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    I built a tall ship, clipper type.
    It is a square-rigged ship with three 70 meter masts and one smaller mast. It has 20 square sails and one bowsprit, one spanker. It has three decks including the top deck. Its beam (maximum width) is 14 meters, its length is 86 meters (excluding the forestay / pointy thing at the front). The ship itself is 19 meters high and the masts are 70, 70, 70 and 33 meters, respectivly.

    The Novano has the stamp of 100% legitimacy (except, perhaps, for the fact I flew to take the pictures).

    Overview of ship from fore.

    One of the redstone operated hatches.

    Third deck. It's covered in snow because of snow golems.

    The aft of the ship. You can see the quarters and the spanker.

    A view of the ship from the front.

    The nameplate of the ship is in the foreground.

    The captain's quarters.

    It took me and my boyfriend one week to gather all resources and actually build the ship. I designed the ship, and made it livable in. Currently, the Novano is the host to a patch of farm, cow, sheep and chicken farms, a handful of snow golems and the occasional spider.

    I think the images are a bit too small, so please click and enlarge :S Its the first time I've ever used any image uploading programs, you see.

    I'm proud of my ship and I'm living in it right now :biggrin.gif:

    By the way, I stripped the nearby hills of their wood and replaced them with giant mushrooms.

    Collaborator = jesunjjang

    I plan on adding cannons that shoot snowballs! Or maybe Splash potions of instant harm (tho those are too expensive)!
    The quarters are still WIP.
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    CERN!! Or Large Hadron Collider. I wonder who made it .
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    Well, mushrooms could do this: if they spread, damage value+1, and damage 15 mushrooms do not spread. When all values of mushrooms are collected, they are all the non-damaged one.

    This makes mushrooms make colonies of 30 in diameter....
    The max damage value can be lowered to something like 5, stunting mushroom growth. Of course, if mushrooms have the same damage value, they need to be seperated, perhaps with "turn all mushrooms^1 into new item id, then start mushroom spread"
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    I'm not sure whether someone said this but: the current crafting method can't distinguish between dyes- they're all the same ID. Of course, just putting the ingredients of the dye will work...
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