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    posted a message on ◄ The Plague: Reborn™ ►
    Minecraft Username: lkenage
    Gender (Male/Female):Male
    Country of Residence:New York, New York
    Your Character's Background (Roleplaying)(5 Sent.Min): The apocalypse happened quickly, far too quickly. I was caught in an nuclear explosion and I was forever changed. I am confused.

    An Image of your character: Confused, Insightful, Bumbling, Dexterous

    Why Do You Want To Join: I've been looking around for a challenging server to play on, and the idea of a server where it's dark and full of monsters is a thrilling prospect. I expect to have fun here!

    What can you bring to the community: I'm a generally helpful person and I have a sense of humor. How can you merely survive without any entertainment?
    Have you read all the rules? (Yes/No) Yes
    Have you read and understood the lore? (Yes/No): Yes
    Do you understand the Game Mechanics and the Currency system? (Yes/No):Yes
    Have you downloaded and installed our custom texturepack? (Yes/No):Yes
    Do you have a microphone (Yes/No):Yes
    Will you be active on our Ventrillo (Yes/No): Yes ( Though my rooming situation may not permit it occasionally)

    Any other information you would like us to know about you: Did you know if you mix Sprite and Cranberry juice, the result is delicious?
    Do you have a referall, if so who?: None
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    posted a message on CWMW||SDK Gun Mods||RuneCraft||PVP||Recruiting Clans/People
    1 : IGN: lkenage
    2 : Forum Name: lkenage
    3 : Last 2 Previous servers if any: mc.magicaltoaster.com and my own server
    4 : What clan you are interest in joining (If wanting to start your own clan put N/A): If possible, I'd like to make the clan "Unicorns" with my friend who's also interested in joining (Akwon)
    5 : Do you have Ventrilo: No (Can get one and know how to use)
    6 : Do you have SDK Gun Mod: Yes
    7 : Do you understanding that Disobeying Server Rules will result in a Server Ban: Yes
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    posted a message on Jeranamo's Survival PVP

    I'm wondering why I get "connection refused" when I try to connect to this server. I've connected a couple times before, my IGN is "Lkenage."

    The message I get is:

    Failed to connect to server
    Connection refused: connect
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    posted a message on Brohemoth's 24/7 50cap Clan Wars Server(NOW WITH POSTERGIRL)
    Hey, this server looks pretty interesting!

    I have a friend and who also wants to join, so could you please whitelist two names?

    Me: Lkenage
    Friend: Akwon

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