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    Minecraft Username: Yasse2077[/b]
    Discord Username & #:Yasse®#3085[/b]
    What you like to do in Minecraft: Build, lot of fancy building (like grain)[/b]
    What days you will play: Not sure, Possibly all over the week, mostly nights/evening tho.[/b]

    Your plans on the realm (project wise): Build a base, Build some awesome redstone farms, and just enjoy the game with a few other peopl who enjoy it as much as I do[/b]

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    Hope I'm not too late to the party haha

    1. IGN: Yasse2077

    2. Age: 19

    3. How long have you played Minecraft? Since 1.6.4 on and off tho so i may not be up to date with certain tricks.

    4. Why do you want to join this realm? It sounds like a awesome concept to replicate Hermicraft and at the same time have fun with new members with the minecraft comunity

    5. What is your main goal while playing on this realm? To Help everyone out as much as I can and be able to develop my building skills even further as well as learn from others(e.g. Redstone)

    6. Hobbies/Interests Outside of Minecraft/Gaming? Diving, Fishing, Airsoft

    7. Do you know/watch Hermitcraft? Yes, I think there is Season 7 now... I love Grain so... UwU

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