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    It says there's no preview but you can still download it. Hope this helps and if you need something else, feel free to ask.

    I can access the download site just fine, but when you go to actually download it it's impossible. When you go into the network monitor (Inspect Element) the file the server is requesting comes up with a 404 error, as shown here:

    404 Error - Missing File

    I tried to find out more about ge.tt, turns out they've been down for a long time, The latest post from their Facebook was from 2016, and there are comments from about over a year ago that are repeating "Gett is dead" and the likes of that.

    For the second link, the same thing happens. The picture doesn't load probably because nobody is viewing it, and nobody has viewed it for a long time, therefore the server must have deleted it. Unfortunate to say at the least.

    I sent an email out to both Ge.tt support and the Skillbrains team, asking if they have a way of recovering the files, or gaining access to them. They haven't responded in about a week, I think they're dead. I sent a message to the mapmaker, I'm hoping to hear back from him sometime, but he hasn't been online on this forum for a long long time. His alias is Bogiga45, but he uploaded to the Ge.tt servers as his other alias 'Alx Wyzy', which is the name of a Soundcloud profile and a YouTube channel with a song on it. I'm gonna try contacting that too.

    For now, my only hope is to either resurrect the dead staff of the media servers, contact the or find someone who hoarded this map on their hard drive, computer, or something like that, and is able to share it through mediafire or a cloud storage alternative that actually works.

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    posted a message on [CTM] ☆ Olympus ☆ Friendly Egg Hunt Series by Bogiga

    Hey to all who stumbles upon this,

    Both of the download links for this map are broken and I am having no luck finding any sources for this map.

    If anyone knows where to find the file, if anyone has a copy of it, or if anyone is able to help me get a copy, anything would be greatly appreciated.

    I recently bought my girlfriend Minecraft for her PC, and she remembers Sky playing this map. If anyone can help us find this map, It would mean so much to her and I.

    Thank you all,


    EDIT: Apologies for the necropost

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