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    I play on the last release - 1.14 (.2 to be specific), I don't quite consider 1.15 to be a version yet until actual release, I don't count pre-releases. I'll probably be sticking with 1.14.2 for a while as I see no reason for me personally to update so far. Like Toadrunner I don't care for bees and honey blocks so will be skipping this next release as it holds no interest for me. The Nether update does interest me though, greatly so and way more than bees and honey, although it's doubtful I will upgrade my main world to it as I have nether routes and stuff I want to retain as it is. I'd rather make a new world for the new nether.

    I also am happy to wait for biomes, and not just the mountain update from this year but, the other ones they've supposed to have added by now. 1.14 has the benefits of the update aquatic for me from 1.13, and while the village and pillage update can be cumbersome, there is plenty more me me in terms of blocks and stair varieties, campfires, barrels, some (Not all) work stations and of course bamboo for scaffolding. Plenty of reasons for me both building and crafting to update.

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    posted a message on How long do you keep your files, and what happens once a new version comes out?

    Inside the later versions they're separated into sub-folders of creative and survival. The rest is on par with what Hexalobular has said, storage is cheap and I can go back in the past via the launcher or keep to the present day with the game launching from a different hard-drive should I want to go further back or into future snapshots.

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    posted a message on Favorite Versions of Minecraft

    Some highlights for me are as follows:

    Alpha 1.26 - The last hurrah and days of Alpha, leaf block degradation had finally gotten better, the nether was introduced (Not specific to the version just in alpha in general) and back then it seemed like every time I went through a pair of ghasts were waiting for me and it was terrifying. Caves were still like the black holes of cow-cutter you'd need to spam torches because it literally was pitch black and scary and there were no brightness levels back then. If you died you literally had 5 minutes with no elytra/sprinting etc.

    Beta 1.6.6 - 1.8 - Last hurrah for decent mountains before Amplified (Which can bee too much a lot of the time) and the buffet substitute for customising worlds. Actual craggy mountains, huge over-hangs - found one like an apple core once, floating islands/land sometimes. Alpha and Beta mountains were the best.

    1.13 The Update Aquatic - The very much needed overhaul for the bland ocean floors with fishes/dolphins, kelp/seaweed, corals, wrecks and ruined structures and new water mechanics. IMO what gave minecraft the kick in the pants it needed to feel fresh again and go out and explore.

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    Back in Alpha, before there was even a cobble bridge; I built a cobble hut across the water, because I could. I had no idea what to do with it and it lay empty and without purpose. By 2011 I had converted it into a church and yes I think that might have been a soul sand roof. It took ages to get the gold for that cross. By the next year I wanted a small little USA style church, birch was the closest to white-washed wood panel walls as I could get:

    In 2014 I began getting ideas to renovate again but much bigger in scale. Eventually by late November I found a solution and blocked construction walls around the church. (Large oak walls). I build on the back-lot behind the church building walls up and would then demolish the original church inside. (Middle pics) With proper roof trusses it eventually became what what you see today:

    The problem now I have is, although the blue red sandstone stairs/blocks make the roof different, if I change them back to default it’d look awful and I’d never use those blocks really. Also, with all my recent roof work in the last year, (IE the roofs of Mount DOOOooom in the recent picture) it now looks very basic compared to most of my others, misshapen and ugly. So I am currently using my creative copy to try and design something better, but with no luck so far. I am still not sure about turning the red sandstone blocks back to orange or not however.

    So I am going to change the roof. I went on my creative copy, and after three dud designs,I finally came up with an idea adapting what I saw from this picture:

    The only problem is that although there are some bone blocks in there too, it's mainly diorite, and it's going to take tonnes and tonnes of the stuff to do. I'm not quite sure that it goes with the birch walls now either which is a consideration. This is my proposal of a next project though.

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    Following my last post about upgrading the untouched over-world buildings on my first saved Alpha world, I have done a little more since.

    I did indeed flatten the whole existing build and actually took it down a block so it was all nice and level and flat this time. After a failed first attempt to build something I saw on a google image search (having built all the walls up), I ended up flattening that too and starting again and winging it. At first it was very flat walls and standard looking, but then I started playing with stairs near the back door and ended up making all the walls out of stairs giving a vey nice ridged look to the outside!

    Once it was done, I took down a few inner walls as it felt quite claustrophobic. With a basic skeleton of a kitchen I began working on redstone (Not my forte) one side where there was the hole underneath that would become the basement. I carried this on until I got too frustrated. I left it until today where I have something I like, it's not perfect and could be better but I can improve the redstone later.

    I have also just added a brick fireplace upon my return from clay sourcing and then a bit of mining.

    Original comparisons:
    (re-uploaded from a year in circa 2011)

    front to back inside:

    reverse to front:

    I need about 23 more clay blocks for the ceiling and need to decide on what I'm going to do with the floor - but do far it's going well.

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    posted a message on Now that it's been five months since the forums could've closed, are these forums still declining?

    A lot of people are either on the Minecraft discord or Reddit, especially Reddit, is what I feel. I personally prefer forums as I'm a bit old skool, I've run various message boards myself since 2002, the problem with places like Reddit is threads can get buried very quickly because of the high turnover - basic builds that get mass voted/memes/over-used trends like one chunk builds etc, a person sees one trend then it's copied to infinity.

    Honestly the best advice is be as active as you can here, and participate (Or start threads) that interest you, you get out of it what you put into it in the end.

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    posted a message on Any other veterans still out there?

    Bought the game at the end of September 2010, still actively playing - never really stopped.

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    posted a message on Updates of a [9 year old] Survival World

    The next world D/L release for Java version 1.14.4 is currently uploading, and should be up by tomorrow!


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    posted a message on is cave-like house made in a cliff good?

    It can be, do you mean all inside the cliff though or just outside on the cliff face though? A lot of people do modern homes on the outside of cliffs.

    If it's all inside:


    *Plenty of space.

    *Need more rooms - dig your self a new room easily! and/or use an existing cave.

    *Plenty of resources (And by that I mean ore lower down)

    *More interesting home than the standard wood constructions you see all the time accented with cobble or stone-birch. (With or without a-frame roof) Especially on reddit.

    *Lots of outside space - but outside grounds will need clever lighting two whether that be glowstone or redtone lamps/lamposts or lighting under leaf/or other light emitting blocks.


    *You'll need to make sure it's all lit up well

    *Possible inside home cave noises

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    Years ago I said that on my first ever saved world (Alpha v1.1.2_01), that I'd never touch the over-world stuff. That i'd leave the Alpha builds exactly as they were, over time of course I've only continued to develop the underground home between mountains #1 & #2 - but that is about to change.

    As long as I leave a copy of the world in my back-up folder I've decided to go for it, after all it's worked out well for my main world of 9 years, I copied the last version from 1.12 and am ready to change things forever. In this world I built sky-bridges across the sky from mountain top to mountain top with a little home on each, starting with a very basic fort on the first mountain near me from the beach I spawned on.

    Here is the world as it is:

    This is that said basic fort:

    As you can see I never did any landscaping I just built on the land as it was. Afterwards I build across the sky as you can see to the next home:

    It's practically empty inside with a couple of chests, cobble floor and a horrid looking "Stove". (Furnace surrounded by stone blocks)

    The next sky-bridge was 3x as long to the next location:

    Bad choices back then meant it's very narrow inside.

    At the moment I am transferring essential items up to the wooden house that I need from the underground home - which is still stripped right back to cave form. One thing I have done, is made staggered steps into and up the mountain to the wooden house as the old wooden sky-bridge will be demolished! To be rebuilt anew.

    I'm probably going to make the wooden house the main home, maybe add an upstairs this time and there will be hidden underground stuff but reserved just for mega-farms so it looked like a regular home but with a secret entrance to the underground mega farms of which I have none.

    All my previous farms where manual, I don't have any diamonds, limited equipment and no enchantment room or trading hall. I don't have mass resources outside of cobblestone as this world was on/off for many years. This is what's going to make it interesting for me that I don't have the luxury and resources of my main world and I'm very eager to see how I would rebuild things given how my build style has changed over the years.

    The long cobble sky-bridge was meant to be glass originally but I new torches wouldn't stick to glass, and for some unknown reason I never thought about intersections where I could put torches. I want to live up to that promise and maybe even have a minecart rail going there and back in this glass tube across the sky. Not sure about the third home given those original poor choices - will worry about it when I get to it but may have to knock down completely and rte-think..

    I'm about to start the main home tonight, might knock that down and see what land space I have.

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    posted a message on Updates of a [9 year old] Survival World

    There's been a bit of an... incident at Mount DOOOooom..

    Before I get into that however, I was just going to post about something I mentioned on Tumblr. I did an update from previous posts of what's changed at Mount DOOOooom and mentioned how the walkways between the corner towers "Need work". They do, they're just plain spruce planks with an occasional redstone block for accent on certain corners. I came up with two designs on my creative copy:

    Ultimately I'm going for the last one. Although I have the cobble for the furnaces that make up the majority of design #1, both share a common theme. That edging is made up of blast furnaces, so is expensive in terms of ingots and the smooth stone blocks. I can afford it but already my spare iron blocks are gone, though I have plenty of ingots.

    I have also made the decision to remove the redstone blocks. Both on top of columns and as decoration in the walls/towers. It was cool in 2015 but it doesn't sit right with me anymore and I want it to look more natural. Spruce log columns will be capped off with Dark Oak slabs and in the walls/towers will be replaced with spruce logs which I've near enough done this morning.

    That was meant to be it for this brief little post but then something happened..

    I was outside Mount DOOOooom, at night during a storm and was gleefully looking for a creeper to spear with my trident. (I will supercharge a creeper one day!) With limited success I went back inside and returned one of the maps to the smaller world map of Mount DOOOooom I have there. I had already removed a good deal of resdtone blocks when I was very perxplexed to see a big red blob on one of the roof and thought "There's no redstone there though.." it took me a good 10/15 sec to realise what was happening


    I stormed up the spiral stairs and just exasperated, at first just thinking there was nothing I could do but let itself burn out. The storm had suddenly stopped so there was no rain to put the fire out.

    Ultimately I did scaffold up there and keep pouring and retrieving my water to try and save as much as possible, but the major damage was done AND I was fighting off phantoms with a trident as I ran out of arrows in my inventory. After designing the new roofs I my creative copy this year, that tower was the first one to get the roof make over as well. Gutted, lots of repairing to do.


    I'd say two out of the 4 sides (Also two corners) have gone. I also had a visit beforehand from this guy, cured him and boated him in a minecart back to the old trading area near the art museum. After curing The librarian's first book was this!! Nearer the shores of home a zombie cleric also came by who I cured.

    Looks like I have some repair work to add to the list of things to do before the next release. :-/

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    posted a message on Your First Minecraft base?

    In my first saved world I had this idea (From another world I didn't keep or lost) about building sky-bridges from mountain top to mountain top with a little home on each. After about 3 mountains I gave up. After spawning on the beach I went up to the nearest mountain and built a first temporary home - a little fort. No landscaping, just building on the land as it was:

    The next morning I built that bridge across, only two wide - no fences for safely and fell off multiple times. Only after I got the second home built did I do ,my first "Renovation" and made the bridge two wider and add the fences, still not thinking about how I would actually light the bridge. The second home was an awful oddly shaped wooden hut with a cobble floor and nothing inside and a dirt roof which I eventually put glass blocks in here and there as skylights:

    To the next mountain top I built a sky-bridge 3x as long I wanted it to be glass originally but I new torches wouldn't stick to it so I just went with cobble. Why I didn't just do glass and add columns of other blocks (I envisioned it like a tube) I don't know.

    Third home:

    In retrospect the third home, bad choices were made, it was very narrow inside as it had an "Inner section" as well. After 3 - 4 months or more I decided to go back to it and ended up converting the huge crater like cave entrance between Mountains #1 & #2.

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    posted a message on Updates of a [9 year old] Survival World

    Resource Pack: Mostly default

    Changed blocks: Stone slabs and stone bricks, Terracotta, andesite, diorote & their variants, red sandstone & variants (Blue as if it's been in a kilm),coarse dirt and Dark Oak trapdoors

    Shaders: Chocapic13 V6 High

    • Helm: Aqua Affinity, Respiration III, Blast Protection III, Protection III, Mending
    • Chest: Projectile Protection II, Blast Protection IV, Protection III, Mending
    • Legs: Blast Protection IV, Protection III, Mending
    • Feet: Feather Falling IV, Protection III, Depth Strider I, Mending


    • Bow: Power IV, Flame, Punch I, Unbreaking III, Mending
    • Crossbow: Piecing IV, Mending
    • Trident: Loyalty III, Impaling I, Channeling Mending
    • Trident #2: Riptide II, Mending
    • Sword: Looting III, Knockback II, Smite V, Sweeping Edge II, Mending
    • Pick #1: Efficiency IV, Mending
    • Pick #2: Silk Touch, Mending
    • (Stored: Fortune III diamond pick with Mending)
    • Axe: Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III, Sharpness III, Mending
    • Shovel: Silk Touch, Efficiency IV, Mending

    Data packs:: 4 bark blocks, 12 trapdoors, anti-Enderman griefing, coal to ink, moar stairs and rotten flesh to leather, co-ordinates/nether co-ordinates hub

    The Witching Season

    On October the 15th, I decided to make a small change on the board walk residing on the beach front of my main home. I wanted to change the glowstone so it wasn't permanently lit - possibly changing to redstone lamps but in a way that didn't conceal the lamps themselves too much or make it look awkward with the placement of the daylight sensors. This decision however, led to a much, much bigger decision.....

    I decided to go full tilt and remove all exterior torch/glowstone and excessive redstone lamp spam. Hidden glowstone/lamps or torches (IE up trees or hidden up under roofs) and lanterns were all fine and acceptable. By doing this across the world where I had built however was plunging everything into darkness at night. The amount of redstone lamps on the far side of the shore by the lighthouse has been excessive over the years.

    I started exactly where I was - at the Chunk Plaza and the only thing I haven't removed so far are the higher up torches on the very high builds - which I will do at a later date. From here I moved to the Chunk Plaza station and onto the Halfway House before going home and doing around there and on to Mount DOOOooom.

    Come nightfall I notice the immediate difference making me realise things had been too "Safe" for a while, there were a few initial incidents:

    The idea was to replace glowstone on the board walk with more lamposts to light the area more naturally. At first I made too many too close together, so I spaced them out more and where needed inbetween did the old "Glowstone underneath a trapdoor" in the boardwalk so it blended in. For grassy areas I will hide glowstone underneath a leaf block and under other appropriate covers depending on terrain this could be a carpet or a light grey glass block.

    For now the lampost design is very, very simple until I can design something better:

    The plan to have to glass tubes up to the monorail (After zig zag stairs looked to messy in the creative copy) has meant growing to water shoots in the shape of a 3x3 circle up to the monorail using kelp so they are all water source blocks. For a long while I was letting it grow naturally but eventually reduced one to the bottom kelp stalk so I could build one right up then take it all down to build the other to full height.

    Right now, until I install the glass they are surrounded by ugly cobblestone walls up to the top, but I've hit a snag. Even when I change them to glass they'll be very featureless and bland, so I need to go back to the design plans to try and come with an idea that will look good and not just two glass tubes up.

    I also went travelling on a rather spur of the moment to try and find something from my really early n00b days in the world , to see if it was there and sure enough it was:

    This portal and basic windows and door in the side of the terrain must've at least been back in the BETA days when I had got lost and said portal may have not been by entirely "legal" methods. I did however take apart the portal but didn't keep the blocks, rather let the illegal obsidian despawn so I wouldn't gain advantage by have these blocks, all ten of them. (I also removed the torches inside the residence).

    I headed on from that distance to see "What was out there" and eventually came across some jungles as well as some quirky chunk error bits of land:

    ooh er....

    Kinda nice mountains:

    Not so much:


    I tried to bring the little fellow home as it was the only one of it's kind there, but it was still night and a creeper was coming near me so I attacked when this happened:

    WHHHHHHHYYYYYY!!!!!! WHY DO YOU HATE ME GAME!!!!! I searched the jungle and others for ages but didn't hear any other parrots period! On the way back I mined 3 stacks of Diorite (Which I needed anyway) and also picked up a stack of pure clay blocks I came across (Silk shovel) before returning home.

    Finally, next month will the world's 9th anniversary. So instead of an update next time I am thinking about a new world D/L release as it's been a while since the last one which is still on 1.13.2, so it would be good to do an update with all the changes - roofs at Mount DOOOoooom, monorails, minecart station canopies, this new re-lighting aspect etc. This will bring it to 1.14,2 and although I worry about the file size, the downloads are up in number on the previous release befrore 1.13.2 so maybe it's not as much as an issue as i thought

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    posted a message on Nostalgia

    Probably when I got lost in my main world (Now 8 years & 111 months old), this is back in Alpha days. I used to do crazy things like making an arrow shape on the ground out of torches then use an outside mapping tool to see if I was heading in the right direction, I had an incredibly long walk back once and whilst I dob't remember the circumstances this was the original image I posted on my blog of the time:

    I was just on my old (dead) blog and read an old post, as I used to write about what I was doing even back then, and on this world I wrote about taking down a "Farm house". The bit bit I didn't remember though is where I said:

    "It was a sad day taking that apart, and for ages I didn't have the heart to take the glass roof down, so it stayed there floating in mid air for a while. Thought it would of made a great floor, but couldn't think of a useful room, and that was also a sore point of the farm house, I tried and tried to think of an alternative use for the room, but just couldn't. Briefly I tried to use the glass roof as a platform and build a creeper monument out of glass on top of it with the roof acting now as a floor or base platform, but that didn't work out either."

    I had forgotten all about the proposed creeper monument! I'm so glad I kept something written down - even back then.

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    posted a message on When did YOU start playing Minecraft?

    I bought the game on September 26th 2010, in Alpha v1.1.2_01 - no breaks/drifting away from the game, a friend showed me the game and I liked it so much I bought it the same night. I practically always play on single-player survival, and still to this day; play on the same second ever saved world I created. Rarely I'll play the win10 version, multiplayer doesn't really interest me - I always end up getting bored.

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