed The beast (mindcrack pack)(easy gregtech), and on a 100% vanilla server
    And also a spot in our skype community chat, NO MIC REQUIRED!



    Minecraft experience's:
    Additional info:

    I look forward to your applications and good luck!

    -llvllax (Max)
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    posted a message on Feed The Beast (MindCrack Pack) [1.4.6] WHITELIST!
    I will continue to add people, we have had ONE account get hacked and he was removed right away, but other then that..no Issues spawn town is coming along amazingly we still need a few more active people to play. Apply on this forum then PM me your skype, I will not contact you through mc forums, I will contact you through skype, this is for simple fast file sharing, and communication in a chat group with the server! No mics required!
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    posted a message on Feed The Beast (MindCrack Pack) [1.4.6] WHITELIST!
    FRESH MAP hoping for LONG TERM WITH NO RESETS!!! gregTech EASY!

    Hey, I just bought a new server and I plan to have it hosted for the foreseeable future. Ill be white listing people from this thread only. I have high hopes of starting some sort of community but its not going to happen unless we get a good amount of decent players. Ill be online for the next hour and Ill continue to check this thread often for new people.


    A few things about yourself, and/or minecraft experience?
    to be accepted you must pm me your skype AND post an app on this thread!
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