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    Ok look ow i get how this looks but dude i wasent x-raying all i did was i walked in the mine and diged down and found them ? and you said you where watching me ? well not close anof this is what i always do i mine down to bedrock or less then go back up like strip minning but fast i do thins becuse trying diding down enywhere in that mine and i bet 60% of the time you find diamonds ?

    Now i think thats crazy that i found thoes diamonds that you baited for me but im just gona tell you now thats just freak luck realy..

    now i would get if you seen me look around for the diamonds and then i just seen them and then dug down but i litterly just wacked in then minned down i mean come on dude give me a second chance so i can prove that i wasent x-raying :( i dont wana be banned i realy like this server
    please at least let me show you how i was doing it befor banned me its just a stadegy not x-ray :(
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    Quote from Lavahandler123»

    I was the one who banned you and I was watching you for a good bit. You would walk over to the mine, dig straight down find diamonds, go smelt gold and do the same. I got shamoo14 to help me, as at first I wasn't sure. We watched you for a while then placed those 3 diamonds for the final decision. Shamoo14 watched you dig straight down to them and we decided to ban. I know you were xraying for sure because I was xraying too.

    Appeal Denied.

    Ok this is bull i was trying to start my strip mine thats why i was digging down !!!
    i dont have x-ray i can send you my jar.file or a screen shot if nessesary ovusly you dident watch me close anof i just dug down randomly xD i can see how this is hard to belive but serusly then when i found them i said it in chat then you guys banned me ?
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    Ign : lawrence9021

    time of ban; about 8pm

    current rank: b

    who banned u; im not sure


    Why i should be unbanned ? -

    ok first now im sure you get this a lot but i dident x-ray ok i was diging down to start my strip mine (in the b mine) wen i hit a deposite of 3 diamonds yes count them 3 diamonds i was like "HOLY ****" becuse i dont think ive ever found that menny diamonds ever on this server so i said that i found them in chat then i mined them then *poof* i was banned ? ok now i think i should be unabnned becuse i wasent x-raying i just got a little lucky thats all i mean come on if i was x-raying i wouldent have crapy iron armor and be poor as **** :(

    I mean i can get if it looks like i was x-raing with the anti-x-ray plugins becuse im sure that it dosent show up as me finding a 3 deposite it just shows up as me mineing 3 diamonds so i can understand that but i just think its a little unfair that i was banned i mean i spent so much time on this server mineing/pvping realy just playing then out of nowhere i was banned ? please can i be unbanned im sure what i did may have looked a little like x-ray but please im telling the truth about this :( so if i cwould be unbanned that would be great :D becuse i wub this server :P
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    ign; lawrence9021

    banned for x-ray ?

    im not sure who banned me ..

    about 8;00pm

    current rank ; b

    why i should be unbanned- Ok first im just gona start out and say that this is bull **** i dident x-ray for ****s sake i was mineing down and found a deposite of 3 diamonds i said in chat that i cant belive i found a deposite of 3 diamonds then i was banned like 3 secs after ?? what kind of **** is that i mean why would i x-ray i realy like this server ? ive played for little more then a year... i just dont get it i mean i just got lucky and i was banned i think thats a little unfair i mean i can see how 3 diamonds in a row can look in the anti-xray thing but they were littlery in a 3 deposite ...
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    {Reasons for wanting to become a helper}:

    I want to be a helper so i can help the people of voli prison wether its banning a hacker or muteing a spamer.

    {How long have you been playing Voli Prison}:

    I have been playing Voli for about 4 mounths

    {Current Rank:}


    {Past experience:}

    Well i owned my own hub server for 3 years and i also have been guard/staff on a few others sence then. :)

    {Where did you find our server:}

    minecraftserver.org i think ?

    {Any other relevant info:}

    Well im good with plugins and i know how to handle Smart ass players and staff such as abusers and hackers etc.

    i can also Dev plugins in case if i was ever needed for that and i speak german in case if thats ever needed

    a larg number of the players respect/like me so picking me for staff wouldent be the worse thing you cwould do i also know a tad bit about website Dev so i can helper out with 90% of Things you need my help with so i ges thats why im applying for helper eh ?

    i aslo do you tube im just geting started back up becuse my account got del by my brother lest year so im still recovering all my vids/subs

    i can Also build very well i would say im a 7/10

    So if you have eny larg builds i would be more the willing to help :)
    Quote from lillystacheo
    I still check all forums, 2 months after my ban. Oh well. I can post that poll that you did asking the community if I should get unbanned, and the community said yes, but I didn't get unbanned, and I have proof. Any ways, I might have a new alt account, soo... Also, good job, you have a nice solid player base, but it seems you cant get over the average population of about 7. I could help you with that. This post may give off mixed signals, and that is good. Also, you give Joesph staff after multiple abuses, but tell me ill never get staff again.' Good day, <3
    Quote from lillystacheo
    To the people of the minecraft internets, I give you proof that voli-prison is a dark corner of minecraft, let alone the internet. Click this link for the thread; http://www.voliprison.com/forum/m/19693382/viewthread/13221808-lawrence9021-for-heeeeelllppperrrr and this link for photo proof; http://imgur.com/j0scKym Even though I haven't been able to go onto to the server for 3 months after I got banned for no good reason, they still talk about me, lie and deceive me, saying they will help me, for example PortalWeed, Cannabiscookie and 2 other players griefed and hacked my own server, any ways, in the above two links you can see hazz says 'i would rather Lilly be unbanned than you get staff.... '. Him saying that after chasing me through several servers saying he wants to help me get unbanned. I still care about the server, other wise I wouldn't check the forums everyday, wonder about how players real life's are going, and if they are alright, and wishing them well. I ask my good mate chickenmaster501 about how the server is, and how he feels about it, what he dislikes and likes, in hopes I do ever get unbanned so I can keep his thoughts in mind. This post isn't about getting me unbanned, or getting players to leave, or not join. I just people to be aware of things that have happened to me, the first hired staff member. Trusted and thanked, or that's what I think, at least I had fun. I cried several times, yes, I can be a sook, about the server and what had happened to me because I never thought the people I cared most about would turn around on me like that, yea, silly for getting attached to random internet strangers, but I always gave every one more chances, but also being my first staff job, I did make mistakes, and I hope that's not what deterred my position. I wasn't just simply a helper, I was promoted to admin, and trusted with OP several times. If people are scared for the servers well being when I was on, I was truly mad with some of the stuff that had happened before, and I could of easily gotten my revenge, but I didn't. Lots of things have happened to me, but I keep giving people second chances (and so on) but I cant bring myself to, because people before have given me 100 chances, and that tells me they want me to learn if they give me that. Any ways, as I write this I should be doing my homework, if you would like to chat about it, not saying lots of people will want to, feel free of finding a way of contacting me, or simply replying, giving this forums more reply's and reading material. But if you have read my novel of a post, thank you, and I hope you take in every word I have typed.

    I agree lilly should be unbanned becuse jose have goten staff after menny and i mean menny abuses i mean COME On i mean i get the stuff lilly did was major but give him/her a second chance you know i mean we all would want one ?
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    IGN: lawrence9021

    Age: 15

    Reasons for wanting to become a guard:I want to be so i can help the server and help keep thoes pesky pvpers from Praying on the poor nub.And also help with eny building plugins etc that you need my help with :)

    How long have you been playing Voli Prison: a few weeks

    Current Rank: P

    Past experience:I own my own server and have been admin,mod on a few servers :P

    Where did you find our server:Minecraftserver.org

    Any other relevant info:Well im a good builder i good with plugins and am a nice guy when you get to know me a am muture and i like to help people out...

    MY SKYPE IS lawrence9021 and gmail is [email protected]
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    (This post has been removed by the Owner of this topic)
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    Lawrence9021 Ban Application

    1.) I was Banned for "X-raying)

    2.) I dont Know By who but i know it was not a warden

    3.) I think I should be Un-banned becse i was not X-raying,And i know what your thinking but its true i only had like 5 diamonds and it was in the donator mine i was just tunnling around when i would find one ore i would mine in that derection till i would find another one and i would just keep doing that so i was mineing up and dnow side ti side i was just "stupid mineing" i dident realy have a syle i was just mine around you know ?
    And now i can see how that can look like X-raying but i can assure you that i have no mods or Texturpacks i dont even know how to install mods ? Now plz unban me i love this server and would hat to be permbanned from this server that i play on everyday I am sry if i was Miss leading and i will mine in a more formal way so you dont think im doing something aso if i was X-raying i would have been free mounths ago it took me 3 mounths to get to B so thats stupid how you would think im x-raying now i can get if you are in B-mine and you see a guy go right to a diamond then you can just tell hes X-raying but in the Donator Mine every direction you do in has diamonds coal iron gold Etc , so when you are in the Donatormine and if you make tunnals you you just asume hes X-raying ? i like to make tunnals i dont like to mine form top to bottom ??? But yes if i cwould get Un-banned it would be nice becuse i like this server and have spent alot of time on it :)
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    lawrence9021's banapplication

    I am Elite and a Donator

    I dont know who i was banned by but i dont thing it was a warden<Sry

    Umm why i should be unbanned: First of i was not X-raying ­ i had like 5 diamonds on me and some coal plus it took me weeks if not mounths to get to elite so how was i x-raying And why in the ­ing world would i donate for a server im gona X-ray on get real I can see how what i was doing looked like x-raying but all i was doing was tunnaling around in the Donatormine I have also been plying this server for a 5-6 mounths so i was x-raying wouldent i have been free buy now i think i have like 64K or something and that took me weeks to get ? if i cwould get unbanned it would be great i love this server and it kinda bumms me out that some ass hole banned me.
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    Lawrence9021 Guard Application

    Ign:lawrence9021 age:15 :a few Mounths like 3-4 :yes i know all the rules :I am good with prison server i used to run my own a while back


    :My timezone is Central :I understand nagging wardens to read my app will make for a denny :I am a B prisoner

    Why i am a best pick for this rank ? :I have owned my own prison server so i know the plugin well i have been guard on 2 other servers.
    I have never been baned or muted I know the rules well and unlike a few of the posts above me im not just posting ­.
    I am devoted to the server so i wont abuse power cmds etc. I have skype btw :skype:lawrence9021

    Sry if my post is a bit out of order and if you want to know why my spelling is so bad is becuse im from germany so my english i a bit off.
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    wen are you gona up date it to 1.2.5 i rilly am tierd of not being able to use this texter pack
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