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    posted a message on Cannot post in "What Have you done recently thread"
    Java edition section. survival Mode. Keep getting this error:
    HTTP Code: 403
    Status Text: error
    Address: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-java-edition/survival-mode/297957-what-have-you-done-recently?page=275#c6711
    Date: Wed Nov 25 2020 09:29:36 GMT+0000 (Greenwich Mean Time)
    Request: POST /comments/create-14-297957

    This is six times now I've tried to post in there.
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    posted a message on Are Beds Overpowered?

    I agree more with the making villagers sleep in beds in villages only more than removing them completly , there's no need for that. Wanna sleep in a village, find sheep and make your own bed. A simple recipe for a sleeping bag could be possible, but even then they'd be those that would complain no matter what. (More agreeable alternative to using campfires and chairs.)

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    posted a message on Where do you tend to build your mob farms?

    I mainly build them around spawners in my 10 year old survival world, so I still have to do the work still. The main one being my skeleton farm which I found by accident whilst flattening a chunk error wall by my castle. I do have a mob grinder of sorts at the bottom of the home-inside-a-mountain I live in, but - it was built a number of years ago so is probably inefficient by today's standards. (It's an old style one with 8 x8 platforms, trapdoors on the sides of the canals and water flowing to the center to drop the mobs from a great height, over several levels going up.)

    To be honest I'm not really interested in fixing it, I mainly use the skeleton one for my mending fixing needs.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    Quote from leangreen76»

    On my main survival world of 10 years:

    I've been continuing to link to old overworld portals via the nether. Not all were neccasary (The one in the ice a goood distance from the chank plaza development, that used to link to a blaze spawner in the old nether), however; I did link to the swamp biome where I first beat the wither a couple of years ago. Yesterday I got very lost trying to find the correct portal to my desert biome, which is special as it has a near-surface zombie dungeon; so after gatherting sand I can automatically fix my shovel and resume collecting. Eventually I found it but kept the nether rack I had mined to get there to make 2 high lit netherack beacons for the way back.

    I went back the proper way and lit up the way so I could always find it, and found it was an off turn from the way to the 1.13. chunk portal. I set up signs this time and also did so at the home portal so I can never lose it again. Slowly I'm making these link pathways since resetting the nether after going to 1.16+

    I also tried to do something with the other side of the main mob grinder.

    As it was:

    Planting the crimson and warped Nylium to grow the shrooms for the trees, but the ceilings were too low, I tried around the portal where the ceilings are a lot higher - ceilings are still too low. Ended up going to the nether anyway to loot the shroomlight. My soul speed shows are knackered now also costing over 31 xp to fix..

    I've also been doing silly little jobs. My outer railings are always Stonebrick block --> iron railings ---> Stonebrick block. And for years i've always topped of those stone brick blocks with the old stone slabs, but now swapped them all for the stone brick slabs. I also improved the lighting in my 3 pen everyday stable which had a two wide part of the roof making hanging glowstone look akward. Said glowstone is gone now, with quad redstone lamps replacing the top 2x2 squares of glass and the sides of the lamps being covered with spruce slabs to blend it in with the build whilst still letting light through.

    I also decided to level the middle mountain in front of the castle for a better view.



    I still have to terraform the left side of that mountain to make it more natural, but it's not easy when you're not a natural terraformer.

    I also put dark oak traps over the exposed glowstone in the log columns of the main minecart tunnel to the Chunk Plaza station. 1) To hide the glowstone and 2) the glowstone can still emit light through and it looks better, the glowstone texture is so rough. I also ended up removing all the redstone torches and replacing with redstone blocks underneath the powered rails so it looks neater.

    Lastly, I became a bit obsessed with stocking up. Whilst trying to find my sand portal in the nether I unintentionally gathered a lot of basalt and just converted it all into the polished variety, several stacks of it - which I've still got to go back and colect. Y'know just incase i need it.. I've also been stocking up on the different logs and their plank types. I use a data pack with fast leaf decay and it makes it sooo much easier! So I've been making sure I've been stocking up on those - just because. Any left overs from no more storage space got converted into traps, sop now I have a tonne of spruce and birch traps in case I ever need them.

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    posted a message on What does your Nether network look like?

    Not much to see in mine aince I reset the nether near a month ago, just a load of brisges across the sky everywhere.

    I have a 10 year old java single-player survival world and have been happily playing in 1.14.2 and was in to rush to upgrade to 1.15/1.16+, however a month ago I took the plunge to update the world like I always have done. To continue the challenges of a world this old, I reset the nether but as I say - so far it's just a lot of sky-bridges everywhere, especially linking to older overworld portals. Over time I might "Pretty them up" but it'll take time again to get to what I had prior to 1.16+

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    posted a message on Lore of my five years old large biomes survival world

    As someone with a 10 year old survival world, it's good to see another also with a long term survival world! Five years is a great achievement, hope it goes for another 5 years! Having lore is good.

    People ask me when I might think to end it or when it will be done but it's not about that for me. For me, I've started to try and world build more this year - why is this building here, how does it connect to the other one near it? I personally build things for purpose (That's just me though) rather than purely asethetics as otherwise my world would be filled with pixel art and rollercoasters and other stuff.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

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    posted a message on Who's your favorite Minecraft YouTuber?
    Quote from DapperDinosaur»

    I don't know how people can like iboxtoycat. He literally talks so fast that he slurs his words to the point of them being unrecognizable (seriously, slow any video of his down to half speed and listen, he's literally not forming complete words or even sentences most of the time) and he rambles like crazy instead of getting to the point.

    That's always an initial reaction though. Honestly, the more you watch of him the more you do get used to his speed, really. Personally I like xisumavoid's stuff more (like his Minecraft update videos not just Hermitcraft) as tehy go though the latest snapshots more interestingly.

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    posted a message on [SSP journal] Legends of Quintropolis: Age of Ender (Season 3)

    Glad to see you're still updating! I've missed these!

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    Quote from leangreen76»

    On my main survival world of 10 years:

    So latetly I've been extending my board walk on the otherside of the well all the way up to the lighthouse following it's recent improvements.

    I've also linked the one from outside the entrance to the minecart entrance (To the oriental gardens) and upgraded it so it matches as well and linked it up to the new one going towards the lighthouse.

    I've also been eyeing up this ugly bit of terrain across from the lighthouse, given that i've been working in that area, and wanted to improve it:

    It's bothered me for a while. Back in the Alpha days I used to have a nether bridge across to this land and althgough I've ventured that way it's all unused land. Anyway I got the idea to convert this ugly bit of terrain into a bit of a slipway into the ocean.

    Still some work to do underwater with the sand though and terraining. I've also just took down the halloween decoration I had up over the holiday season:

    Finally, I briefly went back to 1.14.2 (As I still have a copy of my world in that version) to get the overworld portal co-ordinates for the 1.13/1.14 chunks, so I could do the math and make them link via the nether. I have already linked to my chunk were I get all my sand - with the near overworld zombie dungeon so I can consistantly get sand and fix shovel. (Infinate sand.) Now I've linked to the 1.13 victorian house (Unfinished) in a mountain and made a new portal there for easy acess and made a safe pathway in the nether back to my portals.

    The good thing abut that area (Back at the starter portal far across the ocean) is the original turtle breeding pond. I was very glad to see all the tutles were still there and the place is still thriving!:

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    posted a message on Some Building with Friends: How should we do the Stairs?

    I mean, you've got plenty of space to do a big "Grande staircase", or you could do a sprial staircase with slabs if you did want to save on space for other things.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.17 Update Opinion Thread
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    And how is it unrelated to the topic on hand, or your post? I gave good examples of how large caves can get without the need to make the ground deeper, which comes up in virtually every discussion of a "cave update", and why it is highly unlikely that Mojang will make it deeper - all entirely relevant to the discussion on hand - and this sort of talk makes me certain that most players will lose interest in a "cave update" within a few hours, if even that - they'll just go back to their farm-centric playstyles instead of playing the game as it was meant to be played (at the least, a "cave update" needs to kill off farms that let you farm minable resources - mining/caving would be a much bigger part of the game if you had to mine everything).

    Also, this is the only thread where I've mentioned my mods in the past week, as evident if you look at my post history, where you can find entire pages of posts with no mention of mods (at least not my own, or more than just a mention of the fact that my worlds are modded, appropriately, in a thread about caves/mining); it is an extreme exaggeration to say that I "constantly" talk about it and in every single thread (well, yeah, in a thread about caves, sure).

    To be fair you do mention it all the time, not just in cave related threads, You just can't help yourself.

    The bigger issue I have though is your making it sound like everyone should only be mining because thats's the true purpose of the game, when it's not. Thats's just your rules. Just because it's in the first half of the name doesn't mean that's the primary aim of the game, there is the rest of the name, aka the CRAFT part. It's a sandbox game, so if you just want to mine - that's fine, but don't make out ("they'll just go back to their farm-centric playstyles") that's the way everyone should be playing and not building, adventuring, redstoning and all the rest.

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    posted a message on 10 Year old Survival world

    Screenshots taken in spectator mode.

    Resource Pack: Mostly default

    Changed blocks: Terracotta, andesite, diorote & their variants, red sandstone & variants (Blue as if it's been in a kilm),coarse dirt and Dark Oak trapdoors

    Shaders: Chocapic13 V6 High

    • Diamond Helm: Aqua Affinity, Respiration III, Blast Protection III, Protection III, Fire Protection IV, Mending
    • Netherite Chest: Projectile Protection II, Blast Protection IV, Protection III, Fire Protection IV, Mending
    • Netherite Legs: Blast Protection IV, Protection III, Fire Protection IV, Mending
    • Diamond Feet: Feather Falling IV, Protection III, Depth Strider I, Mending


    • Bow: Power IV, Flame, Punch I, Unbreaking III, Mending
    • Crossbow: Piecing IV, Mending
    • Trident: Loyalty III, Impaling I, Channeling Mending
    • (STORED Trident #2: Riptide II, Mending)
    • Netherite Sword : Smite IV, Looting II, Smite V, Knockback II.
    • Diamond Pick #1: Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Mending.
    • Diamond Pick #2: Efficiency III, Unbreaking III, Silk Touch, Mending
    • (Stored: Fortune III diamond pick with Mending)
    • Diamond Axe: Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III, Sharpness III, Mending
    • Diamond Shovel: Silk Touch, Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Mending

    Data packs:: 4 bark blocks, 12 trapdoors, anti-Enderman griefing, coal to ink, moar stairs and rotten flesh to leather, co-ordinates hud, fast leaf decay

    Resetting the Nether. Now in 1.16.3

    It is done. When my PC crashed I had 6 months of work to re-do, but I did it. Little jobs here and there, bigger things latetly to get back to where I was and more Recently though, I decided I would upgrade to 1.16.3 after not wantng to, and just see how it goes. Honey and bees in 1.15 held no interest me and although I loved the new nether, it was best off for a newer world than this old one. However, with all the work I've done to catch up and then my own stuff since it just made me realise something. I've always updated this world, gone through different versions and wjhat it may bring as well as facing challenges (Link chunk errors), and that's what I need, a challenge.

    I don't have the best super diamond gear from 1..14.2, but it has multiple enhantements so it's almost that, I want to be challenged by somehting like the now more vicious piglins and overly agressive Zoglins in the neather where gold armor is weak and my diamond gear may not be enough. By resetting the Nether I will lose all my ice roads leading to other chunks and the gold farm probablly won't work, but I need that. I wanted to see where my existing portals would spawn in a new nether without the luxuries of past versions..

    So with that I upgraded my world from 1.14.2 to 1.16.3..

    As well as some recent work, I have just been having fun (Sometimes frustations at the piglins and zoglins) collecting new materials from the new Nether. My portals spawned in a small cutt of corner of the soul sand valley and from the cliff top of one (From the main portal in my home) I could see the other portal down below, just past a netehr ravine and a bit further down. So I linked them up with a simple block stairway down for now, just digging a safe route down from the main one to the lower one which comes out in the overworld at my castle, Mount DOOOooom.

    I have also been using some of the materials to "Halloween up" my immediate area. Though to get to a warped forest, I did have to build a long sky-bridge across the nether past the next crimson forest that joined onto a partial warped forest/Basalt delta Area.

    Over at the Chunk Plaza development, when last there, I was laying the last "basic birch" flooring in the last of all 14 apartments of the hotel. Shortly I will begin the interiors phase. I have also been making crop fields slowlt nearby, and would like a windmill near there in these newly formed fields (When done) eventually.

    I have also extended the main boardwalk out to the lighthouse, but to do so I had to do the promised improvements to the lighthouse I've been wanting to do for a while. This means changing the white terracotta (pink) to white concrete, so If someone did want to see it in the default they could. I did this along time ago with the exterior walls of the main home.I also added a few extra floors at the top of the lighthouse for height and am slowly trying to add a bit of a gradient.

    After this I have extended the boardwalk from the back of the well to connect with the lighthouse, in the same style. I have also upgraded the existing boardwalk outside the maincart staion entrance (To the oriental garden) to match the main board walk also and have linked that to the new path to the lighthouse.

    Plans have stated to do an international dock, they were going to be at the Chunk Plaza Development but I felt it was just the wrong place. So I've moved it closer to home and it will be off the back of the lighthouse. Across the water in the undeveloped land, I will be fixing the corroded shore (Corroded by various Minecraft versions) into more of a slipway, just for aesthetics.

    With the reversion of Andesite back from a basalt looking block back to default, there are still areas sucj as the minecart tunnel to the 0 tick bambo farm (Which I'm guessing doesn't work in 1.16.3) that still need rennovation, In the armory I did change this (Another is in the minecart tunnel from the back of the science lab) but the walls are pretty basic blackstone right now to retain that black look. I do really like the polished blackstone texture though.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.17 Update Opinion Thread

    The only thing I'm not keen on is the archeology, as I too think that it feels out of place. As long as these sites aren't littered all over the place though, it's not a problem. There's is another argument about being able to find things quickly early game (Like ruins, shipwrecks et al), but the pots could have more of a use otherwise they too feel out of place/uneeded.

    I love the new cave variations, warden, indifferent to the sensor things. This was well over due. If the staglamites were a bit more blocky it might not be so bad, however they did say some of these textures are early development and not final. Same with the telescope, the implementation and view through (Mainly the black edging) seems a bit clumsy and hap-hazzard. If anyone's aware of the old java vingnette, if it was a little softer like that it wouldbe better, maybe crystals just forming naturally oin the gaves as well rather than a dungeon like area IMO. Copper could be okay, but I'm indifferent same with Bundles, although they might be helpful for older worlds.

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    posted a message on Mob Vote (Minecraft Live 2020)
    Quote from SolidSC»

    First off, I don't know if you realize this, but twitter is not exactly the most optimal place to have and hold any form of voting when it comes to the user base voting decision as history has shown. There is loads of evidence that exist within other games that have walked down this same road and the results generated were more cause for concern then what the vast user base and game devs was expected to have be delivered. The fact is the problems that exist today now because of social media... Got an extra Account you have a Extra vote, when you have 100,000 Extra Accounts you have 100,000 Extra Votes, and when you have that many tentacles at the disposal the better chances you have at Manipulating the Vote to go your desired way.

    The fact is The Entire Minecraft Community is who the one who losses. I personally believe it should be simple to understand how the Mob Vote is illegitimate in how it is not a true measurement of the general consensuses of what the Minecraft player base and besides it's not like minecraft is the only game that has experienced this problem. These other games that have went down this same road letting the user base decide to vote what will have happen next in the game quickly saw how a small group of players can influence the overall vote with bots when done on these platforms. These kind of actions that take place undermines the primary intentions of the vote the game devs seek out.

    I've already added my voice t that one. When Mojang reached out on twitter as to how they can making the polling for mob voting better each yeah I already lended my voice and said asked if there was anyway not to just limit it to twitter but other means. Whether my voice gets heard among the many remains to be seen, but I am alreasy in agreement there of not just limiting voting to social media.

    Other then that Will the glow squid be the end of minecraft, maybe not, but I guess we will haft to wait and see. Maybe the glow squid and the stick will be essential components in crafting the new item that nobody knew they voted for The Glow Stick, but if the glow squid truly does end of being a Phantom 2.0 at least we know squids have about nine brains, you know.

    I just think there's been too much of an over-reaction to this when some didn't get their way. I re-iterrate that isn't it about time we just accepted what happenned and look forward to what's coming with the huge content boost with the new caves and cliffs . Reguardless I have seen some of the most disgusting and toxic behaviour on Discord during the live event that has brought out the worst in the Minecraft community.

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    posted a message on Mob Vote (Minecraft Live 2020)
    Quote from SolidSC»

    I didnt vote for a new mob but if I did I would have voted for the Iceologer over the rest because unlike the rest of the mobs we already had a good idea what the Iceloger would bring to the game. Now I personally would have loved to see a hostile mob that can float/walk on water and climb up cliffs because for me that would be a smart choice to make for a new mob design for a Cave and Cliff update.

    Now here comes the rant. At the end of the day It should have been obvious what is going to happen with the glow squid after all we all have already seen it happen once before. Which brings me to my next question, What kind of unique game play will the Glow Squid going to bring to the game, glow in the dark ink? For me the writing is on the wall, the Glow squid will not live up to the hype and is going to be to cumbersome to bring any actual fun improvement to the game and everyone will see how once again the Dev Team will force themselves to create some kind of mandatory item/mechanic that will be central around the glow squid for it not to be seen as a insignificant assets to the game just like what they did with the Phantom. Now will the glow squid be a phantom 2.0 well that is not for me to decide, the player who actually play and love this game will look back and decide that themselve

    Other then that if it wasnt obvious before what is happening in this game it should be obvious now, There are people who only have eyes to see Minecraft as a giant money making machine and when that flow of money is gone so too will the same thing will happen to them. Dont let these Social Media Influncers ruin another game, stop watching their content. they're using you to make money while tarnishing the game with their terrible decisions and unoriginal content.

    These social Media influncers are the kinds of people that would love to influence everyone that somehow everyone voted for a Dirt Hut over a Giant Pyramid for a New Generated Structure to be added to Minecraft if it meant that millions of dollars can be made off controversy that came out from such a decision form the views and clicks which is that the kind of game their playing to play you the viewer to buy into their insane reality.

    Whew, I'm glad I didn't need anyone to influence my vote.

    Don't you think that first part is wrong though? That we knew more about the iceologer than the other two (Almost like they wanted everyone to vote iceologer anyway?) I'm sure Ptolemy2002 will bring up with how they were already in Minecraft Earth, because of course we all have every version of Minecraft, but that falls on the devs during the came pain for only saying so much about the moobloom and even less about the glows quid in comparison.

    I did end up having to try and look up Minecraft Earth videos for each of those mobs before voting , especially the iceologer; but it's still in pretty poor judgement of the devs IMO with being so vague about the other two reguardless. In the end, there's so much content with the new caves and cliffs coming isn't about time we just accepted the loss and look forward to what's coming without all this "Rigging" and "re-vote" nonsense.

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