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    🔰🔰 MGNETWORK 🔰🔰

    ➡️ Re-opening 4.6.2021 ⬅️

    ⚠️ Expect huge drop parties, events etc... ⚠️


    🔻play.mgnetwork.host 🔻

    ▶️ JAVA 1.16.5 ◀️

    ⏬🔽 Q&A? 🔽⏬

    ❇️What is MGNetwork?

    ✴️MGNetwork is a minecraft server network. That means it connects multiple server together into a proxy network giving you ability to play multyple gamemodes with no need of changing the server just type the command in chat

    ✳️What does MGNetwork offer?

    ✴️We offer to everyone of our players, with no limitations:

    ❇️SMP custom modified server including sitting, laying whenever you want, towns with seasonal wars, grief prevention, custom kobs, custom boss fights, custom wandering traders trades, jobs, quests and more

    ❇️PRISON server with custom worlds, drugs, gangs, plots, mines, over 20 ranks etc...

    ❇️SKYBLOCK server with custom islands, dangeouns, mines with bosses, minions etc..

    ❇️KITPVP server with custom arena and kits

    ❇️MINIGAMES server with Amongs Us, BedWars, SurvivalGames, Hide and Seek, The Bridge, Protect the village and Party Games

    ❇️FACTIONS server with raids

    ❇️ANARCHY server with only one rule. Do not crash the server. Everything else is allowed.

    ✳️Which version are you running?

    ✴️We always support latest minecraft version except for Prison, SkyBlock and KitPvP which support 1.8 -> latest client.

    ✳️Is server cracked?

    ✴️We support cracked account but no bots, alts etc... Every account that registers get its IP and Password stored in 512-bit sha encryption. There can only be 1 player from 1 IP which eliminates chance of having fake accounts and we get closer to premium-like server

    ✳️What is the most important thing for MGNetwork?

    ✴️The first most important thing for us is your gameplay, how you enjoy your stay on the server.

    ✴️Second is the server performance. If we see and lag spikes in TPS (That is Ticks per seconds - server performance, we cannot help if you have problems with FPS, frames per second - client perfornance) and upgrade the hardware if we see a problem

    ✴️We put a lot of effort into making the server secure and that is our 3rd most important thing. Keeping griefers and trollers out. We have a lot of anti exploit meassures in place on the server to eliminate as much chances to ruin the server as possible.

    ✳️What are your links?

    ✴️IP: play.mgnetwork.host

    ✴️DISCORD: https://discord.mgnetwork.host

    ✴️WEBSITE: https://www.mgnetwork.host

    ✴️SHOP: https://mgnetwork.tebex.io

    🔸As a Owner of the server, at the end, I would like to address you, the reader, if you could give my server a chance and check it out. At the moment only anarchy server is running due to maintenance on the main network, but it will be up on Friday.

    ▪️It would be my honor to see you come online, join our discord, chat with us and give me suggestions and ideas what to add or remove from server.

    🔹Anyway, thank you for taking a time to read this and see you on MGNetwork minecraft server.

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    ⟬ MGNetwork ⟭

    ⦓Brand new minecraft server network⦔

    ╔You can experience:

    ╠ Survival server featuring:

    ╳ Custom mobs with custom drops

    ╳ Custom wandering trader trades

    ╳ Towny with session wars

    ╳ No map reset

    ╳ Grief prevention with claims

    ╠ Prison server featuring:

    ╳ Drugs which can also be produced

    ╳ Over 14 different ranks and 6 prestige ranks

    ╳ Unique trees that drop ores

    ╳ Black market and market shop

    ╳ Gangs to fight and conqure others.

    ╠ Minigames server featuring:

    ╳ Custom made maps (Survival maps have puzzles too)

    ╳ SurvivalGames, Hide and Seek, BedWars

    ╳ PartyGames which combine 22 different gamemodes together

    ╳ AmongUs with real-game maps, mechanics etc... but 3D view

    ╳ Score- and leader-board

    ╠ Factions server featuring:

    ╳ Unique factions mechanics with raid options

    ╳ No world resets

    ╳ Unique auction and shop

    ╳ Turrets

    MGNetwork is a unique server. It does stand out from other server by modifications, custom maps, modified game mechanics etc...

    ╔One of features that are common to all of our servers are:

    ╠ Network-wide economy system (your balance is shared between the servers)

    ╠ New-gen Arrifical Inteligence anti-cheat system

    ╠ Banking system where you can deposit/loan money, experience and items.

    ╠ Pre-setup queue system

    ╠ Crack account support (with 512-bit encryption of passwords)

    ╠ Latest JAVA version (1.16.5)

    ╠ Pre-ready for 1.17

    To MGNetwork staff team, one of the most important things is your gameplay.

    ╔Because of that:

    ╠ All server are running on overclocked I9 9900K

    ╠ Every server has at least 16GB of DDR4 overclocked RAM

    ╠ Whole network running on SSDs

    ╠ 1Gbps connection to ensure playable latency for all the world

    Still not convinced? Well I cannot give you more details but I'll kindly ask you to give me a shot and come check out the server. I'm working hard on it since it is totally fan-driven and I am working on it in my free time.

    We are also, always, on a lookout for potencial moderators, builders and partners (streamers, youtubers etc..)

    If you want to be part of the MGNetwork team please join the discord and open a support ticket.

    ┨IP: play.mgnetwork.host

    ┨DISCORD: https://discord.gg/taU9wg26Sf

    ┨WEB: https://www.mgnetwork.host

    Support my work trough shop

    ┨SHOP: https://mgnetwork.tebex.io

    ╱Ready to start your new adventure?╲

    ▁▂▄▆JOIN MGNETWORK▆▄▂▁

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    Minecraft server network

    🔅Modified custom survival server
    🔅Factions server with raids
    🔅Prison server with RPG
    🔅Minigames server featuring BedWars, Hide and Seek, Survival games and AMONG US.
    🔅Support for cracked accounts (premium accounts are 100% safe from hijacking)
    🔅SHA512-bit encryption of passwords
    🔅24/7 online time
    🔅19+ TPS performance
    🔅Optimized network for players all around the world

    Totally new gameplay experience.
    Everything is custom made on this server. You will be able to see and experience :
    ✳️Custom boss fights
    ✳️Custom mobs spawning at night
    ✳️Shop with spawners
    ✳️Cross-network economy system with loans, debt and interests
    ✳️Custom enchantments
    ✳️Custom quests with ladder system
    ✳️Custom achievements with ladder system

    So why wait for this unique experience?
    Join today
    ➡️ IP: play.mgnetwork.host
    ➡️ DISCORD: https://discord.gg/taU9wg26Sf

    Use latest released JAVA version to connect.

    Hope to see you on your new adventure.


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    posted a message on {MGNetwork} ~ Unique Factions, Survival, Minigames, Prison and more


    Welcome to promotional thread of brand new Minecraft server network called MGNetwork.


    On all of our server we feature visualisation of intractable blocks (crafting table, furnace etc...), which means you are able to see, what is going on "inside" the block (You can see what player is crafting on a crafting table, where items are placed and what was crafted)

    On our server you will be able to experience

    -Unique survival gameplay featuring jobs, quests, custom enchantments and lock system

    -Factions gameplay featuring all survival mechanics including raiding.

    -Minigames server featuring:

    ~Survival games (From small to huge arenas, also able to play in teams)

    ~BedWars with custom shop items and spawners

    ~Hide and seek with different hiding blocks for each arena and 1-2 seekers.

    ~Among US featuring real maps and mechanics like in the real game.

    ~PartyGames which allows you to play with up to 16 players per party and compete in 21 different minigames

    -Prison server with custom made mines (mines per rank), ranks, unique quests, robbing, drugs etc... (Its really complicated)

    Our discord has self-made bot, so all info shared in a support ticket, music listened etc... will not be shared with anyone. You are safe to provide your less personal data (Never post your account password anywhere, neither any of your personal information), since all data is stored in a database on a different server.

    Servers are being worked on and updated weekly (progress is annoucned on discord channel every Sunday).

    We have a friendly staff team, with which you are able to play with. We want to be part of your gameplay, part of your story on the server and work on the server from the feedback we will get.

    The server is fan made and driven by ideas from staff team members and playerbase. We want to hear your suggestions, so if you have any, open a ticket. Please.

    The server is also not and never will be pay-to-win. We do not support such mechanics and is also against EULA. VIP ranks on our server features stuff, that does not effect the gameplay. VIP players can create their own private worlds, access the server while is in maintenance, have a priority queue and some better gear in minigames and private mine in prison server but that is pretty much it. Factions and Survival server will not feel any superiority of VIP players, while minigames and prison may a bit, but nothing game changing.

    VIP ranks are setup, so we can give something back to you for helping the server.

    All funds generated via donations or buying ranks will go towards paying for hosting, upgrading the server hardware, implimenting new plugins and mechanics. No staff team member will ever be payed since it is a volunteer server and staff positions are volunteered.

    We will try our best to provide you a 19+ TPS gameplay. Our network speeds are blazing fast so all EU players can except a ping from low as 20ms to up to 70ms, players from US can except around 120ms.

    Join our discord server. You can message me directly about all the questions regarding the server or if you have issues, open a support ticket.

    DISCORD: https://discord.gg/taU9wg26Sf

    IP: play.mgnetwork.host

    Hope to see you on the server



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