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    GT ZoarialSix

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    Hello, I would like to join because I want to have fun with people, I am a good builder and love to play this game. I can do a lot of things for people. I play on Xbox and would love it if I could join.

    GT: ZoarialSix

    I am 17


    Discord is: Kyruii#4149

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    In-Game Name: Kyruii
    Previous IGNs (if any): Quite a bit, none that I can actually remember other than my beginning name which had been subzero039.
    Discord: []Kyruii[]#4149
    Time Zone: EST
    Why would you like to join the staff team?: I would like to join the staff team because I have been playing minecraft for a long time, like most, and have had quite a bit of servers that I had been staff on. As of right now, I am looking to become a staff member because I want to put my skills to use and help others as many had done for me.
    Describe your previous experience as part of a staff team: I had been a Moderator on quite a few servers, ZedMC, SodaPVP, MeatCrave and the list goes on, I had just gotten Moderator on a server that is currently in beta as well as another server, though on there, I am an Admin.

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