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    posted a message on Looking for-Tekkit Nuclear Plant Build Help
    i would love to help, i could maybe host it to.
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    posted a message on Apply for staff for a survival server [No name No confirmed ranks]
    What position are you applying for: Mod / Admin
    Previous bans: No
    Have you ever played a Minecraft hardcore survival server: Never
    How often do you plan to be on: 4 - 6 hours a day
    How old are you (prefer not to say): 15
    Do you have Skype (required) if so Skype name: lilrubzv1
    do you have a mic(preferred): Yea
    Minecraft in Game Name: lilrubz
    Tell us a bit about you: I have been playing minecraft about 1 1/2 year, i help people when ever i can help. I'am doing my best for people to enjoy servers.
    Any other information you would like us to know: Im a hardcore minecraft player
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    posted a message on Looking for players/staff for a new tekkit server!
    Age: 15

    IGN: lilrubz

    Timezone: +2

    Tekkit experience: I can the basics and I learn something new every day.
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    posted a message on New Tekkit Server Co-op
    Minecraft Name: lilrubz

    Age: 15

    Why do you want to join? - I want to join because i love to play with tekkit, and i know how to use it.

    Do you have a mic(teamspeak/skype)- i have skype ( lilrubzv1 )

    Why should we let you join? - You should let me join because im a good helper and i would love to play with ypu and your friends.

    List the max 3 jobs you want and why? (you need to have some experience with these jobs.) -
    Mayor - i have some experience with making rules and get people to follow the rules.

    Quarry Miner - i can use quarry and the things that the quarry need to run.

    Farmer - im good with farming

    Place an X in the box if you understand the rules [ X]
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    posted a message on Looking for people to play Tekkit with (I have a private server)
    Could i join?
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