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    Virginia, USA

    spooky kyler #0452

    I would like to join this server because I am interested in playing with active players and I enjoy being around people who can build well. Also, I have friends on this server.

    I dig holes pretty well. I could say I am okay at building, I just need to build it beforehand and take my time.

    I've played on a couple of servers for quite some time. My friends Nick and Iggy who are part of your server, have owned some servers and I have played with them. I also have played realms with my other friends. This will be my primary servers because I am currently not playing on any other SMPs.

    I also play rocket league, among us, csgo, and a lot of other games.

    Somethings about myself that would be helpful to know is that I am pretty easy going. I don't get annoyed easily. I like dragon heads.


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    This server is very fun with very fun people. I have been playing with these people for a long time and they make minecraft a very enjoyable experience.

    I would highly suggest joining us because you will not regret it.

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    Name: Kyler

    Age: 17

    How long I've been playing: 6 years

    Anything I want to share: I really like pie. Also my favorite item in the game is dragon heads. I am good at freestyle rapping they call me kfresh. i am not from the uk. my mom really loves me.

    Stupidest way I died: A buddy of mine said, "Kyler! How many times am I going to tell you not to fly in the nether!" and after that I flew in the nether and died.

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