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    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
    inspired by the books by J.K. Rowling.

    images coming soon.

    This Project is based on the 7 BOOKS
    This project plans to create the magic of the wizarding world of Harry Potter.
    The map is not based on the movies, but the books. The map will include limited inspiration from the movies, since there is little to go on from the books as to the scale/layout of the castle.
    I'm using the Harry Potter wiki, books, and pottermore to gather information.
    for example, the hufflepuff dormitory is located next to the kitchens, and the kitchens are located underneath the great hall.

    Working on texture pack for book stacks that replace the daylight sensors.
    So far, I have completed 100% of Privet Drive and the Burrow, around 75% of Hogwarts, and 60% of Hogsmeade. I plan on creating all of the major scenes and locations from the books, this includes Grimmauld Place, Diagon Alley, Godrick's Hallow, St. Mungo's and whatever else is relevant to the story.

    Map Released: Version 0.6

    Map Features:

    All terrain in the map is made with Worldedit, Voxel Sniper, and World Painter, there is no vanilla world generation in this map.
    Map intended on being played on moody.

    Floo Network:
    Many of the locations around the map are spread out very far, apart from Hogwart's and Hogsmeade, which can be traveled to and from via the secret passage on the Third Floor, to Honeydukes, or via a path which can be seen on the full map.
    Since the locations are spread far apart, I have placed buttons on most fireplaces in the world, which will teleport you to and from the Floo Network Hub. Once in the Hub you can teleport to any location in the map via the Floo Network.

    To Do List:

      • Hogwarts
        • Fred George Shop
        • dungeons corridors
        • Dungeon tasks from first movie
        • Chamber Of Secrets
        • room of req (2/3 done)
        • Secret Passages
        • forest stuff
          • grawp's place

    • Diagon Alley
    • Malfoy Manor
    • Grimmauld Place
    • Godrick's Hallow
    • Horcrux Cave
    • Gaunt house
    • Riddle House and village
    • Lovegood's House.
    • Shell cottage
    • Train station
    Completed Items:

      • Hogwarts
        • Quidditch Pitch
        • Dormitories
        • The 7 Corridors
        • Room of Requirement (2/3)
        • Library
        • Great Hall
        • Courtyards (each house gets its own courtyard)
        • Herbology Greenhouses
        • 2nd Floor Girls Restroom
        • Boathouse

      • Hogsmeade
        • All Main Shops
          • Secret passage from Honeydukes to Hogwarts

        • Shrieking Shack

    • The Burrow
    • Privet Drive

    World Download (0.6) (MC 1.11)

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