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    Hi, when i was opening the server yesterday, i found that there was an RPGInventory's error in the console suddenly, and soon this plugin could not be used in the server, even Plugman couldn't reload it too.
    Spigot verison: Paper 1.13.2
    RPGInventory: 2.3.0
    Console's logs:
    Anyone know why? please help:(

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    posted a message on Questions abuot DungeonXL

    HI, I tried to set these texts with 5 signs in my dungeon:


    And i expect to set 5 mobs totally will be spawned when i played
    However , 10+ mobs were spawned, anyone know why?
    Also, i set this with in the dungeon:


    M M1-5

    However, after i killed the mythicmobs "M1-5", the dungon doesn't end. So how can i set a dungeon will be ended after I killed a mythicmobs' mob?

    These above problems have let me get into a trouble with a very long period of time. Please help!

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